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How the Demos lost the White House in Seattle
The WTO battles blew the election for Gore; McCain needs more than bad luck to qualify for the presidency; Hillary's one of the most destructive personalities in American politics; and why Madonna talks like the Queen Mother.

Hillary, Naomi, Susan and Rush. Sheesh!
Rodham Clinton requires emergency intervention; Wolf's mind is amazingly slack; "Stiffed" is a stiff. Meanwhile Limbaugh brings a genuine intellectual service to American culture.

Feinstein for president! Buchanan for emperor!
Dianne's no flibbertigibbet; Hillary's a galumpher; Rush has tremendous intellectual influence; Anne Heche is a pancake brain and Italian-American women Rock it like they talk it!

"Sensation" and lack of sensation
Gore's weightlessness is sinking him; applause for Giuliani's stand against the arrogant, pretentious, parasitic arts establishment; and praise (praise?) for Paltrow.

Real superpower in a godless universe
Raging tempests: Natural, cultural, political and cinematic.

What I thought about for my summer vacation
Janet Reno blew it; Al Gore's a shaved terrier; Ricky Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are tedious; Harper's Bazaar kicks Vogue's ass; and a few words on opera.

The "strange magic" of JFK Jr. By Joan Walsh
Something was going wrong in Kennedy's life before the plane crash, says Camille Paglia, who reflects on both the charisma and the emptiness of the son of the martyred president.

My magical movie mystery tour
On her U.K. "Camille Does the Movies" road trip, La Paglia enlightens the Brits about "Auntie Mame," fails to see a Roman lucky phallus and throws a diva fit over the lighting.

Ricky Martin -- superstud or closet case?
The Rock Hudson PR Peter Meter is going off over Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin.

Guns and penises
American society's problem isn't guns -- it's the sexually dysfunctional men and women who abuse them.

American poison
The Littleton massacre is horrifying proof of our society's spiritually emptiness.

Our Kosovo idiocy
Expensive bombing won't change this slaughterhouse of medieval hatreds Plus: Have S.F. drag queens gone too far in mocking Catholicism?

Biased science
There's less to MIT's report on sexism in the sciences than the media would have you know.

Elizabeth Dole is not man enough to be president

And the frumps are ...
The 71st Academy Awards are a parade of pomaded pretty boys and washed-out drag queens from lame movies. Where is the glamour?

Harvard's date-rape idiocy
Today's elite campuses teach little girls to run blithering to their craven, PC parent-substitutes

Revisiting the Golden Bough
Out-of-fashion James Frazer offers a dazzling, near-psychedelic vision of ritual in human history

Broaddrick charges are 21 years too late
But Bill's a louse -- and hypocrite Hillary deserves to have a solipsistic Beverly Hills brat tied to her tail for all eternity

Butler vs. Nussbaum
When poststructuralist feminists begin to attack each other, the end of the PC dynasty is near.

Three-way sex with death
Camille Paglia considers the allure of unsafe gay sex and fantasizes about the hot new power couple, Hillary Clinton and Queen Noor.

Gender whores
Penned off in gilded ghettos, the scholars of sex miss the complex biological and cultural story of human sexual nature.

Are women soft on liars?

Warning! Mentorship land mine ahead!
Female graduate students should steer clear of cozy relations with their academic advisors -- whether they are affectionate men or bitter women

The glories of male football and the limpness of female pornography

The disintegrating public schools
As academics allow our state education to languish, private parochial schools may lead to more cultural divides

Tragicomic Clinton deserves censure, not impeachment

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