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Gimme indie rock! By Michelle Goldberg
Like indie rock itself, the Matador Records birthday party with Yo La Tengo started beautifully and devolved into a self-reflexive in-joke.

Log: "What -- If I Can Be So Presumptuous -- Was I Thinking?" By Charles Taylor
A short overview of the next 30 years of filmmaker Harmony Korine's illustrious career.

Jar-Jar Binks unmasked -- for charity! By Ron Feemster
An eclectic crowd offers a little help to friends in Kosovo.

Family pictures By Andy Battaglia
"Gummo" moviemaker Harmony Korine is not independent film's bastard child after all.

Foreign cinema By Charles Taylor
The New York Film Festival screens "Beau Travail," a terrific French Foreign Legion movie in need of a distribution deal.

Everyone loves the previews By Jeff Stark
Celebrating "Austin Powers," "The Matrix" and "The Blair Witch Project" -- in three minutes or less.

All about Almodóvar By Stephanie Zacharek
The Spanish director introduces his colorfully garish new film in New York with three actresses and a transvestite.

Chemistry set By Andy Battaglia
Singing along to electronica with the Chemical Brothers and Paul Oakenfold live in New York.

Uh, Miss? By Alex Pappademas
By playing a waitress in a video, Britney Spears tries to connect with a great rock tradition. Check, please.

Charge it, it's free By Meredith Ochs
A big credit-card company puts on a Sheryl Crow show in Central Park for 25,000 lucky fans.

"Up" down By Seth Mnookin
Two years ago, R.E.M. lost a drummer -- and a little class.

Putting the sin back in cinema By Jeff Stark
Film buffs open the curtain on pre-code films -- Hollywood's last unexamined era.

Let's see if they'll play this By Dave Cullen
Randy Newman, Paul McCartney and Counting Crows were stars at this year's Gavin convention in Boulder, Colo. That's OK for a conference, but bad news for fans of good radio.

The Flaming Lips live (sort of) at Tramps By Seth Mnookin
The Oklahoma City trio left left their drum set at home for their New York concert. Luckily they had Sebadoh, Robyn Hitchcock, Cornelius and ICU to pick up the slack.

Cuban revolution By Eric Boehlert
Ry Cooder on "Buena Vista Social Club": "This record has its own rules."

Aimeeable By Stephanie Zacharek
In the midst of an ugly battle with her record label, Aimee Mann puts on a graceful show in New York.

The 90 best reasons to read Spin By Gavin McNett
The music magazine's "90 Greatest Albums of the '90s" list posits a canon of vanguardist populism.

Even more "Tales of the City" By Stacey Kors
Armistead Maupin and the San Francisco Opera imagine toking transsexual Anna Madrigal as a mezzo-soprano.

Woodstock 99 By Bill Wyman
Three days of peace, love and rape. Rape accounts emerge in wake of music festival.

But the little girls understand By Dawn Eden
At Maxwell's in New Jersey, Beulah and the Apples in Stereo treated the teens to bouts of bubblegum and fits of niceness. (07/29/99)

Not-so-slack motherfucker By Lydia Vanderloo
Indie rock lives on at Merge Records' 10th anniversary party in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Screw you, Elektra By Charles Taylor
Brooklyn still loves Luna.

Fujiyama Mama By David Hill
Wanda Jackson, the queen of rockabilly, erupted last weekend before a small crowd of reverent Denver fans.

Shy smiles and half-hearted toss-offs By Seth Mnookin
Welcome to the world of Vic Chestnutt live.

Let's talk about sex By Jeff Craig
Cruise: "Eyes Wide Shut" "is not pornography -- it's me kissing and touching my wife."

The films of Stanley Kubrick on DVD: Triumph or tragedy? By Bill Wyman
Warner Home Video recently released its new Stanley Kubrick video and DVD collection -- and already the purists are pointing out its appalling imperfections.

Punk rock dies (again) By Gavin McNett
The Epicenter Zone was the kind of vital, snotty teen collective that every city needs. Our writer eulogizes the shuttered San Francisco record store.

Genius By Douglas Wolk
The MacArthur Foundation rewards Chicago jazz improv insider Ken Vandermark.

Speed habit By Jeff Stark
Art Arfons broke land speed records for two decades before a monstrous car crash sent him back to his workshop. "The Green Monster," Tuesday night on PBS, tells his amazing story.

To bossa and back By Banning Eyre
Caetano Veloso is one of Brazil's most beloved musical superstars. He's also, as his live show proves, a tireless innovator and a consummate showman.

Does a good conductor have anything to say after 10 years? By Paul Festa
While Boston Symphony patriots bemoaned the loss of 25-year conductor Seiji Ozawa, members of his orchestra said that it's been a long time coming.

Alpha Beta By Jeff Stark
Druggy rock, danceable beats and gimmicks galore: No wonder England is goofy for the Beta Band.

Dylan live By Bill Wyman
The temperamental troubadour plays one more encore along the Never-ending Tour.

David Berkowitz kvetches about Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam" By Stephanie Zacharek
If the Son of Sam hadn't been a serial killer, he'd have been a regular guy -- but then, he wouldn't be the subject of a movie, either.

Ask a stupid question ... By Cynthia Joyce
Comedian Chris Rock gets tortured by a roomful of entertainment reporters.

"Big Time" redux By Steve Kandell
Live in Los Angeles, Tom Waits pierces the heart of Saturday night.

Sanitation department By Zev Borow
Rethinking "Reservoir Dogs," "Bonnie & Clyde" and Hollywood ultra-violence.

Downtown soul By Seth Mnookin
At this year's Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, two pasty white guys at the Knitting Factory stole the show.

Not going back to Birdland By Seth Mnookin
The Knitting Factory's four-city gig is a jazz fest worth staying home for.

Punk Rock Hall of Fame Awards 1999 By Dave Clifford
When Black Flag was not Black Flag.

Rare double bill in Boston By Seth Mnookin
Masada's free-jazz klezmer is, like, good for the soul, man.

The WB's Big Daddy condescension By Charles Taylor
Another "Buffy" episode postponed. Are the paranoia demons running loose?

Are you willing to spend $500? By Stephanie Zacharek
-- for a CD that the record companies give away for free?

Yoda baby, meet Austin Powers By R. Lee Sullivan
Live, from the Shagadelic Séance! It's the jamming Jedi master with the mystic mod mojo!

Internet debate generates hot air! By Laura Miller

Books unbound at Cannes By Marilyn August
Literary adaptations meet with varying success.

Death of a cop show By Joyce Millman
NBC takes struggling "Homicide" off life support.

What if Joan was one of us? By Christopher Hawthorne
CBS's "Joan of Arc" miniseries is a history lesson in end-of-the-millennium American pop culture.

Bruno meets Benny and Joon By Jeff Stark
Internet cartoon character looks to the big screen.

Art for money's sake By Mark Swartz
Chicago hosts the biggest fine art fair in America.

How to save yourself from Y2K doom By Ron Feemster
It's as easy as resetting your VCR.

Dubious doo-wop By Jeff Stark
Geezers demand truth in oldies rock performances.

Net benefits By Jeff Stark
Rock stars go online to help Kosovar refugees and the poor.

"Feel like dyin'" By Charles Taylor
Looking at the difference between fantasy and lies at Columbine and in the movies.

"This is me saving my life" By Niall McKay
Sinéad O'Connor, the troubled star who once tore up a picture of the pope, joins a Catholic sect.

Talking Heads talk again By Michael Sragow
The Talking Heads reunite for the unveiling of a spanking-new Dolby Digital print of the already great-sounding movie they made with

Till death do us part By Meredith Ochs
On the road with Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris and the Indigo Girls.

We are the world By Banning Eyre
Jim Austin wants to make Houston America's world music capital.

Back in black By Stephanie Zacharek
TNT's tribute to Johnny Cash was a reverent -- and occasionally rocking -- affair

Dalaipalooza By Jeff Stark
Adam Yauch, Sean Lennon and Jon Stewart announce Tibetan Freedom Concerts roster.

Twenty thumbs up By Jeff Stark
Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival takes a second look at films that haven't yet found the audiences they deserve.

More power to low-power! By Douglas Wolk
Broadcasters balk as the FCC considers opening up the radio airwaves

Shakespeare's bargain basement By Stephanie Zacharek
The Rose Theater reopens, sort of.

Blaine's world By Benedict Cosgrove
Magician David Blaine spent seven days buried alive and all he got was a one-hour ABC special.

Karaoke cool By Kat Giantis
Several new movies and TV shows are making karaoke the hippest new craze.

Dumb and dumber By Jeff Stark
Rumors of George Michael replacing Freddie Mercury, and other bad ideas

Mike Tyson wants a piece of your By Jeff Stark
Mike Tyson wants a piece of your ear


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