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Intolerant and proud of it If we all know how important tolerance is, why don't more of us practice it?

Natural-born coders What makes the perfect programmer?

Dr. Dead Man Walking Should Kevorkian be put to death?

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Weekend, May 8-9, 1999


.The Raw and the Cooked Even a full-blown Portis gnasherfest couldn't get big gorgonzola Mike Eisner to say cheese.
By Douglas Cruickshank [People - 05/08/99]

Illustration by Zach Trenholm

Recent Salon columns

.Mary Roach Delusional halitosis: Mary Roach visits the breath clinic to see if she's delusional or just stinky.
[Health & Body - 05/07/99]

.Scott Rosenberg Web of doom: After the Littleton massacre, paranoid media pundits seem blind to the line between the computer screen and reality. That's just what they tell us the killers' problem was.
[Technology - 05/07/99]

.Amy Reiter/Nothing Personal Monica sued for causing injuries; it's hard being Hef; but really, really tough being Liam; Hasselhoff throws in the towel.
[People - 05/07/99]

.James Poniewozik We are all page-view whores now: Now that we online journalists know exactly what people want to read, we've got to find something that'll stop us from -- horrors! -- giving it to them.
[Media - 05/06/99]

.Sallie Tisdale Zero tolerance for slaughter: If you must tote weapons of destruction, move to another country.
[Mothers Who Think - 05/06/99]

.Cintra Wilson Survival of the cutest: Hot young magician David Blaine gets all the love while the best tricksters get hardly any.
[People - 05/05/99]

.Joe Conason Were they Nazis? The Littleton high school killers' fascination with Hitler and black metal suggest the possible influence of a fascistic youth subculture that has inspired horrific violence elsewhere.
[News - 05/04/99]

.Virginia Vitzthum Everything she had: During an international AIDS conference, one public health expert decides to make love to a dying woman -- condoms be damned.
[Health & Body - 05/04/99]

.Joyce Millman Happy Mother's Day, now screw you: What do you buy for the woman who put a hit out on you? Honoring Livia Soprano, the meanest mother on TV.
[Arts & Entertainment - 05/03/99]

.Susie Bright How much wood? Jack was green-lighted by the directors based on his entirely unproven belief that he could provide erections for their camera at the crack of a starting board. But could he actually do it?
[Health & Body - 05/01/99]

.Anne Lamott A heart's breath: Whether it happens in war-torn Kosovo or a Hawaiian resort, suffering should be greeted with compassion.
[Mothers Who Think - 04/29/99]

.Camille Paglia American poison: The Littleton massacre is horrifying proof of our society's spiritual emptiness -- and the fact that we don't give alienated young males constructive things to do.
[People - 04/28/99]

.Garrison Keillor/Mr. Blue He took me to sexual heights I didn't know existed, but after six years he still won't commit. I can't get him out of my mind. Is this normal? Advice for lovers and writers.
[Books - 04/27/99]

.David Horowitz Enemy of the people: There's nothing like going on a speaking tour of America's pricey liberal arts colleges to show just how ensconced the politically correct elite has become -- and how frightened they are by the appearance of an outspoken right-winger.
[News - 04/26/99]

.Ruth Shalit Out of focus: A peep through the one-way mirror at that great American institution, the focus group, reveals a glittering lineup of cheaters, repeaters and sad sacks who wash their hair with Jell-O.
[Media - 04/23/99]

.Sarah Vowell I feel fine: If ever there were a place in which apocalyptology could be a viable career, it would be Los Angeles -- a city "unimpressed by time," as Steve Erickson notes in his visionary new novel, "The Sea Came in at Midnight."
[Arts & Entertainment - 04/21/99] Shopping

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