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Legends in their own minds By Thomas Scoville
Two new books try to lionize warrior-entrepreneurs battling in Microsoft's shadow, but leave us wondering where high tech's heroes are.

The Internet illusion By Thomas Scoville
The Web pretends to broaden our worldview, but really, says "The Control Revolution," we use it to segregate ourselves.

Everyman's e-commerce By Thomas Scoville
Mom-and-pop Web sites are raking it in -- and you can, too. So goes the wisdom of ""

The best of all possible worlds By Mark Gimein
Dow at 36,000! No more cancer! The new techno optimists gush about a picture-perfect future. Should we believe them?

Adventures in Silicon Valley By Mark Gimein
Hilarious and incisive, Michael Lewis' "The New New Thing" captures the elusive spirit of Silicon Valley.

The Red Hat diaries By Andrew Leonard
Are Linux coders and Linux companies on different paths? A slapdash new book and a recent flurry of corporate maneuvers suggest just that.

Is technology unplugging our minds? By Janelle Brown
We may be able to multitask our way through life -- but at what cost to our humanity? Three new books examine the world technology begat.

A tournament of apes By Thomas Scoville
"The Gorilla Game" goes out on a limb -- encouraging us to invest in, uh, big companies that dominate rapidly expanding markets.

Hollywood snares By Janelle Brown
Online entertainment companies have tangled the Web with bad TV simulations. Now "Digital Babylon" portrays their failures -- but can it help prevent new ones?

The modest inventor By Scott Kirsner
"Weaving the Web" holds the promise of a facinating tell-all book about how Tim Berners-Lee created the Web -- but it just doesn't tell all that much.

Stalking Gates By Janelle Brown
In "The Plot to Get Bill Gates," Gary Rivlin provides a much-needed outsider's view of the Baron of Redmond -- and the rogues of Silicon Valley.

What will it take to survive the Web's evolution? By Janelle Brown
In "Digital Darwinism," Evan Schwarz predicts which online business models will prove the fittest.

Is the Internet the new heaven? By Gavin McNett
"The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace" examines the spiritual realm of non-physical space -- and finds that Giotto painted VR frescoes.

"Seek!": Rudy Rucker yearns for gnarliness By Etelka Lehoczky
All that exists in that edge between order and disorder is gnarly and delightful, in the latest essays from the sci-fi writer.

Searching for silicon soul By Andrew Leonard
"The Nudist on the Late Shift" and "The Silicon Boys" sift the valley's culture for something more than wealth and greed.

Web wars By Andrew Leonard
Did Bill Gates beat Netscape fair and square?

Privacy pleas By Mike Godwin
Amitai Etzioni's "The Limits of Privacy" sees civil libertarians as a danger and government as the solution to all our problems.

Why Bill Gates still doesn't get the Net By Scott Rosenberg
While his new book peddles PCs as the ultimate corporate intelligence system, the industry is mutating right under his nose

The king of computer labs Andrew Leonard
Xerox PARC invented the modern PC but couldn't sell it. A definitive new history explores why

The tomorrow tribe By Etelka Lehoczky
Virginia Postrel's "dynamism" manifesto reaches out to geeks

The unbearable realness of virtual being By Andrew Leonard
"My Tiny Life" is the best book yet on the meaning of online life

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