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James Poniewozik

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A last word on last words, and on the media we love to hate to love.

Toto, I'm Not Dave Kansas Anymore
So what's wrong with Web journalists becoming stock tycoons?

Riding shotgun
Five years ago Thursday night, a white Bronco rolled onto an L.A. freeway -- and ran over the barriers between the media and everybody else.

Caviar culture
How long will the masses be able to afford mass media?

Please Mr. Link Man
Journalism big shots are pleading for the attention of one drowsy guy in St. Paul. James Romenesko discusses the power of indie weblogs and how he found the bogus millionaire-dog story.

Cokie Roberts for President!
Columnist Ann Coulter may try to get Connecticut voters to take her home,while broadcaster Pat Buchanan and editor Steve Forbes are running again. But is a media perch really a political asset?

America threatened by outbreak of taste!
Post-Littleton, post-Jenny, post-"I'm Proud to Be a Prostitute," the media, willing or not, are getting classy. Spare us.

The great American garage sale
Thanks to Ebay, "Antiques Roadshow" and their ilk, cleaning out the attic is now a national sport.

TV to over-49s: You haven't dropped dead yet?
Hey, Gramps! Want more TV shows aimed at you? Then stop watching them

Will RealAudio kill the radio star?
Commercial radio will have only itself to blame if the Internet ends up eating its pablum lunch.

Where's a crazy billionaire when you need one?
Daddy Warbucks! The American media wants you ... to run for president.

The Rall World
Ted Rall, the cartoonist-laureate of bitterness, talks about class, baby boomers, "soft liberals" and why editorial cartoons really, really suck.

The hooker with a heart of gold
USA Today has gotten flak for selling ads on its front page -- but at least its money-grubbing is right out there for all to see.

The Literature of Exhaustion
Fast Company isn't just a magazine -- it's the workaholic Bible for manic white-collar types too wired -- and scared -- to slow down.

We are all page-view whores now
Now that we online journalists know exactly what people want to read, we've got to find something that'll stop us from -- horrors! -- giving it to them.

Up in smoke
The billboard-liberation movement gathers to celebrate 20 years of ad "improvement" and smoke on the Marlboro Man's grave.

Kill your TV
On two continents, American firepower knocks television programming off the air -- just in time for National TV-Turnoff Week.

Sermon on the mint
Financial planner Suze Orman's best-selling gospel aims to heal your wounded inner Daddy Warbucks

Kneejerk Mafia
After a new tragedy comes a familiar cry: Stop the Internet before it kills again.

God bless you, Laura Ingraham!
The Kosovo squabbling of yesterday's Monicagate hacks may be dumb -- but it beats flag-waving silence.

Hating Dowd for all the wrong reasons
The New York Times columnist is an embarrassing, nasty writer. Does that mean she shouldn't have gotten the Pulitzer?

Got art?
Keanu, meet the Gap: "The Matrix" is the latest example of the growing cultural reach of advertising.

Coming soon to a cubicle near you!'s "Newsmakers" campaign stakes a claim on the theater of the future -- the screen that's staring you in the face.

Fallen Arches
Reports that American cultural imperialism has enforced a Pax McDonald''''s turn out to be greatly exaggerated.

I can't get arrested in this town!
A tale of the thin blue rope line

Strange fruit
Garden Escape is a new publication grown from the fertile soil of You might call it a catalog; they call it the ultimate service magazine. What if they're right?

The anti-Marthas
The Discovery Channel's daytime shelter shows decorate down-market souls in six cheerful shades of Play-Doh

Bill lettres
Write about screwing your father? Ho-hum. Admit a youthful murder? Been there, done that. But confess in print how much money you make, and all hell breaks loose

Steady hand on the Tilley
The double "New York" issue finds David Remnick's New Yorker sailing smoothly. Maybe too smoothly

50% Off
The President's trial has come to an end, but the on-air vituperation isn't going anywhere

Sid and Christopher's naked lunch
The Blumenthal-Hitchens flap reveals the dirty secret of Washington's elite journalists

The little N-word
So we're all cool with "niggardly" now. Uh ... aren't we?

Revolt of the elitists
Two new media studies amplify the death cries of the literate overclass

The man without principles
The career of the great German cultural critic Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a case study in the virtues of intellectual inconsistency

Truth in advertising
The downfalls of Miller Lite's "Dick" and Spin's Michael Hirschorn show marketing can still explode when you defuse it

Magazine racks
Esquire, Cosmo, Self and Men's Health show us their tits (01/19/99)

The century of the trial
Clinton's Senate trial is just the latest episode in the long-running series of American Solomania

The world is ending -- let's get to know our neighbors!
As Y2K approaches, the Utne Reader advocates the book group to end all book groups

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