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Father of urban darkness By Bob Callahan
Batman creator Bob Kane, who died yesterday, created one of the most sinister -- and typically American -- characters in our literature

Key race results

What it all means
Al Franken, Anne Lamott, Camille Paglia and other Salon pundits on the election results

Now they belong to the ages By Steve Kettmann
Their merciless sweep of the Padres in the World Series places the 1998 New York Yankees in the pantheon of the greatest teams ever to play the game

The comeback kid pushes the Padres to the brink By Steve Kettmann
Yankees third baseman Scott Brosius, hitting below .200 and going nowhere last year in oakland, has found new life in New York. next stop: series mvp.

Escape from New York By Steve Kettmann
The San Diego Padres have never been happier to go home

Rumble in the Bronx By Steve Kettmann
This is the main event: The gritty Padres venturing into the hard-as-nails mayhem of Yankee Stadium to face one of the great -- and elegant -- teams of our time. Let the games begin!

Talking head By Virginia Vitzthum
The hand-wringing over the Starr Report proves that Beltway pundits have a harder time getting a grip on a certain sexual practice than the American people do

Waiting to die By Sara Kelly
The madness of life on Pennsylvania's death row

A call for moral renewal By Mark Hertsgaard
The destruction of President Clinton was a laudable first step, but restoring the ethical fiber of America requires more. All of official Washington must be cleansed!

Zap splits! By Bob Callahan
When R. Crumb told his underground-comics peers he wanted out of the club, things got ugly -- then they got interesting

Poor little rich thugs By Hariette Surovell
How a pampered college boy wove a sordid web of dope dealing, strip-club orgies and murder for hire

Fetish Nation By Carol Lloyd
The sexual underground, amplified by Internet culture, is more visible than ever, celebrating its brave new world of whips, diapers and corsets. But is the rest of America ready to follow?

Pretty in mink By Tracy Quan
Working girls and the sexual politics of fur

Astral projection, hugging trees and BBQ chicken wings By Alan Kaufman
How a chicken-eating shaman saved the soul of a fallen yuppie

Buying false racial peace By Jim Sleeper
An unholy alliance of guilty conservatives and fatalistic liberals is propping up our divisive racial spoils system -- and preventing America from finding a higher common ground

The coward By David Corn
If Health Secretary Donna Shalala had any guts she would quit over the ban on federal funds for needle-exchange programs

Was Jesus Gay? By Hank Hyena
Investigation of Jesus' libido: Radical bottom, married with children or eunuch?

Flux rules By Laura Miller
Seen from the East, California is still the center of the universe

Lying about genocide By David Corn
It's a bit late for President Clinton to feel Rwanda's pain. When he could have done something about it, he didn't

The Titanic of all egos By Catherine Seipp
Egomaniacal director James Cameron's hot-air display lifts the '98 Academy Awards into the top tier of Oscar history

Camille does the Oscars By Camille Paglia
Winslet blooms, Madonna clunks, Stone styles: A Paglia's-eye-view of the Academy Awards

Well, whadja expect? The triumph of art? By Cintra Wilson
Last night's suck-up-to-the-bucks monstrosity proved once again that the Oscars are the Grammies of film

The road to Hale By Jonathan Broder and Murray Waas
Key Whitewater witness David Hale received secret cash payments from anti-Clinton billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife

Celtic kitsch By Andrew O'Hehir
Compared to the mystic maunderings of the new Irish spirituality movement, even a drunk crooning "Danny Boy" sounds good

The joys of being Irish By Bob Callahan
Forget about leprechauns and green beer. The real story of the Irish in America is in the way all of us talk and laugh

The new Dublin By David Moore
Dublin: Cappuccinos, computers and quaffing with stars

Gabriel Byrne By Richard Covington
From missionary to modern Heathcliff: Actor Gabriel Byrne talks about his life in a seminary and his rise to idiosyncratic stardom

The Salon Interview Stanley Crouch By Jonathan Broder
White/black ... men/women. Get over it -- we're all American

Hockey stars, scalpers, expats and party animals By Gary Kamiya
The Olympics are like the pilgrimages of old, with holy relics (the medals), saints (the athletes), evil bishops (corrupt figure-skating judges) and an unruly array of followers

Losing it By Lori Leibovich
No lover but the first will ever know me as both a child and a woman

Cupid is armed and dangerous By Barry Yourgrau
A love affair run insanely, humiliatingly amok reminds the author that Cupid is armed and dangerous

Love and reading By Alain de Botton
A reader's valentine: The delightful and dismaying similarities between love and reading

Infidelity Inc. By David Hudson
In Germany, a new service takes all the fuss and muss out of having an affair

Passionate and penniless in Paris By Maxine Rose Schur
A magical memory: lust and romance blossom when a young couple camps out in the City of Light

Voyage to the bottom of TV By Joyce Millman
Salon's TV critic delves down in the drink with the lowest-rated shows on the air

The Salon Interview Toni Morrison By Zia Jaffrey
The Nobel Prize-winning author talks about her new book, "Paradise," what she learned from her marriage and why O.J. Simpson is innocent.

Gossip: The most dangerous drug of all By Carol Lloyd
Is our addiction to gossip ruining America?

Ain't nobody's business but his own By Gary Kamiya
The Clinton farce is about to become tragedy. We can't let it

Do the right thing By Andrew Ross
If the allegations are true, Clinton must go -- fast

Is Clinton a sex addict? by Laura Miller
Salon asks two leading sex therapists if americans should consider their president a very sick man.

Penisgate By Christopher Hitchens
Don't cry for the president -- he's a hypocrite and a scoundrel

Salon exclusive By Jeff Stein
Convicted assassin: "I wanted to shoot the CIA director"

Kenneth Starr -- Is a crazed sex cop running the U.S.?
By Jonathon Broder


If Clinton falls, will he take the Democrats with him?
By David Corn


Can this marriage be saved? By Camille Peri and Lori Leibovich
bell hooks, Lillian Rubin and Clinton biographers analyze the First Couple

Beyond the Beltway reactions

What's on the tapes By Jonathan Broder
Details of the sex tapes that may sink the president

JFK wannabe By Camille Paglia
Salon's columnist comments on the sexual politics of the Clinton White House

Clinton: His nine lives aren't used up yet By Alexander Cockburn
The president's latest "end" is greatly exaggerated

"NYPD Blue" in a family way By Joyce Millman
What started out as a cop show has become a meditation on the challenges, nightmares and blessings of parenthood

The Second Annual Salon Book Awards
Salon salutes our favorite books of 1997

Readers' Choice Poll
How Salon's readers voted on the books of 1997

Gore Vidal By Chris Haines
The author talks from his Italian villa about history, his next novel and why he'd be a better president than his cousin Al Gore

The Salon Book Classics Group The case of the wimpy heroine By Carol Shields
Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park" presents her readers with the challenge of loving a doormat

The Forgiven Part 2 By Michelle Goldberg
What do you call someone who befriends the man who tortured, raped, killed and cannibalized her daughter? Crazy? Or a saint?

The Forgiven: Part one of a two-part series By Michelle Goldberg
Who would befriend such savage murderers? The victims' parents did.

Deconstructing the Kennedys By Camille Paglia
Camille Paglia on America's tragicomic dynasty -- the Kennedys

New Year's wish for the Reverend Al By Jim Sleeper
It's the Rev. Al Sharpton's last chance to change his divisive tune
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