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Here comes a Nazarene...looks good in a magazine By Michelle Goldberg
On "Juxtapose," Tricky negotiates the tension between B-boy roots and raw, tender soul.

The last of the Lilith Fairs By Gavin McNett
Plenty of Chrissie, Sheryl, Sarah and Sandra -- but nary a female drummer.

The sounds of science By Andy Battaglia
British electronic musician Scanner's illicit phone taps examine the technology of communication and the vanishing border between public and private space.

Wolves in sheep's clothing By Philip Booth
On "This Time," the members of Los Lobos traded their berets and goatees for guitar wail and pop hooks.

I'm so bored with the USA By Stephanie Zacharek
Why do American music magazines have to suck?

What a riot By Jeff Stark
Diary of a Woodstock 99 survivor.

Bowery boys By Ira Robbins
A new Ramones anthology catches America's beloved punks sniffing glue and chewing rock 'n' roll bubble gum.

Glory days are here again By Stephanie Zacharek
The reunited Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band bring it all back home to Jersey on the first night of their American tour -- and it's like they never left.

Idea man By Jeff Stark
Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne believes in the thrill of wonder, the miracle of everday life and the extraordinary sound in his head.

Pavement is a 65-point word By Rodd McLeod
Our writer challenges rock's biggest brainiacs to a sharky game of Scrabble.

Headbanger's ball By Gavin McNett
Hell hath no house band like Slayer; Ozzy has no mojo.

Geri-rigged By Charles Taylor
The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice slips out of the Union Jack drag-queen glad rags with her debut solo effort, "Schizophonic."

Making dollars, making sense By Jeff Stark
Two Kosovo benefit projects helmed by Pearl Jam and the Beastie Boys show how bizarrely record companies will act around new technology.

50,000,000 Backstreet Boys' fans can be wrong By Ira Robbins
The sweat-drenched rock 'n' rollers of the '50s knew all about good and evil. Forty years later, the Backstreet Boys are singing love songs to their moms. How did pop music get this insipid?

The politics of plagiarism By Jeff Stark
Why Beck, Stereolab, Tortoise, the High Llamas and Sean Lennon are all fascinated by Tom Zé.

The finest children's album ever made By Douglas Wolk
Of three new Carole King reissues, it's "Really Rosie" -- a "Tapestry" for the under-10 set -- that stands out.

Unbroken By Brett Anderson
June Carter and Johnny Cash celebrate her new album with soulful spirituals and fried green tomatoes.

Ink Polaroids By Douglas Wolk
Our man snaps imaginary photographs at Belle & Sebastian's Bowlie Weekender music festival.

Ain't nothin' funny about a drunk By Alex Pappademas
Tom Waits brings it all home.

The artist currently known as Prince Paul By Adam Heimlich
Hip-hop's mastermind producer tries to explain what is real.

Rebirth of the cool By Philip Booth
With her dazzling new Miles Davis tribute album, singer Cassandra Wilson gives jazz a much-needed fix.

Silly loved songs By Bill Wyman
"Band on the Run" may have aged badly, but 25 years later, it still sings

It's not the meat, it's the motion By David Bowman
Thanks to eight Rykodisc re-releases, this spring is Meat Puppets season

Yehudi Menuhin, 1916-1999 By Paul Festa
The century's most beloved violinist brought to his life the brilliance he lost in his music

Viva "Buena Vista Social Club" By Art Levine
New Wim Wenders doc wins over Miami

American bandstand By Joe Heim
Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein talks about politics, the president and simple pop songs

Dusty Springfield, 1939-1999 By Joyce Millman
Remembering "the Queen of White Soul," a one-of-a-kind singer

Blondie: Behind the music By Michelle Goldberg
The members of the reborn band discuss their past, their reunion and their first recording in 17 years, "No Exit."

Blondie: Where are they now? By Johnny Angel
The reunion is a love-fest. So why are two ex- members of New Wave's biggest band hopping mad?

Musical chairs By Jonathan Cohen
R.E.M., Shawn Colvin, Cibo Matto, Philip Glass and others mix it up at the Tibet House benefit concert.

Hail, Sony! By Cintra Wilson
Amazingly, somehow, all the top sellers won Grammys (brought to you by Sony) again this year.

Flesh and blood By Charles Taylor
Kelly Willis' new album, "What I Deserve," is an antidote to the slickness that's ruined country music

A major label in a minor key By Jeff Stark
Built to Spill hasn't abandoned their indie-rock origins -- or their guitar god-worshipping sound.

Eat this song By Clea Simon
A writer fondly remembers the horrible, beautiful rush of seeing X for the first time.

It's heeeeeeeeere By Gavin McNett
Rhino's new collection announces that '80s retro has finally arrived -- and not a moment too soon.

From Russia, with (forbidden) love By Benjamin Ivry
Several new collections celebrate the contributions of the late Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter.

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