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Rescuing the feminist book By Maria Russo
Martha Nussbaum reimagines the women's movement -- from global poverty to the right to be hot.

Boys of paradise By Denise Dowling
Deep Springs students slaughter cattle, read Derrida and hire their teachers, but living in utopia ain't easy.

Contemplating Deeper Springs By Whet Moser
Between herding cattle and scribbling essays, one young man finds the time to dance disco under a black light.

Nude Olympics By Jeannette Johnston
Bare-assed and freezing, one cautious Princeton sophomore learns what it means to be bad.

Geography of feeling By Andreas Killen
Will new scientific discoveries about our emotional life make Freud's unconscious obsolete?

Labels of obscenity By Jon Bowen
University of Arizona considers forcing teachers to warn their students of controversial topics in class syllabuses.

Brotherly love By L.E. Wilson
I lived in the fraternity closet and loved it

Spanking the theory By Danya Ruttenberg
Is the study of the autoerotic more than just mental masturbation?

Strange bedfellows By Christina Boufis
Does academic life lead to divorce?

Who killed Meriwether Lewis? By Leighton Woodhouse
A forensic scientist has stirred controversy by proposing to dig up the famous explorer's bones to find out

Raging against "the Machine" By Julekha Dash
Congolese student alleges death threats when he campaigned against white establishment for U of Alabama's student presidency

Battling stag/nation By Jill Priluck
Radical hag Mary Daly sues Boston College for forcing coed classes

The fabulous kingdom of gay animals By Susan McCarthy
A biologists offers the first vision of a tantalizingly diverse natural world: Not all animals are straight arrows

To sir, with love? By Susanna Stromberg
The last thing my professor taught me was that he was only human

The monk, the philosopher and the cynic By Chris Colin
Philosopher Jean-François Revel and his son, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, set out to have a spiritual dialogue -- but the cosmic harmony was shattered when Christopher Hitchens showed up

The end of student activity groups? By Kenneth Rapoza
Christian student groups are using the courts to attack the legality of student fees and changing the free speech debate on campus

Pop culture studies turns 25 By David Jacobson
When Ray Browne founded the first department to study "Star Trek" semiotics and cartoon aesthetics, he expanded the boundaries of academic study forever.

Beyond the bottom line By Alec Appelbaum
Faced with the unpredictable world of global business, some MBA programs are searching for a new way to teach ethics. But the question remains, can it be done at all?

From here to fraternity By Rolf Potts
Longing for the college revelry he never had, a young man goes undercover in the land of spring break

Professor in drag By Jacqueline Swartz
Philosopher Michael Gilbert discusses the delights and enlightenment that come with wearing a dress

What if they threw a revolution and nobody came? By Ben Fritz
Conservative foundations are pouring money into traditionally liberal campuses in the hopes of converting a new generation of right-wing radicals, but will their millions bear fruit?

The teachers we loved
Writers send valentines to the people who opened their minds

Pact with the CEO By Jim C.Luh
As technology licensing programs gain more currency in American universities, universities will surely gain more American currency, but will research suffer?

Death wishes By Daren Fonda
George Minois' exhaustive study traces the long, strange history of suicide

Barhopping with the Bud Girls By James Hibberd
Despite widespread publicity about the dangers of teen binge drinking, beer distributers use curvy babes and frat-boy reps to saturate the largely underage college market

The Big Lie By Michael O'Donovan-Anderson
Why have today's students become a bunch of grade-grubbing morons?

Ditching school By Eli Lehrer
Why would Marc Weiss, a tenure-track professor at Columbia University, give it all up to coordinate tour bus parking?

Darwinian admissions By Megan Olden
Are selective universities turning a blind eye to some students in need?

Is history dead? By Sean McMeekin
Cultural studies scholars are ravaging the facts to suit their bassackward theories

Historians who know fact from fiction By Sean McMeekin
Despite what the cultural studies boosters might have you think, there are serious contemporary historians who do empirical research

Bartering brains for bread By Mark Luce
Can the institutions of higher learning escape the long arms of their corporate sponsors?

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