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"The Mummy" By Andrew O'Hehir
All dressed up and no place to go: Despite his studly physique, Brendan Fraser isn't enough of an action hero to keep "The Mummy" from unraveling.

"Three Seasons" By Andrew O'Hehir
Poetry in motion: Tony Bui's "Three Seasons" is a cinematic love poem to Vietnam.

"Idle Hands" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Hand job: A TV-addicted stoner loses his hand to evil temptation in the lame thriller "Idle Hands."

"Entrapment" By Stephanie Zacharek
Stealing beauty: "Entrapment" is a sexy art-heist thriller -- until it goes for the cash.

"Election" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Class struggle: The wickedly funny "Election" runs a Pepsodent Reese Witherspoon against Matthew Broderick's rumpled loser.

"Jeanne and the Perfect Guy" By Andrew O'Hehir
The bearable lightness of being French: Leave it to the French to make a musical comedy about AIDS -- and to have it actually work. (04/23/99)

"Pushing Tin" By Stephanie Zacharek
Fly boys: John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton play cowboys and Indians in the air traffic control comedy "Pushing Tin." (04/23/99)

"Existenz" By Craig Seligman
Buzzed on metaphysics: David Cronenberg's "Existenz" imagines a dangerously exotic video game -- and it looks a lot like life.

"Life" By Andrew O'Hehir
The facts of "Life": Though it's played for laughs, Eddie Murphy's new comedy offers a dose of realism about the African-American experience.

"Hideous Kinky" By Charles Taylor
Road to nowhere: Despite Kate Winslet's enlightening performance, "Hideous Kinky" is a mess.

"SLC Punk" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Anarchy in the UT: "SLC Punk" is a slam-dancing "Afterschool Special."

"Goodbye Lover" By Charles Taylor
To live and lie in L.A. Roland Joffé does some self-conscious slumming with the sleazy "Goodbye Lover."

"Never Been Kissed" By Stephanie Zacharek
Too cool for school: Playing the ugly duckling is a role even Drew Barrymore can't handle.

"Go" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Do not pass "Go": The follow-up to"Swingers" is an amiable slice of Tarantino Lite.

"Dreamlife of Angels" By Charles Taylor
State of grace: The lovely French film "Dreamlife of Angels" manages to warm hearts without numbing minds.

"The Matrix" By Andrew O'Hehir
Short attention spawn: With its myriad action movie references, "The Matrix" is a masterful sci-fi stew

"Cookie's Fortune" By Charles Taylor
Easter eggs and bourbon: Robert Altman's "Cookie's Fortune" is Southern Gothic lite -- with a bite

"The Out-of-Towners" By Stephanie Zacharek
Everybody hates a tourist: Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin battle the declawed pussycat that is New York in the unfunny remake of "The Out-of-Towners"

"10 Things I Hate About You" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
One shrew thing: The Bard gets the 20th century teen-flick treatment

"EDtv" By Andrew O'Hehir
And now, a world from our sponsor: Despite the "Truman Show" comparisons; it's a genial -- and almost plausible -- media satire

"Mod Squad" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Post-"Mod" Blues: A retro-cool look can't disguise an acid-washed feel

"Forces of Nature" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Road awakening: Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock star in a comedy that packs plenty of scenery, but forgets about chemistry

"Ravenous" By Andrew O'Hehir
Dark meat: Though it definitely requires a strong stomach, this may be the best cannibal tragicomedy ever made

"True Crime" By Andrew O'Hehir
True prime: He may be pushing 70, but Clint Eastwood just hit his stride

"The Rage: Carrie 2" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Grr Power: A supernatural sequel tries a little tenderness, but still goes for gross

"Wing Commander" By Andrew O'Hehir
Space opera invaders: If you absolutely, positively can't wait for "Star Wars," this works as frivolous filler

"The Deep End of the Ocean" By Andrew O'Hehir
Waiting to exhale: A family drowning in grief resurfaces and doesn't know how to cope

"Analyze This" By Stephanie Zacharek
The king of comedy: Robert De Niro gets the lion's share of laughs in Harold Ramis' mob comedy

"Cruel Intentions" By Charles Taylor
Keeping bad company: The retro morality of "Cruel Intentions" makes for a pleasurably nasty update of "Les liaisons dangereuses"

"Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Bad lads: A hit English crime caper arrives in America jetlagged

"8mm" By Andrew O'Hehir
Celluloid zeroes: Joel Schumacher's sadistic "8mm" is expertly crafted crap

"Jawbreaker" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Very bad schwings: "Jawbreaker" is a T&A black comedy that teases more than it delivers

"200 Cigarettes" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Synth city: The nostalgic '80s soundtrack is the star, but the love stories get lost in shuffle-play

"Office Space" By Andrew O'Hehir
Daydream believer: Mike Judge's "Office Space" is a funny, well-meaning ode to anti-ambition

"Simply Irresistible" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Sappy meal: A new food fetish romance may look good on the surface, but it's one stale tale

"My Favorite Martian" By Andrew O'Hehir
Killing me softly: Despite its utter irrelevance, "My Favorite Martian" is a benignly amusing family movie

"Rushmore" By Andrew O'Hehir
Deadpan poet's society: Wes Anderson "Rushmore" is a work of comic genius. (And Bill Murray's not even trying to be funny)

"Gloria" By Charles Taylor
A Stone unturned: "Gloria" proves once again that filmmakers don't know what to do with Sharon Stone

"Another Day in Paradise" By Craig Seligman
Paradise lust: Larry Clark's follow-up to "Kids" is less ambitious, less offensive -- and surprisingly funny

"She's All That" By Mary Elizabeth Williams
My fair laney: "She's All That" is a conventional teen romance, but with a hip-hop heart of gold

"Playing by Heart" By Charles Taylor
Heartburn: Playing by Heart's" trite take on love and relationships leaves a bad aftertaste

"My Name Is Joe" By Andrew O'Hehir
Life is bittersweet: British filmmaker Ken Loach returns to working-class Glasgow in his dark masterpiece "My Name is Joe"

"In Dreams" By Andrew O'Hehir
The dying game: With echoes of "The Silence of the Lambs," "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Psycho," Neil Jordan's often captivating "In Dreams" is less than the sum of its parts

"The Faculty" By Charles Taylor
It may lack the emotional intensity of old-school horror flicks like "Carrie," but "The Faculty" is still bloody good fun

"The Thin Red Line" By Charles Taylor
The big dead one: What was supposed to be Terrence Malick's long-awaited comeback is instead a clichéd, self-indulgent throwback to the '70s

"Affliction" By Charles Taylor
Nick Nolte sears as a cop trying desperately not to become his father in Paul Schrader's masterful new film

"The Hi-Lo Country" By Charles Taylor
The scenery chews itself in director Stephen Frears' laconic throwback to '70s westerns

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