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Table Talk
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The moments that lingered Share your favorite scenes from this year's big screen releases.

Attack of the Gap zombies TV ads that make you reach for the remote.

Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan Does James Bond still shake and stir you?

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Movie Club
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The master of suspense, times two The Table Talk movie group watches "North by Northwest" and "Family Plot"

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Joyce Millman
For the love of the game show: ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" hits the jackpot; Fox's "Greed" is not good.

Sarah Vowell
Moving pictures: Why have there been more good movies in the past eight weeks than in the past eight years?

Michael Sragow
"Toy" story man: Pixar whiz Joe Ranft explains the Buzz on "Toy Story 2" -- and gives voice to Wheezy the Penguin.

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The Billboard 200 Top Albums: Top 10
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The Whole Story
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Springsteen central
A compendium of stories inspired by the bard of New Jersey.

"Star Wars" central
Salon stories inspired by the world's most popular science-fiction fairy tale.

Arts & Entertainment
Nov. 25-28 1999 Books image

"Toy Story 2" They're back, and better than ever: Buzz and Buzz and Woody get warm and fuzzy in Pixar's terrific sequel.
By Janelle Brown [11/24/99]

"End of Days" Arnie's back, with a Jesus Christ pose.
By Andrew O'Hehir [11/24/99]

"Tumbleweeds" Mom just wants to have fun, daughter sulks. Haven't we seen this movie before?
By Stephanie Zacharek [11/24/99]

"Flawless" "As Good as It Gets" goes downtown in a lame stab at indie credibility from hack director Joel Schumacher.
By Charles Taylor [11/24/99]

"Ride With the Devil" Ang Lee's dark and sober fable might be the most interesting and least dogmatic view of the Civil War to wend its way into the multiplexes.
By Andrew O'Hehir [11/24/99]

Sharps & Flats Fiona Apple transforms from a flinty "Shadowboxer" to a raging bull.
By Alex Pappademas [11/24/99]

glowBlue Glow Thanksgiving TV: Shania, football and an "ER" special delivery
By Joyce Millman [11/24/99]

Entertainment Log: A sneak preview looks at four new movies about movies. A sneak preview looks at four new movies about movies.
By Jay Jennings [11/24/99]


Elsewhere in Salon today

"Let the white guys sing!" Doug Sahm played a cosmic and unmistakable Tex-Mex blues for more than 40 years.
By Tracy Santa [People - 11/24/99]

The man who fell to mirth David Bowie makes light of van Gogh's ear, Ziggy's future and sowing "creative wild oats" in a chat about Omikron.
By Janelle Brown [Technology - 11/24/99]

Will staying unmarried save your relationship? Plus: Camille Paglia sparks new "Sensation" debate; should technology change the way we have children?
[Letters to the Editor - 11/24/99]

Detail of image © Pixar Animation Studios

Editor's Pick

James Bond gets a life
007 showed his most human face in the oddball entry "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."
By Charles Taylor [08/25/98]

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Recently in Salon Arts & Entertainment

Sharps & Flats Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley, together at last. But what's Aerosmith doing on this shameless collection of posthumous duets?
By Michelle Goldberg [11/23/99]

Breaking character With lead roles in three new films, Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the great character actors of the '90s, is about to hit the big time. Are we sure we want him to?
By Claire Dederer [11/22/99]

Sharps & Flats Why listening to Rage Against the Machine is bad for lefty idealism.
By Gavin McNett [11/22/99]

"Sleepy Hollow" This Ichabod is a tortured, if not terribly bright, goth dreamboat.
By Stephanie Zacharek [11/19/99]

"The World Is Not Enough" God save James Bond.
By Charles Taylor [11/19/99]

"All About My Mother" Passionate and florid, Almodóvar's valentine to motherhood breathes with vibrant, chaotic Barcelona life.
By Stephanie Zacharek [11/19/99]

"Felicia's Journey" Atom Egoyan's follow-up to "The Sweet Hereafter" is a dank and claustrophobic thriller.
By Andrew O'Hehir [11/19/99]

Sharps & Flats Nuzzle's plaintive rock comes on as unexpectedly soft as a full-count change-up.
By Mac Montandon [11/19/99]

Sharps & Flats In the mid-'80s, people with AIDS lived and died to Arvo Pärt's "Tabula Rasa." A new recording reprises music "like the motion of angels' wings."
By Patrick Giles [11/18/99]

The last days of disco Infused with romantic disappointment and emotional resonance, Pet Shops Boys' "Nightlife" examines the expectation and letdown at both ends of an evening out.
By Charles Taylor [11/17/99]

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Saying goodbye to the Hawaii cast, the first weaned by cable's most popular television show.

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