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Twilight of a feminist By David Bowman
Susan Brownmiller talks about the golden age of ideology and when it's OK for a woman to be a sex object.

Road scholar By Jonny Miles
William Least Heat-Moon talks about travelling the nation's waterways and the nonfiction writer's debt to the truth.

Games people play By Jim Hanas
"Double Down" authors Frederick and Steven Barthelme talk about family, gambling and their run-in with the legal system.

Love in a cage By David Bowman
Irish novelist Ronan Bennett talks about his years in a British prison and the difficulty of combining romance with politics.

Black and right By Ray Sawhill
Thomas Sowell talks about the arrogance of liberal elites and the loneliness of the black conservative.

The code ahead By Margaret Wertheim
Simon Singh, author of "Fermat's Enigma" and "The Code Book," talks about once and future cryptography.

Celebrity junkie By Erik Himmelsbach
Jerry Stahl made a name for himself with "Permanent Midnight." Now he's got to live it down.

Kurt Vonnegut By Frank Houston
The author of "Slaughterhouse-Five" and "Breakfast of Champions" talks about Capote and Kerouac, Hillary and Rudy, television and, of course, the end of the world.

Grumpy old archetypes By Steve Perry
James Hillman, bestselling author and gadfly to the therapy movement, talks about the fine art of aging gracefully.

Moonstruck By David Bowman
Michael Light, the photographer who compiled NASA's spectacular lunar photos, talks about how they almost didn't happen, and how they changed his life.

Like Jonestown in slow motion By Laura Miller
Caroline Fraser, author of "God's Perfect Child," talks about the casualties of Christian Science's belief in the power of prayer and the media's soft spot for the church.

Spiritual Chapter 11 By Michele Scarff
Novelist David Gates talks about his overeducated, self-tormenting characters, the genius of Dickens and the seductive pursuit of perfect taste.

An impatient man By David Bowman
Garry Wills talks about the wit of St. Augustine, the necessity for gun control and the arrogant ignorance of the New York Times.

"Girls' Guide" rocks! By Cynthia Joyce
The author of "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing" talks about single women's fiction, the trials of getting published and whether it's possible to be erotic and funny.

Wall Street lynching By David Bowman
Falsely accused of bilking millions, a black bond trader talks about the frat-boy culture of high finance.

Deep code By Andrew Leonard
Neal Stephenson talks about the history of secrecy, the role of equations in art and the glory of open-source software.

Barefoot on the shag By Pamela Grossman
Cartoonist Lynda Barry talks about Dennis Rodman, Matt Groening and her own darkly funny "Ernie Pook's Comeek."

A touch of vulgarity By Laura Miller
Salman Rushdie talks about Bob Dylan, Princess Di, the brutality of love, the banality of the rock 'n' roll scene and the end of the fatwa.

Journey to the center of a race By Fetzer Mills, Jr.
Randall Kenan talks about the seven-year odyssey that led him from Martha's Vineyard to Alaska in search of the truth about black life in America

Writing on Air By Geoff Edgers
Author David Halberstam tells Geoff Edgers the story behind his new book, "Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made"

Going up By Laura Miller
"The Intuitionist" author Colson Whitehead talks about elevator codebooks, too many "Good Times" jokes and the lost legacy of the black intellectual novel

Kissing the cowboys goodbye By Randall Osborne
Writer Pam Houston talks about dangerous love and the unnavigable gap between men and women.

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