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voicesThe man who made gays macho A new book about Tom of Finland says the artist was the first to show homosexual masculinity.
By Michael Alvear [04/08/00]

datedoctorThe Rembrandt of pulp John Willie's bondage illustrations made hurting look so good.
By Denise Dowling [03/11/00]

A giant fetish For the macrophile, the bigger the woman, the bigger the love.
By Jon Bowen [05/22/99]

.Quote of the Day

"I consider promiscuity immoral. Not because sex is evil, but because sex is too good and too important."
Ayn Rand, in Playboy (1964)

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Growin' up
We defiled one another with bourbon and blow jobs, back when New York was more conducive to decadence.
By Tony Mitch [06/21/00]

31 Ejaculations: No. 15 I came and she went
By Eric Bogosian [06/21/00]

Naked World: Marching in high heels A Thai boot camp whips would-be beauty queens into pageant shape.
By Jack Boulware [06/21/00]

Sister Sister
Parker Posey helps her Siamese twin lose her virginity to a fish store clerk in the erotic story "ReBecca"


Illustration by Katherine Streeter/Salon.com


Recently in Sex

Devil in a red dress and dentures Flora, 83, has been married seven times, used to be a dancer, produces B movies and is the oldest porn star in the world.
By Stephen Walker [06/20/00]

Cuddle time In the world of plushophiles, not all stuffed animals are created equal.
By Dave Hill [06/19/00]

Drive us wild, Angelina "Gone in 60 Seconds" is almost worth seeing, if just for Jolie's ghostly sexuality.
By David Thomson [06/16/00]

School for scandal A Parisian course teaches the fine art of seduction to lame wannabe Lotharios.
By David Downie [06/15/00]

Big appetites in Big Sur It's disconcerting to hear someone make that much noise during sex.
By Franz Jørgen Neumann [06/14/00]

Staying on the island I lived my own version of "Survivor" one winter in St. Thomas with a friend and three strangers.
By Virginia Vitzthum [06/13/00]

The truth hurts "The Ultimate Sex Test" claims it will tell women what their men are capable of, whether they want to know or not.
By Smith and Doe [06/12/00]

Everything you need to know about men The authors of "The Ultimate Sex Test" claim they know how to help women find the cold, hard truth about their men.
By Karen Croft [06/12/00]

Turn-on: Three women In "Croupier" the most seductive female character is the least perfect.
By David Thomson [06/09/00]

Faking it Was it good for you?
By Jeffrey L. Seglin [06/06/00]

Exposing sexual dysfunction In his new book on men's health, an endocrinologist encourages men to talk more about their penises and prostates.
By Mike Perry [06/07/00]

Turn-on: Nasty Michelle You've got to worry when the sexiest thing in theaters this week is a preview for a movie coming in July.
By David Thomson [06/05/00]

Proust's dearest pleasures The best of a slew of recent biographies points to the author's conscious self-closeting.
By Rick Whitaker [06/01/00]


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  .Sex Columns

Virginia Vitzthum
Staying on the island I lived my own version of "Survivor" one winter in St. Thomas with a friend and three strangers.

Naked World

Free rubbers A new study shows that Nicaraguan hookers use more condoms in motel rooms than non-hookers.
By Jack Boulware [06/20/00]


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From CNN
Government study shows HIV diagnosis changes sexual behavior The vast majority of people diagnosed with the AIDS virus begin using condoms or curtail their sexual activity after testing positive, the government said Thursday. Ninety percent of those interviewed in the 1997-98 study said they changed their sexual behavior after learning they were infected.

From Nerve
My mother's underwear I was tired of going commando. I was tired of the chafe. Here in my mother's underwear drawer was a nice fresh pair without those little frills or bows.


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