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Should I stay or should I go? By Garrison Keillor
Am I crazy to get attached to a man who's been "clean and sober" only 15 months?

Poetry slam By Garrison Keillor
She sent my husband laughable love poems and talked trash about me. He says the affair is finished, but how do I get over it?

Dear Mr. Blue: Raging bull By Garrison Keillor
I've grown weary of my husband's sudden fits of anger. What can I do to help?

When I'm 63
I love sex and I love men, but the only ones who ever ask me out are married. Where can I go to meet interesting, sexy men?

Still tempted
She's the perfect woman: Gorgeous, intelligent and horny most of the time. Why do I still lust after other beautiful women?

Oral history
He says he did it once and didn't like it. How can I get my boyfriend to go down on me?

If he really loved you ...
My friends tell me I shouldn't let my boyfriend go to Alaska without me. Am I being naive by trusting him?

Secrets and lies
I have a past life that would raise the hair on your neck. Do I have to tell my boyfriend?

Wanted: Experienced Woman of 40
When you're 30 and can't get women your age to give you the time of day, it's time to open up the field.

Porn widow
My husband says his four-hour-a-night, $200-a-month porn habit isn't affecting our marriage. I beg to differ.

Is three a crowd?
I'm happy with my boyfriend, but there's this woman...

case dismissed
women who write using only lower-case letters must be careful about love. they'll fall too easily for a cabbie, a pizza boy or a poet.

The plot thickens
I love my girlfriend, but I lust after her best friend. Now they want us all to live together. Is there any way it can work out?

A bumpy ride
My taxi driver boyfriend slept with one of his fares. Can I ever trust him again?

For love or money?
I have sleepless nights wondering how my poor musician boyfriend can provide me with a summer house on the shore filled with big books. Am I confused?

True love or just chemical imbalance?
I can't get the lover I abandoned 25 years ago off my mind. Why does this torment me so?

Love me, love my wife?
Is it OK for me to see my married male friend without his wife tagging along?

The art of seduction
Now that we're married, our great romantic adventures seem to be a thing of the past. How can I arouse my husband again?

Hot sex with the ex
My boyfriend's tortured by something I wrote about a long-ago, meaningless affair. How can I reassure him?

Out of the past
My boyfriend is horrified that I was involved in threesomes before I met him, but I don't think I have anything to apologize for. What can I tell him?

Sex so awesome it scares me
He took me to sexual heights I didn't know existed, but after six years he still won't commit.

Should I take the plunge?
I'm so ripe for an affair it isn't even funny.

We may have to wait six or seven years to have sex -- is that OK?

Should I worry about my boyfriend's pornography habit?

Is seven years without sex grounds for divorce? (03/02/99)

The woman I love is a Gingrich conservative

Dear Windbag
You're no writer -- you're just a schlump who wants to screw a colleague

Should I wait for my lovable Silicon Valley engineer who's so afraid of the M-word?

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