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Oct. 30, 1998

Today in Entertainment:

Life Is Beautiful Reviewed by Charles Taylor
Roberto Benigni's comic fable about one family's struggle to survive in a Nazi concentration camp is in offensively poor taste (10/30/98)

Vampires Reviewed by Laura Miller
No fangs: Another nail in the coffin of a once-great director's career (10/30/98)

"I wanted to make a beautiful movie" By Erika Milvy
"Life Is Beautiful" director Roberto Benigni talks about the Holocaust, Charlie Chaplin and how he was haunted by the idea of a happy man in a Nazi concentration camp (10/30/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
KISS, Peanuts and other Halloween treats (10/30/98)

Today in 21st:

The war for your e-mail box By Andrew Leonard
Do we need anti-spam laws? Some Net veterans think the unthinkable (10/30/98)

The 21st Challenge No. 15 By Charlie Varon and Jim Rosenau
Haiku for telemarketers: Write a poem -- win a prize (10/30/98)

Today in Books:

Ted Hughes, R.I.P.
A brief obituary of the British poet Ted Hughes, who died Wednesday Oct. 28, and links to Salon's glowing review of his last book of poems, "Birthday Letters" (10/30/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Gary Krist
"Master Georgie" by Beryl Bainbridge: This Booker Prize-nominated novel is about a dissolute surgeon who tries to bring medical care to wounded troops during the Crimean War (10/30/98)

Ivory Tower Confessions of a news nun By Fufkin Vollmayer
Behind the pomp and circumstance of 24-hour news, one woman wonders how such a cool job can mean such a lousy life (10/30/98)

Letters Are making bank and religious faith mutually exclusive? The excesses of the OIC (10/30/98)

Today in News:

Minnesota maverick By Micah Sifry
The Reform Party's Jesse Ventura -- ex-Navy Seal and former professional wrestler -- is riding a wave of populist anger to become a contender in the governor's race (10/30/98)

Illustrious historians blast attempt to impeach Clinton (10/30/98)

The Dark Hotel The hideous past of Mr. Green; Burroughs' strange Mexican sojourn (10/30/98)

Salon Recommends Introducing Salon's hot list of books, music and entertainment (10/30/98)

Wanderlust This week in travel
Wanderlust's selective guide to the top travel-related news stories of the week (10/30/98)

Oct. 29, 1998

Today in 21st:

Is culture endangered in the digital age? By Chris Bray
Ironies abound at a Los Angeles conference pondering the future of museums and libraries (10/29/98)

Log MoveOn campaign moves offline; millennium pundit vs. Wired

Today in Books:

Making book on the Booker By Sylvia Brownrigg
Snide critics, betting mania, broadcasts of unphotogenic writers hacking away at duck -- the Booker Prize ceremony may not be the Oscars, but it's as British as all get-out (10/29/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Ray Sawhill
"Architecture" by Leon Krier: This wry, epigrammatic book, by the architect and town planner Leon Krier, will surprise readers who associate neoclassicism with stiffness, brutality and imperialism (10/29/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"Deathmatch" marathon: Mulder and Scully vs. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones (10/29/98)

Mothers Who Think Word by Word By Anne Lamott
Mother rage: Theory and practice. In the miniature war room of their heads, children know exactly where your nuclear button is (10/29/98)

Media Circus By Susan Lehman
Proust, eat my dust jacket! Writers obsess over's sales ranking numbers Plus: Musical chairs at women's mags, Hillary hits up Drudge and much more (10/29/98)

Letters Stunned readers find themselves agreeing with Horowitz's take on hate crimes (10/29/98)

Today in Newsreal:

Senator Strongarm By William Kistner and Murray Waas
How Al D'Amato threatened African AIDS funding to help a big campaign contributor (10/29/98)

Who's lying about Monica now? By David Corn
A Republican campaign leader lies to reporters about the GOP's last-minute anti-Clinton ad blitz (10/29/98)

Tom the Dancing Bug By Ruben Bolling
We must use a time machine to make sure evil Clinton is impeached! (10/29/98)

Wanderlust Naked and in hot water By Simon Firth
A proper Brit ventures to a clothing-optional resort and discovers that nudity offers more than meets the eye (10/29/98)

Oct. 28, 1998

Today in 21st:

Blame it on Rio By Janelle Brown
Netheads love the MP3 digital-music format. Why does the music industry hate it so much? (10/28/98)

21st Log
Chinese human-rights site hacked (10/28/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Etelka Lehoczky
"Read My Lips: A Cultural History of Lipstick" by Meg Cohen Ragas and Karen Kozlowski: Indulgent, sensuous and ultimately insubstantial, this beautifully designed book celebrates lipstick's mystical power (10/28/98)

Today in Entertainment:

Sharps and Flats
A weekly roundup of the latest music releases. This week's reviews include John Mellencamp, Babe the Blue Ox and Luciano Pavarotti & Friends (10/28/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"Night of a Thousand Bleeps" on Comedy Central; dearly departed return to "Chicago Hope" (10/28/98)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
The dangers of the gay agenda Plus: Elizabeth Dole, Ayn Rand and Grace Jones (10/28/98)

Ivory Tower Seven Deadly Sins By Joshua Green
Beer, babes and beatings: What the college admissions brochure doesn't tell you about your freshman year (10/28/98)

Mothers Who Think The mother of all elections By Lori Leibovich
Can the favorite daughter of the Christian right knock off the feminist senator in tennis shoes? (10/28/98)

Newsreal Wholly war By Joan Walsh
The killing of Dr. Barnett Slepian can't hide the fact that the anti-abortion movement is politically dead (10/28/98)

Letters Clinton supporters to critics: "Shut up, be happy"; are aggressive heterosexual males closet homosexuals? (10/28/98)

Wanderlust Man bites dog By Rolf Potts
Koreans and Americans both love dogs -- they just have a different way of showing it (10/28/98)

The K Chronicles By Keith Knight
Close the Canadian border now (10/28/98)

Oct. 27, 1998

Television By Joyce Millman
Stylin' stars on "VH1 Fashion Awards"; Mir falls apart on "Nova" (10/27/98)

Today in 21st:

Prime time for hackers is over By Richard Thieme
Why did a consultant hack a US West network to solve a 17th-century math problem? (10/27/98)

21st Log
Bruce Sterling's save-the-world mailing list (10/27/98)

Today in Books:

Moore's better blues The Salon Interview By Dwight Garner
Lorrie Moore finds the lighter side of ordinary madness in "Birds of America" (10/27/98)

"Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human" by Harold Bloom Reviewed by Lorin Stein
A dazzling collection of short essays, one on each of Shakespeare's plays, from the noted literary critic (10/27/98)

Letters Out with Freud and in with happy thoughts; police violence didn't end in the '70s (10/27/98)

Media Circus Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Oprah Winfrey, journalist? The J-word is up for grabs, if anybody still wants it (10/27/98)

Mothers Who Think Circumcision in America, Part 2 By Debra S. Ollivier
Despite medical and religious debunking, long-standing cultural biases keep the practice of circumcision alive (10/27/98)


Favorite son By William Wong
Can California's Asian-American voters boost Republican Matt Fong's sagging Senate campaign? (10/27/98)

Power play By Harvey Wasserman
A California ballot drive tries to short-circuit a utility-industry bailout (10/27/98)

Story Minute By Carol Lay
The Sleep Talker (10/27/98)

Wanderlust A tipsy tasting in Burgundy By The Surreal Gourmet
It's not easy sipping 200-300 great wines a day, but someone's got to do it (10/27/98)

Oct. 26, 1998

Today in 21st:

Of math prodigies and canine cosmonauts By David Hudson
"Habitus" mixes a dab of literary theory with a dose of the fantastic (10/26/98)

Today in Entertainment:

On Television By Joyce Millman
Praise the Lord and pass the remote: Christian values collide with big money on Fox Family Channel and PAX TV (10/26/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
HBO's must-see "Mr. Show" goes on; John Glenn returns to orbit (10/26/98)

Today in Ivory Tower:

Ivory Tower Michael Bérubé's difficult balancing act By Michele Tepper
"Tenured radical" Michael Bérubé defends his fellow academics to the world which critiquing them from within (10/26/98)

Internship database Introducing Ivory Tower's media internship database (10/26/98)

Mothers Who Think Circumcision in America By Debra S. Ollivier
How did a medically pointless procedure become a routine practice performed on a majority of American males? (10/26/98)

Today in Newsreal:

The sting By Mollie Dickenson
Did Kenneth Starr, Linda Tripp and Paula Jones' legal team work hand in hand to set a perjury trap for the president? (10/23/98)

Renewal of vows By Daryl Lindsey
Aided by a dying King Hussein, Israel's Netanyahu brings Israel back to where it was in the peace negotiations 18 months ago (10/23/98)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Hate crimes go both ways: The politically righteous left will be in for some surprises should the law they are proposing go into effect (10/26/98)

Today in Books:

The Salon Interview: Grace Paley By A.M. Homes
All my habits are bad: Grace Paley on the moral obligations of writers and the importance of not giving a shit (10/26/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Lisa Carver
"Book of Shadows" by Phyllis Curott: The author, a Harvard grad and a high-powered attorney, writes about her preoccupation with witches, magic and goddess worship (10/26/98)

Letters Persecuting fascist dictators causes long-term harm; a Yankee-hater voices his disgust; just say no to sex abroad (10/26/98)

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow
Deviant left-handers must convert now! (10/26/98)

Wanderlust Dancing with the dead By Gina Hyams
In a rustic hill town, Mexico's Day of the Dead festivities teach an expat American some important life lessons (10/26/98)

Oct. 23, 1998

Today in Entertainment:

Happiness Reviewed by Jonathan Lethem
Todd Solondz's harrowing comedy unearths the violence and desperation in suburban life (10/23/98)

Pleasantville Reviewed by Charles Taylor
Director Gary Ross fetishizes the '50s in this high-concept parable about the dangers of conformity (10/23/98)

Slam & SlamNation Reviewed by Hank Hyena
Word up: Two new films celebrate -- and exaggerate -- the power of spoken word (10/23/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"Simpsons" Halloween special; something's in the water in NBC thriller "Thirst" (10/23/98)

Today in 21st:

Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
Microsoft's staggering profits overshadow the courtroom fireworks of the antitrust trial's first week (10/23/98)

21st Log
This is your brain on hype (10/23/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Dwight Garner
"Dining Out" by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page: A dishy look at how America's most noted food critics (Ruth Reichl, Patricia Unterman, Gael Greene) go about their work (10/23/98)

Ivory Tower:

Monica Lewinsky beat me out of an internship By Rolf Potts
Practical advice from a guy who could have saved the dignity of the Executive Office (10/23/98)

Internship Database
Introducing Ivory Tower's media internship database (10/23/98)

Letters Left-wingers to Hitchens: You just don't get it; healing racial divisions (10/23/98)

Money The Reluctant Capitalist By Heather Chaplin
The greatest gambling hall on earth: A view of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (10/23/98)

Newsreal Asking for it By Jeff Stryker
Judges and juries may go easy on gay-bashers who blame their victims (10/23/98)

The Dark Hotel Things get kinky in the party house on Russian Hill (10/23/98)

Salon Recommends Introducing Salon's hot list of books, music and entertainment (10/23/98)

Today in Wanderlust:

Rickshaws I have loved By Don George
Lonely Planet founder and head Tony Wheeler talks about his new book, "Chasing Rickshaws," and the company's future plans (10/23/98)

This week in travel
Wanderlust presents a selective guide to the week's travel-related news (10/23/98)

Oct. 22, 1998

21st Good times for Dilbert By Janelle Brown
Scott Adams, creator of the world's best-loved cartoon engineer, talks about Zippergate and the enduring stupidity of humankind (10/22/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Mary Elizabeth Williams
"The Vampire Armand" by Anne Rice: Armand, the nubile Venetian -- he's the living, breathing remnant of the high Renaissance -- returns in Rice's latest gothic vampire saga (10/22/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
RoboMom: Cyborg killing machine discovers maternal instinct in UPN thriller "Chameleons" (10/22/98)

World Series Now they belong to the ages By Steve Kettmann
Their merciless sweep of the Padres in the World Series places the 1998 New York Yankees in the pantheon of the greatest teams ever to play the game (10/22/98)

Mothers Who Think Second Thoughts By Sallie Tisdale
Citizens of the world, turn on your televisions! Why I love TV (10/22/98)

Media Circus Mighty Murdoch caught in love nest with leggy Chinese beauty! By Susan Lehman
Daily News inexplicably silent!! "Mogul agreement" keeps peace, threatens mutual destruction of Mort Zuckerman and The Rupert!!! (10/22/98)

Letters Southerners reclaim Confederate flag from hate-mongers; exploring the roots of hate crimes (10/22/98)

Today in Newsreal:

Backlash '98? By Joan Walsh
After dreading November's elections, some Democrats now believe they will benefit from an anti-impeachment voter rebellion (10/22/98)

Salon editorial
Free speech is under attack -- again: Why we're challenging the new Net censorship law (10/22/98)

Tom the Dancing Bug By Ruben Bolling
Asian worker bees are too industrious! (10/22/98)

Urge The bridegroom stripped bare By Daniel Reitz
A gay man discovers that the goings-on at a straight male stag party are kinkier than he could have imagined (10/22/98)

Wanderlust Chasing rickshaws By Tony Wheeler
Images and impressions of people-powered transport in 12 Asian cities (10/22/98)

Oct. 21, 1998

Today in 21st:

The adventure continues By Greg Costikyan
Why Myst was no dead end -- and online gaming isn't ready for the big time (10/21/98)

21st Log
"Star Trek" funds real-life alien hunt; Server woes at HotBot (10/21/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Scott McLemee
"The Best of Crank!" by Bryan Cholfin: Literate and often charming short stories, culled from the science fiction zine Crank!; contributors include Jonathan Lethem, Ursula K. LeGuin and Michael Bishop (10/21/98)

World Series The comeback kid pushes the Padres to the brink By Steve Kettmann
Yankees third baseman Scott Brosius, hitting below .200 and going nowhere last year in oakland, has found new life in New York. next stop: series mvp. (10/21/98)

Today in Entertainment:

Sharps and Flats
Reviews of new CDs by Cheap Trick, Jad Fair/Yo La Tengo, Jonathan Richman, Edith Frost and Sweet Honey in the Rock (10/21/98)

"Songs are for people" By David Bowman
Patti Smith talks about the people and the poetry in her new collection, "Patti Smith Complete: Lyrics, Reflections & Notes for the Future" (10/21/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"3rd Rock": Invasion of the Beanie Babies (10/21/98)

Today in Ivory Tower:

The power of positive shrinking By Carol Lloyd
Is the new optimistic movement in psychology a theoretical breakthrough or a professional survival tactic? (10/21/98)

Ask Camille Take your thinking elsewhere! By Camille Paglia
While academia disembowels itself with theory's blunt knives, young scholars must still pursue intellectual livelihoods outside the ivory tower (10/21/98)

Mothers Who Think Mommy's little accessory By Dayna Macy
Jo Copeland designed glamorous couture clothes for the rich and famous. But while she was an extraordinary designer, she was a disaster as a mother (10/21/98)

Newsreal No place to hide By Bruce Shapiro
The arrest of the brutal ex-dictator Pinochet marks the first time since Nuremberg that a head of state faces legal responsibility for his mass killings (10/21/98)

Letters Ban all nature writers for 10 years; reading Wanderlust is like being there in person (10/21/98)

Wanderlust How Europe changed my life By Hank Hyena
A summer odyssey affects a young Republican in the most unexpected way (10/21/98)

The K Chronicles By Keith Knight
Hot for teacher (10/21/98)

Oct. 20, 1998

Television By Joyce Millman
"NYPD Blue" season premiere; Buffy and Angel, together again (10/20/98)

21st Has the Web made porn respectable? By Janelle Brown
The Web professional next door just might be running an adult site -- but it's probably not making him rich (10/20/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Stephanie Zacharek
"Cole Porter" by William McBrien: Porter was among the most brilliant songwriters of the century, and this well-researched yet ultimately tuneless bio doesn't do him justice (10/20/98)

Dear Mr. Blue By Garrison Keillor
I love him incredibly, but I envision a life of hockey games, Super Bowl parties and chips and dips (10/20/98)

Letters Thumbs down for Charles Taylor's review of "Beloved"; Perl turns programming into art (10/20/98)

Media Circus Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Cutting his glossies: With the new quarterly McSweeney's, the founder of the lamented satirical rag Might creates the world's first antimagazine (10/20/98)

Today in Mothers Who Think:

The worst trip ever By Susan McCarthy
A sweaty cross-country trek in a 1937 Plymouth with two cranky siblings, a kangaroo rat in a box and a pogo stick turns into family legend (10/20/98)

Drama Queen Winners
This won't hurt a bit: Ever been brought to tears while lying on your back with your legs open in front of a strange doctor? (10/20/98)

Today in Newsreal:

An open letter to Gore Vidal By Christopher Hitchens
Why are you defending the Clintons, corporate America's love slaves? (10/20/98)

Left Hook The canary By Joe Conason
The fate of New York Sen. Alfonse D'Amato might hinge on how strong the toxic blowback is from Capitol Hill's impeachment stink (10/20/98)

Story Minute By Carol Lay
Spring cleaning (10/20/98)

Wanderlust Rights of passion By Leah Kohlenberg
Contrary to popular lore, sometimes casual sex is just what a woman traveler wants (10/20/98)

Oct. 19, 1998

21st Social engineering, Web-style By Mary Eisenhart
How do online communities work? One veteran writes a book with some answers (10/19/98)

Escape from New York By Steve Kettmann
The San Diego Padres have never been happier to go home (10/19/98)

Today in Entertainment:

Home Movies By Charles Taylor
Lipstick bliss: Bionic Queen Mothers and walking fish fill the strange, delightful world of British comedian Eddie Izzard (10/19/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
Braugher, Bassett lend voices to PBS slavery series; "Ally" stands up for short skirts (10/19/98)

Ivory Tower Thursdays at the Clambucket By George Paul Csicsery
Thirty-one years after he was beaten by police in a notorious anti-war protest, a former campus radical goes back to meet his enemies and learn their side of the story (10/19/98)

Mothers Who Think Beautiful Dreamer By Lisa Kleinman
Babies No. 1 and 2 had to suffer through less-than-perfect strollers. But baby No. 3 will have the ideal ride -- that is, if there is a baby No. 3 (10/19/98)

Newsreal My heterosexual dilemma By Richard Rodriguez
Can someone please explain how flirting can lead to murder? (10/19/98)

Today in Books:

Across the great divide By Gary Kamiya
If government programs can't solve America's racial dilemma, can love? Three new books take a fresh look at the ongoing challenge of black-and-white integration (10/19/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Brian Blanchfield
"The Last Avant-Garde" by David Lehman: The New York School of Poets -- Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery et al. -- never made as much noise as the Beats, but this skillful history demonstrates their enduring influence (10/19/98)

Letters Supermarket club cards invoke fear, avoidance, adulation and deceit; readers applaud Salon's Entertainment offerings (10/19/98)

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow
Starr! Clinton! Gingrich! Lewinsky! The Fantastic Beltway Four! (10/19/98)

Wanderlust Going native in Mongolia By Julie Vallone
A horseback journey across the Mongolian steppes becomes an odyssey through time (10/19/98)

Oct. 16, 1998

Today in Entertainment:

Beloved Reviewed by Charles Taylor
The designated martyr: Jonathan Demme panders to Toni Morrison's guilt-mongering in his brutal adaptation of her bestseller (10/16/98)

Practical Magic Reviewed by Laura Miller
Hocus bogus: Yet another suburban witch story with a wishy-washy moral: A sorceress's place is in the home (10/16/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
Bo knows cheesy shows: Derek's back in NBC's surfin' cowboys soap "Wind on Water" (10/16/98)

Today in 21st:

Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
See you in court -- as the Microsoft trial begins, forget the browser war and follow the money (10/16/98)

The 21st Challenge No. 14 Results By Charlie Varon and Jim Rosenau
High-tech designer drugs (10/16/98)

21st Log
Block that filter; Zap folds (10/16/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Jesse Barrett
"Blindness" by José Saramago: From the winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for literature, a gripping allegorical novel about an epidemic of "white blindness" (10/16/98)

Rumble in the Bronx By Steve Kettmann
This is the main event: The gritty Padres venturing into the hard-as-nails mayhem of Yankee Stadium to face one of the great -- and elegant -- teams of our time. Let the games begin! (10/16/98)

Ivory Tower Seven Deadly Sins By Lori Gottlieb
Survival of the earliest: Competing for grades is one thing. But facing off for parking spaces means all-out war (10/16/98)

Letters A love letter for Camille Paglia; prevention is cancer's best cure; why does Clinton keep screwing himself? (10/16/98)

Money The geology of investing By Dave Zgodzinski
What investors can learn from sedimentary rock (10/16/98)

Today in Newsreal:

Web of hate By Ros Davidson
Are Internet hate sites "the main culprit" behind the epidemic of hate crimes? (10/16/98)

Letter from Laramie By Lily Burana
A transplanted New Yorker struggles to understand what the Matthew Shepard killing says about her new home state (10/16/98)

The Dark Hotel Virginia lands Bill lock, stock and barrel; talking to Burroughs' cronies; Justine Shade finally answers (10/16/98)

Salon Recommends Salon recommends the best in books and music (10/16/98)

Today in Wanderlust:

Señor Gringo By Maxine Schur
An innocent encounter turns crazy for two travelers and a heartbroken, gun-toting Mexican sheriff (10/16/98)

This week in travel
Wanderlust presents a selective guide to the week's travel-related news (10/16/98)

Oct. 15, 1998

21st The cookie monster of Putnam Pit By Matt Welch
An angry muckraker seeks access to the municipal computer systems in a small Tennessee town

Sneaks Reviewed by Mark Athitakis
"The Rum Diary" by Hunter S. Thompson: Thompson's ungonzo first novel, left unpublished until now, is a languid tale about a young American journalist in the tropics (10/15/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
Emily makes Ross choose on "Friends" (10/15/98)

Mothers Who Think Word by Word By Anne Lamott
Turtle time: Salon welcomes back Anne Lamott after a six-month hiatus, and she announces she has overcome Linda Tripp, an expanding waistline and her compulsion to keep writing books (10/15/98)

Media Circus By Susan Lehman
Monica's dilemma: Gag me with a Ken Starr decree (10/15/98)

Letters Little hope for anti-discrimination laws in Arkansas and elsewhere; Salon clueless about gaming industry (10/15/98)

Newsreal By Kristi Coale
The $50 million question: Can UC-Berkeley keep its independence from corporate pressures and accept a huge new biotech research grant? (10/15/98)

Tom the Dancing Bug By Ruben Bolling
Tom the Dancing Bug's Super-Fun-Pak Comix (10/15/98)

Wanderlust Herbal ecstasy By Mark Jenkins
By the spoonful, a restaurant in Singapore supposedly cures everything from sexual ennui to diabetes (10/15/98)

Oct. 14, 1998

Today in 21st:

Service with an artificial smile By Robert Rossney
Supermarket clubs point the way to a future of corporate-mandated friendliness and Stepford clerks (10/14/98)

Getting to know all about you By Jennifer Vogel
Attention, shoppers -- what you tell supermarket clubs may be used against you (10/14/98)

21st Log
Congress' roster of hypocrisy (10/14/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Emily Gordon
"God of the Rodeo" by Daniel Bergner: Expanding on his eloquent Harper's magazine essay, the author offers a peak inside Louisiana's toughest state prison (10/14/98)

Today in Entertainment:

Sharps and Flats
Reviews of new CDs by the San Francisco Symphony, Sunny Day Real Estate and Emma Townshend (10/14/98)

The new corporate culture By Tom Frost
Silicon Valley's "techie trendsetters" are making the office party the coolest event on your social calendar -- sort of (10/14/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
Eric Stoltz joins "Chicago Hope"; memory lane for "90210" and "Party of Five" (10/14/98)

Ivory Tower Geometry and hot pix By Chris Colin
Nothing is so alien as your family during a college break (10/14/98)

Mothers Who Think Time for One Thing: Acupuncture By Lisa Moskowitz
My muscles relax. My eyes close. There is no real pain, just the apprehension of pain (10/14/98)

Newsreal Fighting the wrong war By Erik Marcus
The government could cut cancer deaths by a third by educating Americans to eat right. But dollars for diet education are scarce, while the cancer research budget fattens up (10/14/98)

Letters Horowitz just doesn't get black culture; Salon needs to get a real financial columnist (10/14/98)

Wanderlust A two-wheel tour of Holland By Cynthia Gorney
A vacationing family finds pleasure and peril among a nation of bicyclers

The K Chronicles By Keith Knight
Cleaning out Gunther (10/14/98)

Oct. 13, 1998

Television By Joyce Millman
Apocalypse PBS: El Niño on "Nova," biological warfare on "Frontline" (10/13/98)

21st The joy of Perl By Andrew Leonard
How Larry Wall invented a messy programming language -- and changed the face of the Web (10/13/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Charles Taylor
"Armadillo" by William Boyd: Set in London, this complicated, hazy novel concerns itself with the often illegal activities of a young insurance adjuster (10/13/98)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Are the Clintons secret swingers? Plus, can a phallus-fixated man learn to love breasts?

Letters Salon's David Cash story is the fairest of them all; "What Dreams May Come" review: Hilarious commentary or misanthropic blasphemy? (10/13/98)

Media Circus Under the Covers By James Poniewozik
Remember when it was fun to read the Web? A look back (10/13/98)

Mothers Who Think Wild Things By Polly Shulman
Love and art are the twin redeemers for the hipster heroes and heroines of Francesca Lia Block's young adult novels (10/13/98)

Newsreal "Don't tamper with this jury, Mr. President" By Murray Waas
Byrd's warning to back off on anti-impeachment lobbying sends White House spin machine into gear, denying Clinton's role in controversy (10/13/98)

Story Minute By Carol Lay
Her fear of commitment (10/13/98)

Wanderlust Waiting for Hurricane Georges By Jennifer Moses
A family faces a natural disaster in Baton Rouge (10/13/98)

Oct. 12, 1998

Today in 21st:

Typing for nonconformists By Alex Marshall
The Dvorak alternative keyboard is a boon for the aching hand (10/12/98)

21st Log
Lego robots for Mac addicts (10/12/98)

Today in Entertainment:

On Television The kids are alright By Joyce Millman
Teen spirit: TV's wise kids and puerile adults (10/12/98)

Blue Glow By Joyce Millman
Archie Bunker marathon; new cable biopic of Democrats' sweetheart Pamela Harriman (10/12/98)

Right On! Clinton's amen chorus By David Horowitz
African-American support for the president is being cynically manipulated by liberals who play to blacks' sense of victimization (10/12/98)

Ivory Tower Financial roulette with Sallie Mae By Kristina Blachere
Make no mistake, the corporate mistress of student loans will get you in the end, but in the meantime you can play her at her own game and sometimes win (10/12/98)

Mothers Who Think Tale of a sky-blue dress By Thylias Moss
School girl: I thought all girls -- regardless of color -- were heading toward vast opportunities. Then I learned the truth (10/12/98)

Newsreal Letter from Fayetteville By Rebecca Bryant
A local hate crime brings the campaign for gay rights to Fayetteville, Ark. (10/12/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Peter Kurth
"Family Outing" by Chastity Bono: In this memoir-cum-advice book, Sonny and Cher's daughter comes off as the nicest and most level-headed lesbian you're likely to encounter this year (10/12/98)

Letters Salon sinks to new lows with redundant, racist pro-spanking articles; why experienced Web users don't click on ads (10/12/98)

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow
Sparky simplifies (10/12/98)

Wanderlust Under the moon at Angkor Thom By Karin Muller
An idyllic picnic is interrupted by soldiers (10/12/98)

Oct. 9, 1998

Today in Entertainment:

Movie credits 101 By Robert Glatzer
A former film director decodes the in-jokes and ego trips lurking behind that never-ending list of names (10/09/98)

What Dreams May Come Reviewed by Laura Miller
In the new Robin Williams movie, heaven is a twee B&B (10/09/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
Letterman's Big Mac attack: McGwire drops by for a chat (10/09/98)

Today in 21st:

Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
Free speech or blatant ripoff? Copyright suit pits newspapers against conservative site (10/09/98)

21st Log
Yahoo profits; stock plunges! (10/09/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Mary Elizabeth Williams
"Nureyev: A Life" by Diane Solway: A meticulous biography of the sexually ambiguous dance icon who gave ballet a rock 'n' roll mystique (10/09/98)

Sexpert Opinion By Susie Bright
I'll write the book of love -- just give me a minute (10/09/98)

Ivory TowerCreeps on campus By Dawn MacKeen
Do bad guys have a right to higher education? (10/09/98)

Letters Who's really behind the impeachment hearings?; U.S. and Malaysian press not all that dissimilar (10/09/98)

Money The Reluctant Capitalist By Heather Chaplin
Hedging their butts: While the world's mega-players bail out a wrecked hedge fund, one befuddled reporter tries to figure out just what these arcane vehicles actually are (10/09/98)

Newsreal A thousand (dysfunctional) clowns By David Corn
The kids in the House get to make their mess, secure in the knowledge that the "adults" in the Senate will have to clean it up (10/09/98)

The Dark Hotel Sternelli meets a mysterious hooker; Old Bull Lee appears (10/09/98)

Salon Recommends Salon recommends the best in books, music, movies, TV (10/09/98)

Today in Wanderlust:

Seduced by Kenya By Don George
An interview with author Francesca Marciano about Africa's attractions and contradictions (10/09/98)

This week in travel
Wanderlust presents a selective guide to the week's travel-related news (10/09/98)

Oct. 8, 1998

Today in 21st:

The games people play By Greg Lindsay
Myst and Riven are a dead end. The future of computer gaming lies in online, multiplayer worlds (10/08/98)

21st Log Microsoft subpoenas CNet reporter (10/08/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Stephanie Zacharek
"Going Down" edited by Jay Schaefer: Timely meditations the joys of pearl diving and cone honing; contributors include Oscar Wilde, Erica Jong and John Updike (10/08/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
Ken Starr unzipped on "Biography"; Sammy Sosa visits Leno (10/08/98)

Today in Mothers Who Think:

40-plus and playing ball By Joan Walsh
Is it merely a coincidence that the playing years of the major league baseball player correspond to the period of peak fecundity of the American woman? (10/08/98)

Joan Walsh's 40-and-over All-Star team (10/08/98)

Media Circus Masticated morsels from the media monde By Susan Lehman
Howell rains on Clinton's parade; Salman rocks the fatwa; a Rose by any other network (10/08/98)

Letters Readers protest calling Monica a "Jewish American Princess"; scholars of smut are less than bright (10/08/98)

Today in Newsreal:

The billion dollar rumor By Jeff Stein
How unsubstantiated reports that the World Trade bombers may have included nerve gas in their arsenal led to some pretty pricey public policy (10/08/98)

Femme fatale By Virginia Vitzthum
President Clinton's just a girl who can't say no (10/08/98)

Tom the Dancing Bug By Ruben Bolling
Bill Clinton -- the musical (10/08/98)

Wanderlust Passages By Francesca Marciano
"Rules of the Wild": The seductive subculture of whites in Kenya -- and the addicting allure of Africa's vastness (10/08/98)

Oct. 7, 1998

21st Wired acquired By Janelle Brown
Lycos gobbles up the pieces of Wired's online empire. Is the revolution over? (10/07/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Dan Cryer
"Ex Libris" by Anne Fadiman: An unapologetic confession of raging bibliophilia, from the editor of the American Scholar and the author of last year's fine "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" (10/07/98)

Today in Entertainment:

Sharps and Flats
Reviews of new CDs by Del Amitri, Lyle Lovett, Qu-Burns Abstract Message, Throwing Muses, Aterciopelados, Bloque and Archers of Loaf (10/07/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"Dawson's Creek," "3rd Rock" openers; Shannen Doherty is a witch in new "Charmed" (10/07/98)

Today in Ivory Tower:

Seven Deadly Sins By Dan Stern
My crabs or yours? Protecting yourself from the creatures of the sexual swamp (10/07/98)

Camille on Campus Enough with the "male gaze"! By Camille Paglia
Trouncing feminist film criticism and its cadre of ass-kissing puritans (10/07/98)

Today in Mothers Who Think:

Spanking: A black mother's view By Karen Grigsby Bates
The survival legacy of slavery taught blacks to spank more than whites -- and that's why you don't see as many black kids having public tantrums (10/07/98)

To spank or not to spank By Albert Mobilio
A husband from the working class squares off with his gently bred wife (10/07/98)

Newsreal Meanwhile, back on Capitol Hill ... By Mark Hertsgaard
Using the impeachment drama as a diversionary tactic, anti-environmental forces have attached a series of dangerous "riders" to last-minute funding bills (10/07/98)

Letters Salon's Gene Lyons goes where the mainstream press fears to tread; Joe Conason: left-wing hack (10/07/98)

Wanderlust Maiden voyage By Susanna Stromberg
A 19-year-old finds lust and illusion on a Love Boat cruise to Alaska (10/07/98)

The K Chronicles By Keith Knight
The joys of mentoring (10/07/98)

Oct. 6, 1998

Television By Joyce Millman
New sci-fi series "Mercy Point": "ER" in space! (10/06/98)

21st Under the Microscope By Andrew Leonard
Ad-review site shines a bright light on the mysteries of Web banners (10/06/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Cathy Young
"What Do Women Want?" by Erica Jong: A slim collection of essays, from the author of "Fear of Flying," on topics ranging from Viagra and Venice to Hillary Clinton and Anais Nin (10/06/98)

Lovers and Writers By Garrison Keillor
If I write a salacious story in the first person, will readers assume it's about me? (10/06/98)

Letters Resounding praise for Burt and Elvis; the oh-so fickle stock market; disappointed with Dark Hotel (10/06/98)

Mothers Who Think Princess Monica By Lori Leibovich
Why the Starr Report and the Tripp tapes make Jewish women cringe (10/06/98)

Newsreal The fixer By Murray Waas
How Kenneth Starr's law partner covertly worked for six years to trap President Clinton in a sex scandal (10/06/98)

Story Minute By Carol Lay
A plot to kill for (10/06/98)

Wanderlust Family values in Africa By David Kravitz
An elephant herd teaches a dad and his teenage daughter a valuable lesson (10/06/98)

Oct. 5, 1998

21st Network to Tabloid: drop ads By Brooke Shelby Biggs
Outrageous tale of "Subway Whale" prompts protests to site's advertisers (10/05/98)

Left Hook Hypocrite of the House By Joe Conason
The truth about Henry Hyde is that he is a dangerous ideologue who will gladly excuse his friends for the same misdeeds he condemns in his enemies (10/05/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Suzette Lalime Davidson
"The First Eagle" by Tony Hillerman: The author's stalwart Navajo policemen heroes return in a thriller about a missing scientist who's been researching bubonic plague (10/05/98)

Today in Entertainment:

An accidental obsession By Camden Joy
An excerpt from the novel "The Last Rock Star Book Or: Liz Phair, a Rant" (10/05/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"Desmond Pfeiffer": Raunchy sitcom peeks into the Lincoln bedroom -- while Lincoln's still in it (10/05/98)

Ivory Tower Scholars of smut By Carina Chocano
World Pornography Conference: Academics cheer as porn stars theorize (10/05/98)

Mothers Who Think Bed rest sucks By Kristin Wiederholt
Excessive vomiting, boredom and the other joys of bed rest (10/05/98)

Letters Salon's Waas alone in reporting on Hale payments; I want Lamott and Unzipped! (10/05/98)

Newsreal Mistakes were made By Gene Lyons
What Ken Starr Forgot: the Law (10/05/98)

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow
Things I worry about at 3 a.m. (10/05/98)

Wanderlust High on Huautla By Derek Peck
Mushrooms are still the best way to travel in this legendary Mexican mountain village (10/05/98)

Oct. 2, 1998

Today in Entertainment:

"Hit Me" Reviewed by Jonathan Lethem
Noir way out: In an ominous hotel, a miserable bellhop gets caught in an all-too-familiar web of intrigue and doom (10/02/98)

"Antz" Reviewed by Janelle Brown
Ant angst: Woody Allen is the voice of anxious and whiny worker ant "Z" in Dreamworks' charmingly hokey "Antz" (10/02/98)

"Clay Pigeons" Reviewed by Andrew O'Hehir
Montana murder mystery: Vince Vaughn is irresistible as the psycho villain in an otherwise empty comedy (10/02/98)

Television By Joyce Millman
"Millennium" season opener; "Buddy Faro" is happenin', baby! (10/02/98)

Today in 21st:

I, robot? My robot! By Janelle Brown
With Lego's new kit, you too can play God with a mechanical creature of your own design (10/02/98)

The 21st Challenge No. 14 By Charlie Varon and Jim Rosenau
"FileMaker ProZac" and other designer drugs: design your own and win a prize (10/02/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Dave Eggers
"Birds of America": Lorrie Moore likes to write about broken people, but she's one of the funniest writers alive. This collection of short stories captures her at the top of her form (10/02/98)

Ivory Tower Escaping college poverty By Hank Hyena
If this campus parasite can make money and get laid, you can too (10/02/98)

Letters Stock options just ain't what they used to be; the truth about thong underwear (10/02/98)

Money Rooting for the crash By Dwight Garner
Retirement fund be damned, this market watcher is looking forward to the end of the Wall Street boom (10/02/98)

Newsreal By Aisiah Abdullah
Anything Americans can do, Malaysians can do better, including cooking up a preposterous sex scandal to divert attention from a failing economy (10/02/98)

The Dark Hotel Check into Salon's new comic noir serial (10/02/98)

Salon Recommends Salon recommends the best in books, music, movies, TV (10/02/98)

Wanderlust Why I hate B&Bs by Julie Garagliano
On the depravities of teddy bears, claw-foot bathtubs, breakfast quiches and shared bonhomie (10/02/98)

Oct. 1, 1998

21st 21st Log
R.I.P., Netly News; a $1000 free-software conference; Linux on the rise (10/01/98)

Sneaks Reviewed by Tom Beer
"The Sandglass" by Romesh Gunesekera: From a promising young writer, whose last novel was short-listed for the Booker Prize, a tale about Sri Lankan immigrants in London (10/01/98)

Today in Entertainment:

A match made in pop heaven By Stephanie Zacharek
Elvis Costello's words and Burt Bacharach's music were meant to be together (10/01/98)

The Impostors Reviewed by Charles Taylor
Ship of fools: Stanley Tucci's farce about two unemployed Depression-era actors sinks beneath its own vanity

Television By Joyce Millman
Chandler and Monica almost get caught on "Friends"; Phil Collins in concert (10/01/98)

Mothers Who Think A few good men By Erin J. Aubry
Falling for Tiger Woods: Sportscasters may have abandoned this young wonder, but I'm still by his side (10/01/98)

Letters Wanderlust's unenlightened Africa fixation; Susie Bright needs to lighten up (10/01/98)

Newsreal Salon Exclusive By Murray Waas
Scaife tells why he cut off Spectator's funding: The reclusive billionaire points the finger at fellow Arkansas Project conspirators in testimony before the grand jury (10/01/98)

Tom the Dancing Bug By Ruben Bolling
Uh-oh, l'il Bill is in big trouble now! (10/01/98)

Wanderlust Passages By Tehila Lieberman
"Travelers' Tales: Women in the Wild": A solitary night in the Sinai turns into an eerie and magical encounter (10/01/98)


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