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Directions to our offices By By Bill Wasik
Prepare to abandon hope as you turn left at the second light.

Bare the wealth By Andrew Leonard
A Linux programmer builds a "wealth monitor" that tracks Red Hat's valuation and who's getting rich off free software.

Can Sega buy success for the Dreamcast? By Janelle Brown
The $100 million marketing budget is burning a hole in the company's pocket. But will all the hype sell the new gaming console?

11 million Net addicts? Come on! By Janelle Brown
Is there really anything to "Net addiction," or are complusive gamblers, shoppers and sex fiends just doing their thing online?

At least the Web doesn't waste paper By Janelle Brown
Gil Bates and Greta Garbage take tech novelty books too far.

Godhatesfags.com feels the love By Dave Cullen
The infamous anti-homosexual Web site is redirected to godlovesfags.com, and its new owner isn't returning the domain name any time soon.

Fear, marketing and Microsoft By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Will software-piracy busts and the coming of a new millennium scare you into buying more software?

Here comes the Media Mobile By Janelle Brown
An old school bus outfitted with iMacs, wireless Net access, even a video studio, hits the road to teach kids about the media.

Local regulators and the Net By Mark Gimein
AT&T's battle against open access to its cable system is about Internet infrastructure. What if it were about Internet content?

The teeny-weeny Web server By Jamais Cascio
It's the size of a match head and costs a buck, but can serve audio clips and thousands of Web pages.

Cashing out By Mark Gimein
Several Priceline executives sold millions of dollars worth of Priceline stock on Wednesday. Is anything wrong with that?

The burger machine By Mark Gimein
Who needs Ronald McDonald when you can order two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun from a machine?

Wired's futurists, past and present By Janelle Brown
The magazine issues its first CD -- a compilation of "Music Futurists."

Future imperfect By Andrew Leonard
The Industry Standard sees a future filled with "culture-clash" stories from LinuxWorld. But things seem a little cloudy in its crystal ball.

Dissecting the Barbie debate By Janelle Brown
Why did my criticism of John Dvorak's iBook critique incite a media firestorm?

Why won't Amazon help you compare prices? By Mark Gimein
Amazon could tell you the lowest price for anything you want to buy on the Web, but it doesn't.

Will a Barbie computer make math easy? By Janelle Brown
Mattel is making a pink Barbie computer and a blue Hot Wheels computer, but why is it choosing such different software for each?

Loyalty matters By Kaitlin Quistgaard
A new portal site hopes to entice members by offering free stock for frequent visits.

Can a petition silence China's MP3 pirates? By Janelle Brown
More music is pirated than paid for in China, says an upstart music label. It's asking listeners to pledge allegiance to artists.

Day trader madness By Mark Gimein
For some, any day can be Black Monday.

Fly the deal-making skies By Mark Gimein
For would-be Net moguls, a flight to San Francisco can be a gift from the networking gods -- or a devilish tease.

Bess filter blocks Time magazine but not hardcore porn By Janelle Brown
On the eve of its IPO, Internet filtering company N2H2 receives some bad marks from the Censorware Project.

The Barbie fixation By Janelle Brown
What do eBay's Meg Whitman and Apple's iBook have in common? Could it be sexist journalism?

Birthday spammers By Andrew Leonard
It's your birthday -- and online marketers know just how to celebrate your special day.

AOL vs. Microsoft By Kaitlin Quistgaard
In this week's skirmish over online messaging, who's on the consumer's side?

A look at the iBook By Chris Allbritton
Can the iBook top the iMac? Critics and fans consider the candy-colored clamshells -- and what they'll mean for Apple.

The magician of Macworld By Chris Allbritton
There's no business like the show business of Steve Jobs, who pulled Apple's iBook and Pixar's "Toy Story II" from his Macworld hat.

AOL domain-name madness By Andrew Leonard
A screw-up in the Internic registry of Web addresses makes one man's life a living hell.

Sidewalk sale By Andrew Leonard
Microsoft trades its long-troubled city guides site for a stake in the competition, Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch.

Hands off whose Net? By Andrew Leonard
A new series of television ads warns of the dangers of Internet regulation. The real story: Telecom industry bickering.

Red Hat snags Atomic designers By Andrew Leonard
The leading Linux vendor hires a boatload of Web designers -- perhaps for a portal play?

What's it gonna Be? By Etelka Lehoczky
After nine years of building an operating system, Be is going public. But has the company figured out what it wants to be?

Prankster gives away Excite's domain By Janelle Brown
Network Solutions transferred two domain names to an unsuspecting network administrator on Tuesday night.

Masticating the millennium By Janelle Brown
Tired of the Y2K hoopla? The Millennium Lunch Club invites you to join in the simplest celebration yet.

MP3.com: A billion-dollar business? By Janelle Brown
On the eve of its IPO, the digital music site ups its valuation; all the more money to stand up to the recording industry.

Do we really need an Internet time capsule? By Janelle Brown
Al Gore and AT&T ask students to upload pictures of their pet kitties for future generations to enjoy. Here's to online history!

Will Digital Coast push Silicon Alley off the map? By Janelle Brown
The Silicon Alley Reporter's editor in chief has spoken: High-tech Los Angeles will overtake New York in no time.

India darkens Dawn By Andrew Leonard
The giant nation's online censorship of a Pakistani newspaper highlights its disturbing hold on the Internet.

Blame the consumer! By Andrew Leonard
Slate argues that developers shouldn't be faulted for bloated software.

Linux is like a Chinese peasant uprising By Andrew Leonard
When the oppressed recognize their suffering, they find the strength to overthrow those in power, reports Beijing's China Youth Daily.

Microsoft wants you, too By Andrew Leonard
Amid protests of Yahoo's ownership claims to Geocities' home pages, Microsoft debuts its "Windows Way" community.

Can AOL silence its critics? By Janelle Brown
The latest anti-AOL site to be burned by America Online's heat is peeved, but not surprised.

Slashdot sells out By Janelle Brown
Andover.net buys "news for nerds" -- and is apparently planning to finance the site's growth.

Silicon bachelors By Janelle Brown
Santa Clara County beats out Alaska to become home to more single guys than anyplace else in America.

Walking the open-source walk By Andrew Leonard
Eric Raymond incorporates reader insights into his essay on the open-source economy.

Buck's: The breakfast spot of champions By Janelle Brown
The Woodside diner that's all the rage with VCs and journalists makes a perfect party locale for "The Nudist on the Late Shift."

Microsoft to Web sites: Behave! By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Redmond says it will pull ads from sites that don't post strong privacy policies.

Meesa like Web talk? By Jamais Cascio
Stand aside Swedish Chef, Jar Jar Binks translates the Net.

Life on the fringe isn't easy By Janelle Brown
FringeWare, a bookstore and Web site devoted to the obscure and alternative, must close up shop, but aims to keep selling its wares.

Elvis, live on the auction block By Joe Ashbrook Nickell
Streaming video will bring the online world to Vegas to bid for the King's never-before-sold clothes and contracts.

Geek gourmands By Andrew Leonard
A group of chief technology officers gathers for a grand dinner and to contemplate what makes a good geek.

Mea culpa: Viruses, worms and zipped files By Scott Rosenberg
Yes, zipped files now arrive with an ".exe" extension -- and the main reason we need compression utilities is Microsoft.

The best anti-virus defense: Knowledge By Scott Rosenberg
Learn how your computer works and you'll be much less susceptible to viruses like the Explore.zip worm.

Got my groovy browser baby, yeah By Kaitlin Quistgaard
It might be worth turning your browser into a "desktop-portal" -- if "Austin Powers" is part of the deal.

Time Warner, Condé Nast go for the girls By Janelle Brown
A new alliance is formed to build yet another women's TV network and Web site -- to capture that "smart, active," big-spender female demographic.

Windows 98 SE -- the phantom upgrade By Scott Rosenberg
Microsoft tiptoes out with a new "Second Edition" of its operating system.

MP3 entrepreneurs: Show us the money! By Janelle Brown
A $45 million investment in MP3.com is further proof that the digital music format has graduated from its garage days.

The really new economy: Red Hat's IPO By Andrew Leonard
A company that distributes "free software" announces a $96 million public offering.

Office 2000 rolls out with a bash By Scott Rosenberg
Microsoft weaves more of the Web into the latest update of its applications suite -- and celebrates its launch in style.

Will Linux be banned down under? By Jamais Cascio
The source code's four-letter words could run afoul of new Australian censorship legislation.

AOL's crash chat: You've got grief! By Chris Allbritton
No sooner did a plane crash in Little Rock on Wednesday than America Online commanded members to hit its ad-heavy chat rooms and "react."

Kevin Mitnick supporters plan rallies By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Fellow hackers organize Friday protests of his imprisonment, in hopes of winning him a room at a halfway house.

Gates Foundation's $5 billion: Where will it go? By Andrew Leonard
More contributions to reproductive health organizations may be in store -- they're a pet interest of Gates Sr., who administers the foundation.

Be true to your portal By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Random Web-heads become overwhelmingly loyal portal users,through the simple process of registration.

Will AOL give legal cred to MP3? By Andrew Leonard
By purchasing Nullsoft -- creator of the Winamp MP3 player -- America Online could lend legitimacy to digital music distribution.

Whine a little for me By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Got a problem? This site will serve your complaint -- for a fee.

"Buffy" fans distribute postponed finale online By Howard Wen
Network's decision irks the faithful, who take to their Web sites and "tape trees" to get their "Vampire Slayer" fix.

"Star Wars" lovers call for Jar Jar's head By David Cassel
Get that Gungan out of the galaxy, cry fans annoyed by the character's cloying subservience and pidgin English.

"I am Obi Wan Kenobi!" By Andrew Leonard
Can a "Star Wars" personality test help you choose a new career? Well, it's sure fun trying.

Open legal season on Microsoft By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Redmond's lawyers face four separate suits simultaneously, including the resumption of the federal antitrust trial.

Family-tree sleuths throng new Mormon site By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Long-awaited database goes online -- and has trouble staying up, thanks to an overload of traffic.

Raytheon triumphs over Yahoo posters' anonymity By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Company drops its lawsuit -- once it gets the names it seeks.

Some Web with your Whopper? By Janelle Brown
Burger King's latest combo meal includes Net access -- but the Web will be sliced and diced through filtering software.

Publisher O'Reilly admits open source goof By Andrew Leonard
But there's still a dispute over who who holds the copyright to the phrase "open source."

Co-opting open source's good name By Andrew Leonard
Is O'Reilly & Associates bending the definition of open source as it promotes a book on the subject?

Mock court rules COPA unconstitutional By Janelle Brown
Student jurists turn thumbs down on Net censorship law.

Game wars at E3 expo By Moira Muldoon
Underdog Sega takes on Nintendo, Sony in battle of the next-generation platforms.

Permatemps prevail in bid for Microsoft stock options By Andrew Leonard
A court deems Redmond's long-term temp workers "common-law employees" and says the software giant owes some palimony.

Pointcast for pennies By Scott Rosenberg
The once-proud king of the push market sells for a rock-bottom price.

Gamers shun talk of Littleton violence By Moira Muldoon
The buzz at E3 is all about next-generation platforms, not the ethics of first-person shooters.

Bianca shacks up with Nerve By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Smut meets erotica: Legendary Web hangout to be acquired by literary sex 'zine.

MSN UK's "naked" experiment By Kaitlin Quistgaard
E-shop or die!

Write your name on Mars By Jamais Cascio
Space enthusiasts are signing their names to a CD bound for Mars -- where it will be radiated beyond recognition.

The end of the road for Pascal? By Peter Wayner
A venerable language falls victim to changing programming fashions.

Keeping Linux in tune By Andrew Leonard
After taking a "beating" from a well-oiled NT machine, open-source mavens rush to collect performance-enhancing tips.

Attention shoppers! This display made with electronic ink! By Janelle Brown
A long-heralded revolutionary technology makes its debut hawking merchandise in a mall store.

Xerox PARC loses a "ubiquitous computing" guru By Andrew Leonard
The research lab's chief technologist passed away this week -- and there's already a memorial Web site.

Honda's electric car putt-putts its last By Janelle Brown
Automaker ends experiment with alternative-fuel vehicles. Who's to blame?

Does that cubicle come in "blueberry"? By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Owners of Apple's new blue-hued G3 get some style pointers on fun furniture to complement their machines.

Don't send this message to all your friends! By Janelle Brown
The latest chain letters circling the Net aren't inspiring action -- unless you count the frequent delete-key tapping.

Real-life "Truman Show" By Joe Ashbrook Nickell
Six students offer advertisers a chance to sponsor their daily lives -- online, unedited, 24 hours a day.

Marketing in the wake of a massacre By Andrew Leonard
Cybersitter's maker responds to the Colorado tragedy by telling parents how to monitor kids' Web activities.

Polynesian techno-porn By Andrew Leonard
Search engine results turn into adult links, thanks to a sleazy programming hack.

Ebay.com, the magazine? By Janelle Brown
The Net's hottest auction site adopts a new medium to reach its fans -- paper.

Richard Stallman's plans for Microsoft By Janelle Brown
The free software guru lays out his prescription for punishing Microsoft if it loses its antitrust battle.

Free encryption takes a big step By Andrew Leonard
Does FreeS/WAN herald the crypto-libertarian utopia?

Online tax filing: why bother? By Kaitlin Quistgaard
So far, the combination of TurboTax and the Internet doesn't seem to have made electronic filing a very appealing choice.

MIT's Gates building: Free Software Foundations's new home? By Janelle Brown
Bill Gates' $20 million donation to MIT may find an unlikely -- and unhappy -- beneficiary.

Young investors love the Net By Janelle Brown
Internet optimists are under 40 and not so wealthy, survey finds.

Netcenter forums win a wan reprieve By Janelle Brown
Netscape's community area will remain open for 30 days, officials say -- but users still can't get in.

Web celeb eyes city hall By Kaitlin Quistgaard
Mailing list pioneer toys with San Francisco mayoral race.

"Simply Palm" ad parody shows some skin By Kaitlin Quistgaard
An unamused 3Com sics lawyers on Web designer's spoof.

Foolishness overwhelms the Net

How much is that Web site in the window?

Melissa virus panic attack

Slate slags Linux

Invasion of the dancing hamsters!

"Bug's Life" games for Mac users? Sorry

Starcraft invades Amazing Stories

The newest online consumers -- kids

Webby acceptance speeches: Five-word wonders

Purple Moon and Barbie -- together at last

New Gates book -- buzzword bonanza

Steve Holtzman, R.I.P.
This Web site wants your spam

"South Park" spoof: Oh my God, they killed "Star Wars"!

For sale: One wizard and 2 million pieces of gold

Intel eludes the antitrust maelstrom

Where are the Pathfinders of yesteryear?

Monica's digital story

Amway joins the online multi-level marketing melee

Can the Pentium III bring the Net to life?

It's Linux show time!

New legion in the Net music standard war

Turing Test transcripts -- is it bot or not?

Senate to nation -- get serious about Y2K

Pentium III serial numbers hacked

Nuremberg Files anti-abortion site back online -- in Holland

Name that movement -- open source or free software?

Name that movement -- open source or free software?

Linux bandwagon starts to groan

Disney to buy Apple and Pixar -- rumor at 11

Slate drops fees, rejoins the Web

"Felicity" points to the Web

Blurred lines in Times' Amazon story

Tabloid sues Florida citrus growers over talking ham sandwich!

Gassée: Microsoft's full of Be-S

Is Microsoft disinformation rumor bogus?

Windows when-did-you-say-again?

eBay's purloined prize for sale -- on eBay

Apache leader joins O'Reilly clan

Kinder, gentler Y2K pundits

Yahoo buys GeoCities -- pop-up ads and all

Linux got game

What is Netscape on?

Ion Storm exposé sparks online storm

Microsoft does it again

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes --- Bowie loves MP3

Y2K problems? Call out the National Guard

Prank takes down anti-impeachment site

Id's Carmack loves, hates the Mac

The truth about Chinese movie-title translations

Haiku error messages surface in Microsoft courtroom!

Bill Gates vs. the MechWarrior clans

ABC has more fun with Chinese movie titles

R.I.P., Hayes modems

What's the mother of all inventions?

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