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Washington Post critic accuses widower of "geezer porn" By Craig Offman
Tales of denture loss and defecation prove too much to bear.

Author pitches woo to NY Times critic Kakutani By Craig Offman
His character thinks Michiko is Finnish.

Kennedy cousin confesses crush on murdered girl By Craig Offman
Suspect's lawyer denounces incriminating book proposal.

Blair Witch psychic speaks, but mystery persists By Craig Offman
Seance in woods dismissed as "fiction."

"Outlaw" poets hog the mike By Maria Russo
Even a maverick needs a little attention.

Editor behind "Fortunate Son" is still sitting pretty By Craig Offman
Who is Thomas Dunne and why is he still at St. Martin's? (11/03/99)

Echoes in "Dutch" of a 1994 short story By Laura Miller
The narrator and his son, it turns out, aren't the only facts that Edmund Morris faked. (11/03/99)

D.C. thriller goes above the Beltway, finds success By Craig Offman
First-time novelist David Corn proves you don't need a pepperpot to make a potboiler.

Backstage at the Booker By Matt Thorne
Publishers bicker, judges complain, sponsors waver.

St. Martin's editor commits hara-kiri, recovers fast By Craig Offman
He quit Tuesday; he starts his new job at Talk on Monday.

Most obnoxious author award may be revived By Craig Offman
Calvin Trillin urges a comeback for the Golden Dartboard Award, once bestowed by book-tour escorts on jerky writers.

Coetzee wins Booker Prize By Laura Miller
1999 is the year of the bleak horse.

Book publishers don't check their authors' facts By Craig Offman
Bush bio scandal highlights a chronic problem.

The political wit and wisdom of Donald Trump By Craig Offman
The presidential contender once said he was too honest to run for office.

A four-minute interview with the author of "Faster" By David Bowman
James Gleick pauses to consider the spiritual side of speed.

National Book Award finalists: Year of the dark horses By Laura Miller
In fiction, the trend away from big names continues.

Eloise has a ball -- and snubs her guests By Emily Jenkins
A year after her creator's death, Eloise plays hard to get at the Plaza.

Bush backs out of skirmish with Bork By Craig Offman
George W. shows compassion for the conservative he dissed.

Beaching "Moby-Dick" By Maria Russo
Laurie Anderson offers a chilly, neutered take on Melville's intense, sweaty classic.

Bestseller lists reach verdict on "Dutch" By Craig Offman
Edmund Morris' biography of Ronald Reagan ruled nonfiction -- barely.

Top Bush flack grinds out candidate's memoir By Craig Offman
George W. mentions Robert H. Bork and Lewis Carroll, but communications director Karen Hughes reveals no literary influences.

John Major slams Maggie Thatcher in upcoming memoir By Craig Offman
Tory codgers slug it out in battle of the books.

Fiction or nonfiction? By Craig Offman
Editors ponder which bestseller list Edmund Morris' Reagan biography should go on.

British witch casts a spell on Oprah By Craig Offman
Will magic help her score a spot on the show?

Reagan biographer bites back By Craig Offman
Edmund Morris answers his critics in an online chat.

Washington Post book critic defends Reagan biographer By Craig Offman
After an attack by the New York Times' Maureen Dowd, Jonathan Yardley comes to the rescue.

Bush campaign cans biographer By Craig Offman
Manuscript haphazard, claims one source; too candid, says another.

Vocal coaching for the Hanson brothers, Iggy Pop and President Clinton By Craig Offman
Dr. Laura's favorite voice therapist coughs up some tricks of the trade.

Big-money imprint folds; Booker short-list announced By Craig Offman
Publisher Rob Weisbach departs from William Morrow.

Ian McEwan fools British shrinks By Laura Miller
The novelist puts one over on a few American critics, too.

Hollywood greats slag each other's memoirs By Craig Offman
Esther Williams and Gloria Stuart face off.

Merciless reviewer Kirn slams himself -- and Tom Wolfe By Craig Offman
The New York magazine critic agrees that his own book is "narcissistic."

Log: Musician publishes book of eavesdropped cell phone calls By Craig Offman
A small press lends an ear to the airwaves.

Log: Magnuson ribs Plimpton; Merkin waxes neurotic By Maria Russo
An evening dedicated to extemporizing authors is a microcosm of the literary scene.

Said critic blasts back at Hitchens By Craig Offman
A third volley in the controversy over the leading Palestinian intellectual in America.

Log: OED goes online, but you can't afford it By Craig Offman
The newest, most current version of the Oxford English Dictionary will soon be available, for a price.

Movie makes "Fight Club" book a contender By Craig Offman
First editions of Chuck Palahniuk's novel have become a hot commodity. (09/03/99)

Log: Crime writer Vachss fights for the little guy By Craig Offman
The bestselling author has founded his own press to treat neglected writers right.

Unabomber finds literary success behind bars By Craig Offman
Book publishers and magazines give Theodore Kaczynski a platform for his incendiary views.

Christopher Walken to star in musical version of "The Dead" By Craig Offman
James Joyce's short story is full of old Irish airs, but scholars are skeptical.

Log: Edward Said to respond to claims he's not a true Palestinian By Craig Offman
Middle East scholar is accused of misrepresenting his past.

Guide to literary agents may send hopeful authors astray By Craig Offman
A much-needed reference is rife with errors.

"Blair Witch Project" book P.I. may be real after all By Craig Offman
An apparently bogus private detective and his psychic friend are tracked down in Florida.

Shy dominatrix author considers a TV stand-in By Craig Offman
Her publisher may hire an actress to flog her book of sex tips.

Hate books still for sale on Web By Craig Offman
Some smaller booksellers offer books banned in other nations.

Controversial Eisner bio finds home despite Disney By Craig Offman
Was it an angry mouse that spiked Kim Masters' book on Michael Eisner, or was it just her first editor's hubris?

Stephen Hawking's ex-wife writes tell-all By Craig Offman
Jane Hawking chronicles the misery of her marriage.

Son of blotches and drips By Craig Offman
Book jacket look-alikes.

Writer dogged by her jock past By Maria Russo
Susan Perabo has a plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame -- but what's that got to do with her book?

Fancy book design has "Toyer" author fuming By Craig Offman
The 12 different covers for Gardner McKay's first novel wowed design award judges, but he hates them.

Canadian agent riles stodgy Torontonians By Craig Offman
Some say Anne McDermid is the "Jackal" of the north. And that may be good for Toronto's writers.

Blair Witch book has mysterious past By Craig Offman
A private detective and an author prove as hard to find as Heather Donahue.

"Gorky Park" author defects By Craig Offman
Even a bestselling writer can't afford to get too creative.

How to get on the cover of the New York Times Book Review By Laura Miller
A dark-horse candidate is more likely to come up a winner in the months of July and August, when the torrent of review copies flowing into editors' offices slows to a trickle.

The Odd Couple By Craig Offman
In the interest of research, New York Times critic Neil Strauss moved in with ex-Chili Pepper Dave Navarro.

Maas takes arms against a sea of shipwreck tales By Craig Offman
The author of "Serpico" and "Underboss" adds to the deluge of books about watery death.

Johnny Depp battles editor over comma By Craig Offman
The actor pens a tribute to the Beats for a new collection.

Latest Salinger biographer slams New York publishers By Craig Offman
They're all cowards, he claims.

Useless books find new appreciation on the Web By Craig Offman
Vendors on eBay hawk galleys and review copies, with mixed success.

A 14-year-old publishes her first novel By Craig Offman
An interest in vampires leads a teenager to a book contract.

Washington Post Book World editor steps down By Craig Offman
Heir apparent's personal life may complicate matters.

Hemingway furniture has legs. By Craig Offman

Mailer vs. Greer By Laura Miller
The bout that wasn't.

Salty World War II vet storms the publishing world By Craig Offman
Sam Halpert is leading the charge for his first novel.

Kubrick gets a Herr piece By Craig Offman
Michael Herr remembers Stanley Kubrick.

Terrorist tell-all backfires. By Craig Offman

Clare Naylor By Craig Offman
Not just another "Bridget Jones."

Publisher's shagadelic response By Craig Offman Kakutani's Austin Powers spoof in N.Y. Times.

Nabokov write-alike contest may hide genuine article By Craig Offman
Has Nabokov's son sneaked snippets from his father's unpublished novel into an obscure journal?

McGinniss vs. Little, Brown By Craig Offman
Publisher avoids the "s" word.

Exclusive By Roy Blount Jr.
A poem for Pauline Kael's 80th birthday.

What single girls want remains unclear By Craig Offman
Married and single guys alike are baffled by panel.

Jerry Garcia speaks -- to Salon readers By Craig Offman
The former Grateful Dead guitarist answers your questions via a psychic friend.

Scandalous pro-Serbian novelist inflames Europe's literati By David Hudson
The man who wrote "Wings of Desire" has Europe's literati up in arms over his pro-Serbian diatribes and stands accused of domestic violence.

Dead man talking By Craig Offman
Jerry Garcia reaches out to a psychic friend.

The Concise OED By Craig Offman
Splatterpunk to make you boke.

Death in Venice" is No. 1 gay novel By Hillel Italie
It's a Mann's world at the pinnacle of a list of the 100 greatest gay novels of all time.

19th hole: Bill Murray's golf memoir. By Stephanie Zacharek

The mouse roars again: Did Disney deal spike an Eisner biography? By Craig Offman
The mouse roars again: Did Disney deal spike an Eisner biography?

The naughty truth about Britain's aristocracy By Craig Offman
Hallowed book unveils the naughty truth about Britain's aristocracy.

Ersatz Nabokov fools the big boys By Craig Offman
An amateur prankster pulls off a literary hoax.

Japanese denial and "The Rape of Nanking" By Laura Miller
Author Iris Chang reacts to Kashiwashobo's decision to halt publication of her book.

Roger Scruton's incivility By Stephanie Zacharek
Does the philosopher understand the difference between commentary and libel?

Dangerous play By Craig Offman
Joe McGinniss tackles an Italian soccer club president.

Byatt skips Modern Library meetings By Craig Offman
The novelist casts an absentee ballot for the 100 best nonfiction books.

David Hare play echoes Julian Barnes article By Craig Offman
Bilked widow in David Hare play echoes woman in Julian Barnes article.

Turkish delights By Craig Offman
A book by an Istanbul accountant reveals the secrets of an orgiastic Jewish sect.

Selling Salinger's letters By Laura Miller
Is Joyce Maynard a celebrity bloodsucker or a victim getting hers back?

Orange Prize shortlist announced By Craig Offman
North American writers dominate a British literary award.

Terrorist tell-all By Craig Offman
A Black September leader recalls the Munich Olympics.

Condé Nast writers launch a literary magazine By Craig Offman
Tin House opens its doors.

Oprah sends "Heaven on Earth" jacket to hell By Craig Offman
Trademark misuse forces publisher to recall a new book.

Britain turns to jelly; the States get Spammed By Craig Offman

The Beats order lunch By Craig Offman
A documentary captures the last meeting of Bowles, Burroughs and Ginsberg.

Elizabeth Wurtzel's coverup By Craig Offman
"Bitch" to get a more modest look in paperback.

The Modern Library chooses the century's top 100 nonfiction books By Craig Offman
The Modern Library chooses the century's top 100 nonfiction books.

Dead letter office By Craig Offman
Son of Sam deleted from "The Kid's Address Book"

Korda's "Another Life" By Craig Offman
A star editor remembers his writers.

Three new Raymond Carver stories discovered By Craig Offman

Photo finish By Craig Offman
A book jacket has a case of déjà vu; Iowa defends its writers.

Boning up on the Balkans By Craig Offman
Has a history book influenced the president? Also: Khrushchev's granddaugher skewers Solzhenitsyn.

The breaking point By Craig Offman
Gitta Sereny ponders the Colorado killings.

Babble-on revisited By Craig Offman
Pale, embittered writers ignore Club Med guests.

Word power By Craig Offman
Who picks the U.S. poet laureate?

Dmitri Nabokov's quandary By Craig Offman
Should he release his father's unfinished novel?

Bosnian writer prefers Chicago, thanks By Craig Offman
The New Yorker's recent discovery sheds few tears for his homeland, which Wim Wenders collaborator Peter Handke does.

What have I done to deserve this? By Craig Offman
The Pet Shop Boys are suing philosopher Roger Scruton for libel.

Literary luau By Craig Offman
Club Med tempts vacationers with pale, bitter novelists.

Multitude of wins By Craig Offman
Michael Cunningham nabs the Pulitzer; Leonardo DiCaprio grabs "Dreamland;" U. Michigan hits fiction MFA gold.

Pistils drawn By Craig Offman
The publisher of the 1-800-FLOWERS CEO's memoir blames him for the book's failure.

Nazi or hero By Craig Offman
The debate over the real-life "English Patient." rages on.

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