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Mickey Mouse scandal grips nation By Gary Krist
Darlene voted out of Mousketeers on straight party lines -- charged with doing really, really bad things.

Big game By David Bowman
Pynchon hunters find it frighteningly easy to track and catch their prey

The jester of Monicagate By Inda Schaenen
As the president falls, Lucianne Goldberg's son rises

Throw the disk at him! By James Poniewozik
Forget the Web posting. The Starr Report's groaning arrival really demonstrates the power of large white cardboard boxes

Hush, hush, sweet Monica By Gary Kaufman
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the most famous person who's never been interviewed stayed that way?

Torah! Torah! Torah! By Sarah Blustain
Lox, bagels and a shmear of Deuteronomy: Torah study-power breakfast for New York's cultural elite

Lashed by Lish By David Bowman
A former student emerges unscathed from the legendary fiction editor's writing workshops

Diana: One year later, still dead By Peter Kurth
The anniversary of Princess Di's death brings yet another deluge of books seeking to make hay on the most covered event of all time

Gear and loathing By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Bob Guccione Jr. does the time warp in his post-Spin production

Will Mother Jones become more politically correct? By Ashley Craddock
The resignation of Mother Jones editor Jeffrey Klein sparks fears that the magazine will hew to a left-wing party line

Repeat offender By Tom Mashberg
A fellow Boston newsman offers a scathing obituary for disgraced Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle, after he was finally scraped from the newspaper's hull

Steal this leak! By Cynthia Cotts
In a rare First Amendment victory for the press, a D.C. court says reporters can use purloined information

If elected, I promise more girlie shows at the state fair! By Peter Kurth
Ridiculous joke or subversive political statement? The media -- and the public -- can't decide how to treat 79-year-old farmer Fred Tuttle's bizarre campaign for the Senate

Befriend and betray By Tom McNichol
If journalists can't stab their sources in the back, what will fill the pages of our nation's great newspapers and magazines?

Lugging the guts into the next room By Bruce Shapiro
Steven Speilberg's "Saving Private Ryan" has sparked talk the government tried to silence -- talk of the psychic wounds inflicted on World War II vets

Chekhov, Marx and synergy By David Rakoff
Here's some literature even Tina Brown could love

Secrets of Mitterand's love child -- just $22! By David Downie
France is gaga over François Mitterand's love-child's very trashy first novel

Morale lunch, anyone? By Daniel Radosh
The real Kinsley e-mail

The last temptation of Kinsley By Bruce Barcott
Did Slate's editor blow the New Yorker editor's job by not leaping immediately into S.I. Newhouse's lap?

Lights, camera ... Miami! By Robin Dougherty
With his new CityVision, Barry Diller is gambling that a city can be a star

Buzzing about the buzz machine By Susan Lehman
Colleagues offer kisses and poison darts for the departing Tina Brown

Rotten banana By Bruce Shapiro
While the media race to condemn the Cincinnati Enquirer reporter who broke into Chiquita's voice mail, they're forgetting who the real villain is

Why the Time/CNN nerve-gas debacle was inevitable
By Ted Gup

A former Time reporter argues that until the newsweekly becomes more concerned with getting the story right than making a buzz, its credibility will never return

Male writers vs. female writers: Beyond the preconceptions
By Joanna Scott

An acclaimed novelist argues that the most interesting women writers can't be compared to men -- because they defy all categories

From crackhead to literary star By Matthew Flamm
The writer Kurt Vonnegut hails as "the new Jack London" revisits his former home -- Grand Central Station

Confabulation crisis By Peter Carbonara
It's the battle of the Boston Blowhards as a scandal at the Globe raises questions about standards for columnists

Is Time brain-dead? By Janelle Brown
Ally McBeal and other "silliness" prompts the magazine to ask, "Is feminism dead?" But it's the question itself that's silly

Hearsay rules By David Corn
Matt Drudge's no-standards journalism invades the networks

L.A.'s battle of the books By Dwight Garner
Is the Los Angeles Times Book Review the second coming of the New York Review -- or an elitist section that doesn't serve its readers?

Hamburger Hades By Jon Carroll
Robin Cook's "Toxin" is a tale told by a hack, full of E. Coli, signifying that the beef industry is the tool of Satan. Yum!

Content's star shortage By Harry Jaffe
Media watchdog Steve Brill tried -- and failed -- to get big-name media talent on his masthead

Source for Kathleen Willey story sues Newsweek's Michael Isikoff By Joe Conason
Julie Steele claims reporter violated explicit agreement that their conversations were off the record

Rolling Stone gathers no Marx By David Weir
Over the past three decades, the legendary magazine, like the counterculture it once led, has moved from politics to popdom

Making Magic By Frank Sanello
Magic Johnson is beating AIDS -- now he wants to beat Leno and Letterman

Arianna upstaged by "Baywatch" babe -- Maher flaunts his "daughter" By Carol Lloyd
Arianna Huffington's L.A. book party featured Hollywood schlock, political hobnobbing and celebrity humiliation. And that was before the "Baywatch" babe appeared

Are men better writers than women? By Laura Miller
A Harper's essay takes up the touchy question of whether size in literature matters

Why do Jewish cartoonists get away with it? By Eric Alterman
When Woody Allen exposes his neuroses, he's a self-hating Jew; When Art Spiegelman does it, he's a genius

Feasting on Frank By Sara Nelson
Ol' Blue Eyes was barely cold when publishers and magazine editors revved up their well-oiled posthumous profits machine.

The rise and fall of Paul "Spanker" Johnson By Christopher Hitchens
The right-wing historian's longtime mistress deals him the unkindest whack of all

The traveling depression road show By Janelle Brown
"Party of Five" cast members and the doctor from Mars try to cheer America up

The unauthorized Godzilla By Matthew Flamm
Two writers confront the mighty media giants and discover that size does matter

Hollywoodland By Catherine Seipp
R.I.P., Buzz: The demise of the once-sparkling rag leaves California once again inexplicably bereft of intelligent magazine life

Oklahomans to Tom Tomorrow: Your porn is as high as an elephant's eye! By Dawn MacKeen
An orgy-depicting "This Modern World" comic strip is not OK in Oklahoma

No glitz please -- we're British By Sylvia Brownrigg
The Brits are just too snide to put on a top celebrity-wallow -- as last week's BAFTA Awards, their weak version of the Oscars, proved

The labyrinth of Paz By Scott McLemee
Octavio Paz: Remembering the last of the great surrealists

Brad and me By Steve Altes
A humble aerospace engineer-turned-stand-in discovers that after you've experienced the high of being mistaken for His Blondness by packs of drooling girls, the rest of life is the Pitts

The yadda-yadda about that Jerry Seinfeld Vanity Fair cover By Catherine Seipp
In the hellish world of celebrity journalism, the ninth circle is inhabited by publicists

No one escapes the Hollywood Inquisition By Charles Taylor
The film industry's "voluntary" ratings board is a secretive, Kafkaesque tribunal -- as "Two Girls and a Guy" director James Toback found out

Tabloid mud wrestling! By Christopher Rodell
National Enquirer reporter to Clinton-bashers: What's sleazier -- my Elvis diet stories or your Vince Foster ravings?

The best little ass-kicking columnist in Texas By Carol Lloyd
When Molly Ivins slaps leather, corporate fat cats, welfare slashers and arrogant media stars bite the dust

The squirrel and the computer By Robert Winkler
When a small life and a computer screen both went blank at the same moment, something else lit up: an old file called "conscience"

James Van Praagh's friendly ghosts
The bestselling author is surrounded by the most comforting specters around.

The curse of the Pulitzer? By Dwight Garner
Will the New York Times put book critic Michiko Kakutani out to pasture now that she's won the big prize?

Greener pastures By Jenn Shreve
Out of the growing glut of finance mags, one zine is poised to capture the expanding market of young investors

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
What kind of man reads ... More money than brains? Have we got the magazine for you!

Extra! Extra! Homeless papers duel for street supremacy By Carol Lloyd
Homeless-paper wars: Slick British import threatens American rags

Hollywoodland By Catherine Seipp
Of party poopers, colo-rectal gerbils and other tales from darkest Tinseltown: Hollywood gossip is too good to be true -- and it usually isn't

Barney Alert By Andrew Leonard
Warning: This movie is dangerous

Radio omm By David Futrelle
All Deepak, all the time: Positive Thinking Radio is here!

Bertelsmann's online blitzkrieg By Geoff Shandler
The real reason the German giant bought Random is Web marketing -- and that's bad news for independent bookstores

"From Jesus to Christ" By Jenn Shreve
Was Jesus a hipster? New "Frontline" series airs latest findings

He knows what you've been reading By Laura Miller
Novelist Nicholson Baker and booksellers attack Kenneth Starr as a "stalker"

Tubbythumping By Joyce Millman
They get knocked down, they get up again. But not for long. Let the Teletubbies bashing begin

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Geeked-out, "normal" or born to fiddle, the models of spring still don't resemble the lowly likes of you

Yellow journalism By Carol Lloyd
Surrendering cravenly to the drug war, the nation's press is unzipping en masse for workplace urine testing

Sob sister By Laura Miller
The Banality of Heartbreak: Catherine Texier's sorry-assed divorce memoir

Beyond monsters, addicts and subhumans By Joshua Wolf Shenk
An interview with Bill and Judith Moyers on their new PBS series on drug addiction and the personal journey that brought them to it

Stalemate By Gary Kamiya
Clinton spinners vs. White House media: A damning portrait

Foul ball By Jurek Martin
Topless ballgirls, umpire-tossing and $500 TV subscriptions: The sale of the Dodgers could mean the death of baseball, Murdoch-style

The Titanic of all egos By Catherine Seipp
Egomaniacal director James Cameron's hot-air display lifts the '98 Academy Awards into the top tier of Oscar history

Well, whadja expect? The triumph of art? By Cintra Wilson
Last night's suck-up-to-the-bucks monstrosity proved once again that the Oscars are the Grammies of film

The Oscar for realism goes to ... By Mark Gauvreau Judge
Want to talk about race? See a 30-year-old movie

Why do movie subtitles stink? By Cynthia Joyce
The man who rewrote "Primary Colors" en español reveals the sad truth about the words at the bottom of the screen

"And I'd like to thank -- Rod Lurie!" By Catherine Seipp
Who is Rod Lurie, and why is he being incessantly thanked on Oscar night?

Let my people go -- to the movies By Joyce Millman
A new cable documentary profiles the Jewish immigrants who founded Hollywood, but lost their cultural identity

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
ESPN: The Magazine kicks sand in the swimsuit issue's face

Old age and treachery defeat youth and beauty, again By Liesl Schillinger
How Leonardo's Oscar was stolen by senile old sea-lions protecting their unhappy harems

¿Cómo se dice "DOH"? By Sam Quinones
"The Simpsons" has changed the way Mexicans see the U.S.

This year's girl By D.T. Max
She's hot! She's now! She's You! She's Wow! She's a brainless adolescent pumped up to iconic status for your glossy magazine reading pleasure!

Martha's quest By Kevin Kerrane
With compassion and guts, pioneering reporter Martha Gellhorn revealed the real face of war

All Karen, all the time By Christopher Hawthorne
Banking on her notoriety, performance artist Karen Finley is now selling her thoughts and confessionals on a pay-per-minute line: 1-900-ALL-KAREN

The crying over Lot 49 of Thomas Pynchon's letters By Dwight Garner
By making her collection of the reclusive author's correspondence public, an agent has become the Linda Tripp of the literary world

The (not so) mighty Quinn By Harry Jaffe
Washington society maven Sally Quinn has been on a mean-spirited crusade against the Clintons ever since they refused to kiss her ring

Hollywood Land By Catherine Seipp
And the loser is ... The day before the Oscars, Hollywood's Golden Raspberry Awards honor the worst movies of the year

A bad week for the First Amendment By Eric Alterman
Can a reporter write a book about a subject he covers? ABC News, which fired veteran correspondent Robert Zelnick, apparently doesn't think so

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Money magazines, reflecting our schizoid attitudes toward loot, wobble between safe 'n' sober advice and get-rich-quick fantasies

Memoirs of a shy pornographer By Molly Weatherfield
What happens to a writer of erotica when a reader takes her fantasies home with him?

How to succeed in everything by dropping out of Harvard By Shoshana Berger
Matt Damon is the latest in the long line of Crimson quitters to make it big

All along the ivory tower By Michael Batty
A recent Dylan Symposium at Stanford proved that as rock fans, academics can babble with the most brain-dead Aerosmith heads

The terrible mystery of Gayl Jones By Sally Eckhoff
Why did a brilliant novelist's life spiral into obsessive horror

Lady Macgrunge By Michelle Goldberg
"Kurt and Courtney" paints a horrific picture of Courtney Love as manipulative, power-mad and possibly murderous

How do you spell Yiddish? By Lee Dembart
The weekly Forward has finally decided to embrace the modern spelling of Yiddish -- but not without much wringing of hands

Stop the millennium -- I want to get off By Virginia Heffernan
As the year 2000 approacheth, so doth a Biblical plague of special issues of news weeklies

Earth to Mars and Venus By Mary Beth Williams
Earth to Mars and Venus: Relationship guru John Gray's syrupy new mag

Looking for some company By James Surowiecki
By snapping up Tripod, search engine Lycos hopes to convince its massive audience to hang out a while

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Separated at death? Reports of Spy magazine's death are greatly exaggerated

Bestseller Hell By Jon Carroll
"Cat & Mouse": Fearless serial reviewer strikes again, and James Patterson is in his cross hairs

Hollywoodland By Catherine Seipp
Option this column! Megabucks deals between magazines and movie studios

CBS drops the ball in Nagano By Daniel Radosh
Silent snow: CBS's sleep-inducing Olympic coverage

More is less By Charles Taylor
"Titanic's" Oscar stampede points to a Hollywood future full of bloat and mediocrity

Come back, O.J., all is forgiven By Vivienne Walt
Monica Lewinsky: You're no O.J. Simpson

Whitewater, mon amour By Patricia Marx
Confession of an illicit romance with Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr

Let them make porn! By Michelle Goldberg
Newly flush ex-scud stud Arthur Kent scolds Tom Brokaw and GE for running NBC News like a brothel

Red planet By James Surowiecki
Celebrity owners can't save Planet Hollywood from an invasion of red ink

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Dunne deal: Absolut's new ad is a splash of commerce, a jigger of art
Plus: As Clinton's pants go down, his presidential greatness rises

The mystery of O.J. Simpson By Lori Leibovich
A journalist who interviewed the 20th century's most infamous acquitted man says that she still doesn't know if he did it -- and he may not either

Double snooze By Geoff Edgers
Doubletake, Robert Coles' high-minded rag, aspires to show ordinary people -- but its writers keep sticking their heads in the way

Hollywoodland By Catherine Seipp
The Great Dog Park Debate is convulsing Los Angeles

Gossip: Too important to leave to amateurs like Ted Koppel? By Deborah Mitchell
Has the press bottomed out? Editors, gossips face off in N.Y.

Have you Yanks gone crazy? By Jurek Martin
Yankees, grow up! A Brit decries the scandalous state of U.S. journalism

The $17.6 billion touchdown By Steven Stark
Why we'll be paying for macho TV execs' exorbitant football deal

Mommy leerest By Gary Kamiya
Monica Lewinsky's mother's gushy book on The Three Tenors' sex lives

Penisgate By Christopher Hitchens
Don't cry for the president -- he's a hypocrite and a scoundrel

An ABC of ethical conflict By Doug Ireland
Did Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz compromise himself when he accepted a freelance gig with ABC?

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Sex tips for boys: Why the voice of male sexuality is a soprano

Sam and Cokie trade deck chairs on ABC's Titanic By Eric Alterman
Sam and Cokie, ace reporters? ABC News' pathetic ploy

Outlaw justice By Joe Conason
Michael Kinsley's weird soft spot for Matt Drudge

Hollywoodland By Catherine Seipp
I never said that! And certainly not in that tone of voice!

Magazine won't let princess rest in peace By Deborah Mitchell
Did Elle publish a fake conversation with Di and Dodi?

Cult of personality, without the personality By Tom McNichol
Follow the Maximum Leader! N. Korea's new spin doctors off to shaky start

The People are always wrong By David Futrelle
Ed Koch jazzes up and dumbs down democracy on the new, improved "People's Court"

How I learned to stop worrying and love Gloria Allred By Frank Sanello
She may be the queen of overexposure, but the feminist attorney is on t
he side of the (loudmouthed) angels (01/12/98)

Uncle Sam to Unabomber: Crazy or not, we're coming to kill you By Bruce Shapiro
Janet Reno's bloodthirsty cry: Hang crazy Kaczynski!

Sleaze, smears and spleen: A Novak way of knowing By Eric Alterman
Robert Novak has exhumed a slanderous lie that I.F. Stone was a Communist spy

Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
The year that was wrapped-up: 1997's wrap-ups, unwrapped

Sex please, we're Brits! By Sarah Coleman
When it comes to book-cover illustrations, the Brits are fond of the naughty bits

Men's Health By Chris Haines
The straight magazine gay men love to read

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