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Court is in session By Roxxie
The Women's National Basketball Association has created a new breed of athlete -- tough yet "pure."

Ice, ice, baby By Pippa Gordon
Here I am: Cold to the bone, face smeared with mud, herding horses near the Arctic Circle. Call me "Incredulous in Iceland."

Single female seeks travel and romance-- with child By Joan Oleck
We single parents have cash, sex appeal and even our own sitcoms. Now, we have our own vacation resorts, too.

My Mother, the disaster By Laurel Touby
When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, of course I came out to help. But I didn't expect her to seduce the doctor.

My son, the junkie By Wendy Mnookin
I finally had to let him save, or kill, himself.

Harvard and heroin By Seth Mnookin
I coasted to an Ivy League degree as a drug addict, but forever damaged the bond between mother and son.

Emotional Handicap By Diane Lore
What do you do when your normally sweet, loving child wholeheartedly rejects his suddenly disabled, wheelchair-bound grandmother?

Disney rocks! By Lisa Moskowitz
Forget the long lines, the schlocky toys and the canned music. Disneyland will always be the Magic Kingdom for this life-long Mouseketeer.

The dark side of Disney By Samuel G. Freedman
There's no escaping the commodification of childhood.

There goes my baby By Stephen J. Lyons
Once, I thought my daughter would win the Nobel Prize. Now that she's started college, I just hope she keeps her phone, her power, her housing -- and remembers to wake up for class.

First crush By Maurine Shores
When you're a girl, a grown man's attention can make a woman out of you.

Sleeping with children By Dulcie Leimbach
In the middle of the night, the smell, feel and touch of a small child soothes a restless mother.

Furrow's people By Amy Benfer
At a compound in Idaho, Nazis explain that they're not about hate -- they just love their own kind.

"All the Wrong Men and One Perfect Boy" By Katie Allison Granju
Online confession queen Spike Gillespie dishes on bad boys and reveals her true love -- her son.

Ketchup and convertibles By Karen Ackland
My stepdaughters insisted on camping with ketchup, Pepsi and showers. I'd rather be opening a bottle of white wine with the women in the red Mustang convertible.

Counter spy By Maria Dolan
I waitressed in the restaurant of nothingness where the menu was a work of fiction. There was no Coke. There was no bleu cheese. There was no dinner salad and there never would be.

A cold-blooded killing in the neighborhood By Heather Donovan
My children believe in tooth fairies. Do I have to tell them about the murder across the street?

Take me to a hospital! By Susan Gerhard
What possessed me to think there was something appealing about cleaning up after the birth of my own child?

Give me drugs! By Nina Shapiro
What's so feminist about a painful childbirth?

Cut me open! By Jean Hanff Korelitz
I just had my second scheduled Caesarean and, yes, I still consider myself a feminist.

The pits By Mei Yan Leung
Summertime and the living would be easy -- if women didn't have to shave or wax constantly.

Slow fade By Lu Vickers
In my memories of family vacations, I remember driving my mother's car, naked women and formaldehyde sharks. So why don't I remember my family?

The invisible mother By Amy Halloran
If everyone is staring at my boobs, why do I feel that I am disappearing?

The lactating feminist By Roxanne Beckford Hoge
I'm not a porn star. I'm not burning my bra. I'm just feeding my baby in public.

Tom and Nicole and Colin and Kathryn By Colin Harrison and Kathryn Harrison
"Eyes Wide Shut" provokes literary couple Colin and Kathryn Harrison to spar over marriage, passion, jealousy and the lure of dangerous sex in a vanilla world.

Gen X's change of head By Shari Thurer
To the women who came of age in the '60s, oral sex was an act of great intimacy. To their daughters, it's about as intimate as shaking hands.

The modesty debate By Lori Leibovich
Wendy Shalit: Stop pressuring young women to have sex! Leora Tanenbaum: Every girl is a potential 'slut.'

Formula for disaster, part 2 By Katie Allison Granju
Why do many doctors take a neutral or even pro-formula stance with their patients -- despite evidence of the serious potential hazards of bottle-feeding?

Formula for disaster By Katie Allison Granju
Many new parents think infant formula is the next best thing to Mom, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Son of hope By Cintra Wilson
In a video aimed at turning young thugs into Christians, serial killer David Berkowitz confesses, "I was a real jerk."

Stay-home economics By Phaedra Hise
One mom crunches the numbers on the assumption that quitting work is cheaper than paying for life as a working parent.

You can halve it all By Jennifer Bingham Hull
You can get your husband to do his share if you demand it -- or threaten divorce.

All you need is love -- and a marriage license By Joan Oleck
If Jesse Helms has his way, new legislation could limit international adoptions for everyone but married straight couples.

Playing from behind By Steve Kettmann
The trials and tribulations of being a female sportswriter were highlighted by last week's Samantha Stevenson-Julius Erving story.

And many more ... By Janet Mazur
Kids' birthday parties are out of hand. Whatever happened to cake, ice cream and pin the tail on the donkey?

Bare, naked ladies By Jennifer New
There's not much room to commune with your own nudity, or anyone else's, in a swimming-pool locker room full of wary onlookers.

Postnuptial blues By Ellie Forgotson
After the wedding bells stopped ringing, she wanted nothing but sleep.

The write time By Tracy Mayor
One classmate is on her way to literary fame, anointed by the New Yorker; the other's on her way to the grocery store.

Problem family By Jill Wolfson
When domestic abuse showed up in my neighborhood, I had to decide whether to help or keep my distance.

The tyranny of fashion By Erin J. Aubry
As clothing comes to signify less and less about a person, I wonder if I should bother getting dressed at all.

Kickin' it By Ethan Zindler
Mia Hamm's soccer prowess has finally launched women's sports into the mainstream. But is she ready for icon status?

Emotional insurance By Allison Hoover Bartlett
Pictures of polliwogs, first baths and birthdays preserve my children in time, but I am always standing just out of the frame.

A dad called Mama By Lu Vickers
Showing his children the wonder of Florida's shaded lakes and curious insects, my father taught me the nature of unconditional love.

Snack time with Jesus By Natalie Pearson
Christian preschool turned my 4-year-old into a fundamentalist.

Trading places By Esmé Raji Codell
A first-year teacher turns the tables on an unruly student.

Tough lessons By Fiona Morgan
An interview with firebrand educator Esmé Raji Codell.

The art of giving up men By Kate Convissor
In theory, swearing off male attention is easy, but ignoring a flirtatious smile is almost impossible.

Tales of a reluctant parenting pundit By Katie Allison Granju
Just because I wrote a book about parenting doesn't mean I'm an expert ... does it?

Entangled By Peter Trachtenberg
Reading "Charlotte's Web" with the clarity of an adult inspires tears, smiles and tenderness.

The trauma of childhood By Alice Miller
As long as they are loved, children can recover from abuse and even the horror of war.

The psychology of art By Vivienne Walt
Traumatized by war, Kosovar children express their anger, fear and hope through art.

"Something's bound to go wrong" By Nicki Blake
A boy who played games with the police and the justice system couldn't outrun the cost of defiance.

Will the real Eloise please stand up? By Amy Benfer
Now that "Eloise" is back in print, her fans can once again reclaim her as their own.

A mother defends Marilyn Manson By Nani Power
Despite his Antichrist antics, the shock-rocker is really a pussycat who creates artful music with a message.

The invisible parent By Lu Vickers
While many courts won't recognize the rights of non-biological gay parents, one woman refused to let go of her child.

Out of the darkness By Patricia Weaver Francisco
In "Working with Available Light," a husband explores the bond men and women share in the aftermath of rape.

Nursed to death By Karen Houppert
Tabitha Walrond tried to breast-feed her baby. Now she could go to jail for malnourishing her child.

"Star Wars" widows By Cynthia Durcanin
As their mates obsess over "Star Wars," these women find their relationships crushed under the weight of the Force.

Name game By Susan McCarthy
My friend named her kid after a dog. At least itıs a good solid name.

Mr. Mom's world By David Case
Stay-at-home dads face down stereotypes and learn how undervalued the work of child care really is.

In the land of lost children By Vivienne Walt
Jehona speaks in her sleep every night: "Where is mommy? Where is my daddy?"

Feline funeral By Kristina Robbins
Burying a beloved pet forced my mother to bury her past.

How the Alvarez girl found her magic By Julia Alvarez
A girl whose life dangled by a story showed me how to redeem my own.

Minor saints By Janis Cooke Newman
My grandmother's small gestures of love live on between me and my son.

Dancing with death By Camille Peri
The loss of a child leaves a hole in your heart that never heals.

My other mother By Martha Beck
To learn how to mother well, you must first be mothered yourself.

Friends and mothers By Michelle Albert
Motherhood changes a friendship, but not the love behind it.

Another Littleton waiting to explode? By Kelly Milner Halls
Death threats and an uncaring school system convince one mother to move.

The old men and the C-cups By Erin J. Aubry
Hollywood's mania for depicting geezers with improbably young babes reflects the desperation of a generation that came of age in the youth-obsessed '60s.

On not having a daughter By Jayne Anne Phillips
Something beyond life or death lingers of the girl I didn't get to mother.

The longest hours By Carol Ormandy
Waiting to find out if you've lost your child is the worst torture.

Stepmother in love By Arlene Green
I work twice as hard for my stepson's love -- and it's worth it.

Of course it happened here By Laura Fraser
Why the Littleton violence didn't surprise me.

Pride and prejudice By Fiona Morgan
Is Novato a breeding ground for hatred -- or just like every other American suburb?

Marriage of two minds By Allegra Goodman
Can a novelist and mathematician coexist?

Damned to diaper duty By Jennifer Bingham Hull
If the devil's in the details, why is it always mommy who's possessed?

The bad seed By Beth Kephart
In "Cries Unheard," Gitta Sereny wants to prove that children are not monsters. She only partially succeeds.

See no evil By Beth Kephart
Vivian Paley's belief in the inherent kindness of children makes her ill-equipped to explain their unkind behavior.

Bowing out By Ana Castillo
A silent Eastern tradition means more than words between a boy and his mama-san.

Tense relations By Fiona Morgan
Elizabeth Strout, author of "Amy and Isabelle," talks about teenage sexuality and the intense relationship between mothers and daughters.

Funk soul mother By Susan Straight
Once my ex-husband and I danced to the funk as if we had no choice. Now, in the kitchen on Saturday nights, I clean, listen, dance, remember.

The working mom myth By Shari Thurer
Another study has shown that having a mother who works doesn't harm kids. But, a psychotherapist argues, you don't need dubious social science to know that.

Big dreams for "Little Women" By Bobbie Ann Mason
Louisa May Alcott closed a gap for me when I was a bookless country girl; now I find myself trying to close a gap for her.

This sorcery isn't just for kids By Charles Taylor
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," like all great escapist reading, takes you happily back to where you already were

Of magic and single motherhood By Margaret Weir
An interview with "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling

Conned by a Jewish mother By Inda Schaenen
I thought if I cooked like Molly Goldberg, I could land myself and my family in her warm, loving, safe world

One big dysfunctional family By Fiona Morgan
Former cult member can laugh about it now

Remembering Carole Sund By Wendy J. Williams
A community of mothers mourns the death of Carole Sund

Breed old, die late and leave a beautiful brain By Michele Y. Pridmore-Brown
Why old mothers live longer and have boosted brain power

Jungle Book fever By Peter Mattiessen
How a childhood spent reading Kipling's wondrous tales gave a writer his spots -- India, Siberia, Africa

The nurture assumption By Jennifer Kahn
Some women just don't want to have kids. So why does that make us abnormal?

Baby on board By Katherine Ellison
A seasoned foreign reporter suddenly finds she can't compete on equal terms with men

Bring in 'da noise, bring in 'da rat killers By Jill Wolfson
After preaching respect for animals to my kids, how could I finesse my death wish for the rats in our walls?

Kiddie pants or kiddie porn? By Deborah A. Lott
Nothing comes between kids and their Calvins -- except charges ofpedophilia

Why I didn't report my rape By Jenn Shreve
I believe Juanita Broaddrick because I know why women keep silent

Small massacres By Patrick Chamoiseau
A child in Martinique reaches into the dark corners of imagination with the miraculous force of fire

The walls around the garden By Fiona Morgan
Tara Bahrampour, the author of "To See and See Again: A Life in Iran and America," talks about balancing between two cultures and glimpsing the crumbling boundaries and lush center of Iranian life

Shy By Caroline Knapp
After years of thinking my shyness affected only me, I realize the social impact of hiding in my living room with the shades drawn

We believe you, Juanita (we think) By Camille Peri, Fiona Morgan And Dawn MacKeen
Susan Faludi, Susan Brownmiller, Katie Roiphe, Gloria Allred and others respond to Juanita Broaddrick's explosive charges

The road to hell was paved with handbags By Susan McCarthy
An innocuous response to the key-stowage dilemma, or the first stepon the slippery slope of obsessiveness? Carry a purse and find out

Mother Time By Jennifer Bingham Hull
We have lots of some kinds of time, little of others -- which is whypeople who live outside this zone, including many politicians, don't understandour lives

A dime bag for the schoolgirl By Janet McDonald
I thought escaping Vassar to make Harlem drug runs meant I could be in the elite world, but not of it

A nose for things By Debra Fay Holton
My mother was tidy and crisp, which is why Janine's vacant mother and messy house were just what I was looking for

It's a microbe's life By Debra Ollivier
Land of the free, home of the clean freak -- the latest round ofmicrobial warfare has turned America into a paranoid hot zone

Traumas in adolescent life By Curtis Sittenfeld
A judge of the Seventeen magazine fiction contest recalls what endeared her to the writers of the 400 stories she read -- even the really bad ones

You're a good man, Dr. Smurf By Martha Beck
Two Harvard degrees taught me to fixate on appearances. My son, born with Down's syndrome, showed me the sweet core of ordinary things

The city of lost children By Katherine Ellison
Is a Brazilian judge stealing babies for American families?

The feminist queen of the Middle East By Geraldine Brooks
Queen Noor deserves much of the credit for Jordan's transformation from police state to cradle of political freedom

What is Victoria's secret? By Coleen Hubbard
How do you explain to your little girl that we live in a world wherebreasts get graded, and some of us flunk?

Stop using our children By Sherrilyn A. Ifill
Don't tell me the president's sexual liaisons are the most important national issue we have to discuss with our children

The limits of free speech By Sallie Tisdale
A lifelong advocate of both free speech and women's right to abortions agonizes over a ruling that may protect doctors but shrink free speech

Bearly there By Kathryn Olney
Are the Berenstain Bears just lowbrow morality tales, or have they crudely tapped into what contemporary kids think of the average dad?

AWOL from the enlisted life By Elizabeth Rapoport
Once you start making lists, their tyrannical reign over your life becomes a fate worse than disorganization

A sense of threat By Jane Lazarre
Despite a lifelong love affair with death, getting breast cancer makes it clear that it is a very different love that I truly crave

Raging hormones By Celeste Fremon
When I gave birth at nearly 40, I never considered the fact that 12years later my son and I would both be having hot flashes

Girly girl By Mona Gable
If you spent your girlhood learning to toughen up, what happens when your daughter is the sensitive type who makes flower stews?

The bento chronicles By B.J. Singer
An expatriate mom in Japan learns that a dewhiskered Hello Kitty rice ball in her child's lunch could forever condemn her as a rotten mother

Great expectations By Joanna Scott
Faced with the cruel suspense of an endangered pregnancy, a novelist found that her greatest comfort came from hearing stories, especially the scary ones

What I learned from losing my mind By Faulkner Fox
How a week at a yoga retreat saved me from the perfect parenting frenzy

One mother's gain By MaurineZarlengo Christ
After adopting three children, a mother says it's love, not blood,that makes parents

Mothers Who Think My mother's daughter By Kristina Zarlengo
A child of adoption wonders: How much is my nature a product of mynurturing?

The baby girl I gave away By Ceil Malek
Putting up a baby for adoption was the first act of my adult life,but it took me almost 30 years to face what that decision meant for meand my daughter

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