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Rag vs. rag
Skeptic magazine should take a cue from its splashier, diametric opposite, Fate. Plus: Jerry Stahl on heroin -- again; yet another writer "discovers" eBay.

Therapy is painless
From Freud to divorce court: A therapist to meet your every need. Plus: Dan Savage vs. the Republicans; Elvis' "black satin-like" pajamas on the auction block.

The malling of America
Old Navy and Starbucks and Jamba Juice! Oh my! Plus: Feed looks at the latest trend in computer interfaces.

Nudity for all!
Too hot? Lose the swimsuit, say several venerable publications. Plus: Reform Party madness, TV racial quotas and a ridiculous theory on recent violence.

Conspicuous consumption
Two scathing critiques of excessive consumerism. Plus: Need a headline? Try "Eyes Wide Shut"! It worked for Kubrick.

The have nots
Left-leaning journalists explore how the other side lives. Plus: The "S" and "F" words, Rick Springfield and a tell-all psychic friend.

Mundane titillation
This week's stories prove that a good writer can make the most mundane subject riveting, while a hack can turn the sexiest topic into a colossal snooze.

Generation R.I.P.
The Village Voice pronounces Generation X as dead as Kurt Cobain, as irrelevant as a Cheesy Poof. Plus: Alternative health stories that don't suck.

Alternative juju
Unconventional remedies are ripe for journalistic inquiry, but are weeklies up to the job? Plus: The secrets of mosquitoes, Osama bin Laden's hiding place and Internet IPOs revealed!

Whither fair lesbians?
Gay Pride marches on, leaving its lesbian sisters to cough up the dust. Plus: The Boston Phoenix reports on Starbucks' latest conquest and why pheromone perfumes only make you stink.

I know what girls want
Four feminist zines give their anti-Cosmo versions of the modern woman. Plus: The Stranger celebrates the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Willamette Week makes one writer cry on her keyboard.

Jar Jar mania must die!
The Village Voice takes Jar Jar theorizing too far; a quasi-national alternative glossy editor's cri de coeur; new theories on love and marriage.

Advertising stole my humanity!
Capitalism is out of control with sexist ad execs, mix tapes by irrelevant hippies and the inevitable, horrible cloning of "The Bridget Jones Diary."

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even teens on the WB do it ...
Sex ed takes a beating in Minneapolis; Slovenia hires a PR firm; black Sam Spades take the whodunit stage.

Ma Bell's ill communication
The Dallas Observer exposes telecommunications madness; rumors of carcinogenic tampons may be greatly exaggerated.

Pundits in the limelight
Political consultants make for better copy than the candidates; one writer's Brontė-inspired hell; enough with the "enough with the Star Wars stories"!

Millennial-time religion
The L.A. Weekly gets spiritual; poo falls from the sky in Salt Lake City.

Decorating for Communists!
The Seattle Weekly combines politics and home and garden advice; Baltimore reporters explore the origins of movie trailers.

Teenage wasteland
The Boston Phoenix wins the "oops" award for a piece claiming that the gun-toting teen is a media myth -- one day after Littleton.

Project Censored's annual guilt trip is back!
Plus: Why Gore may flop in Washington; sex assaults up in Boston schools; and more tales from the alternative press.

Stop worrying about unsafe gay sex; all human issues, all the time; Atari worship
An opinionated roundup of the most interesting stories in the alternative press.

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