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David Horowitz

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A question for the millennium
The principal lesson of the past century is that the free markets are good for humanity, whereas the socialist utopian vision creates nothing but misery. But guess who hasn't learned this yet?

Who killed Betty Van Patter?
A letter from an old friend stirs up passions from one of the most disturbing, yet little-known, crimes of the New Left era. It happened 25 years ago today.

It takes one to know one
The irony behind liberal Jacob Weisberg's smear of conservative scholars who have documented Communist spying in the U.S. is that he is using the tactics he wrongly charges them with -- "neo-McCarthyism."

Throw away the key!
Jesse Jackson has betrayed the civil rights movement by defending young thugs who need to be punished, not babied.

Together at last
Now that Buchanan is taking his followers over to the Reform Party, the extreme right and extreme left can finally be united in their isolationist vision of the world.

Don't look back
But if you do, how can you say whether your life might have turned out differently? For me, it was a stark choice: Accept the absolute limits on human hope or adhere to the destructive fantasy of change.

No light in his attic
For the tragic impact a "progressive," PC education has on minority students of great promise, look at the sad case of Harvard's Cornel West.

The myth weavers
Three leading leftist figures have been exposed this year as having lied about their backgrounds. Has the failure of their ideology forced them to fictionalize?

The American way of bigotry
As we divide along racial lines, aren't we surrendering the fundamental idea of what it means to be American?

With conservatives like these, who needs liberals?
By signing on to the war on Hollywood, the right has embraced another bad idea from the left.

My response to Time magazine's "slander"

Guns don't kill black people, other blacks do
The NAACP's ludicrous idea to sue gun manufacturers is yet another attempt by the left to avoid personal responsibility for some indivduals' bad behavior.

Mercy for a terrorist?
Being a radical means never having to say you're sorry for violent crimes against innocent people yesteryear.

Why Gore would censor "South Park"
In the name of protecting kids, watch for the politically correct vice president and his friends to try and shut down the trash-talking, moon-faced midgets.

The last Kennedy
From the moment he was photographed as a three-year old saluting the coffin of his father, he had a place in America's collective heart.

Hillary's hypocrisy
Why did the first lady put New York's dairy cartel before the interests of children, and why doesn't anyone care?

What's gun control got to do with it?
The 20,000 laws already on the books couldn't stop the Columbine massacre, and one more won't either, but liberals just don't get that.

The Manchurian presidency
The worst national security disaster in history did not come about because Clinton had loyalties to foreign communists, but to the Chinese funders who got him elected.

With friends like these...
It's hardly a surprise that China was able to steal our nuclear secrets, given the kind of people the Democrats have put in charge.

Traitor in chief
Clinton has not only dismantled our national defense, he has given away our military advantages to enemies all too willing to destroy us.

Dialogue of the deaf
The Los Angeles Times Book Review is controlled by a leftist editor who relentlessly censors other voices.

Stop this war
Clinton and his leftist buddies in NATO are squandering our money and our military credibility in the Balkans.

Don't look back
Can noblesse oblige work for the GOP?

Enemy of the people
My visit to a small Maine college revealed the intolerant closed-mindedness of politically correct faculty and their indoctrinated students.

Kazan: Who betrayed whom?
Those who condemn the betrayals of the witch-hunt era need to look now at their own

Walking the walk
The moral majority exits stage right.

Hats off to a condemned man
Christopher Hitchens' only crime was to speak the truth about Sidney Blumenthal to a community that hates the truth.

The vast left-wing conspiracy
How will American universities repair the damage caused by the partisan politicization of the impeachment debacle?

Betty Friedan's secret Communist past
Why has this feminist icon continued to cover up her years as a party activist?

I, Rigoberta Menchú, liar
How left-wing propagandists, a fellow-traveling Nobel committee and a corrupt media perpetrated a monstrous hoax.

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