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Belize in the dark By Michael Perry
We take to the dark so that we may buy some time in the light.

The gift of touch on an Indian bus By Angela Collins
A lonely traveler is saved by the kindness of strangers.

Island life By Bill Noble
Six days on a Puget Sound island -- you can't help but learn to love.

After Ed By Kiersten Aschauer
With some help from Bali, I learned how to let go again.

Seduced in Bologna By Tom Di Egidio
Like the Bolognese towers in the background, we inclined toward each other for two and a half blissful days.

Thais that bind By Zona Sage
One minute she's giving me a mean massage, the next she wants to steal me away on her motor scooter.

The foreigner as fetish By Carrie La Seur
An American woman is both isolated and embraced on a summer stay in Japan.

The perils of the harem By Jeffrey Tayler
Beguiled by beauties in negligées, a Peace Corps volunteer stumbles into a romantic misadventure in Marrakech.

Some enchanted evening By Todd Gottlieb
A romantic traveler meets his destiny -- and a beautiful Romanian named Anika -- for one brief night in Barcelona.

Letting go By Diane Weipert
A journalist tracks a trapeze artist around the country to satisfy an erotic obsession. Now he wants to marry her. Will she make the leap?

Love on the line By Diane LeBow
On the road, the rest of the world can begin and end in a stuffy phone booth.

Down and out in India By Erik Braun
Jodhpur was driving me crazy -- until I met Julia.

Flying solo By Reuben Maness
Encounters on an Asian odyssey heal a broken heart.

Tales of a Tokyo stripper By Bob Blanchard
Tired of teaching English? Try taking your clothes off instead.

Never unpacking my emotional baggage By Christopher Johnston
Some people travel but never really move; others stay put but never stop roaming.

The Argentine art of flirting By Kaitlin Quistgaard
A young American learns to stop resisting and love the piropo.

An erotic tour of Turkey By Sandra J. Goldstein
By day I would listen to lectures on history and art, but all I could think of was the night before, or the night to come.

Kinkiness in a B&B By Chris Colin
The discreet charm of a firm mattress is just one of the many lessons of a second-anniversary stay.

Santorini summer By Rachel Elson
I fell for Robert on a sunlit Greek isle, but how could the girl my mother had raised give up her voyage for a man?

Under the blanket By Carol Lloyd
In the shadow of de Sade's castle, two lovers enact a tortured summer reunion.

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