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AUGUST 29, 1997

Salon Entertainment

Laughably bad
"She's So Lovely" is the season's biggest disaster (08/29/97)

Return of the Mac
An interview with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac (08/29/97)

"Cold Mountain"
Charles Frazier talks with Salon readers (08/29/97)

AUGUST 25, 1997

The best of Salon 30 stories that shook the Worldwide Web (08/25/97)

AUGUST 22, 1997

G.I. Jane By Charles Taylor
With "G.I. Jane," Demi Moore hopes that hard work and a controversial subject will rescue her drowning career (08/22/97)

Anthem By Cynthia Joyce
Two girls, a car and America: A road-trip film with amateurish charm (08/22/97)

Mothers Who Think Living down Beaver By Stephen Talbot
A leftie's shocking confession: I played Gilbert on "Leave it to Beaver" (08/22/97)

AUGUST 21, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Little crashes lead to big crashes By Andrew Leonard
Today's computer networks allow less and less "slack" for error. Yet we depend on them more and more to run our banks and airlines, our governments and wars. According to the author of "Trapped in the Net," we're asking for trouble (08/21/97)

Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
Don't visit the sins of Drudge upon the Net (08/21/97)

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Duck logic, schmuck logic: For just $30,000, you can buy a car that Donald Duck wouldn't be caught dead in! (08/21/97)

"Cold Mountain" Diary By Charles Frazier
A night at the hotel where Fitzgerald sadly boozed (08/21/97)

Mothers Who Think Spice of Life By Chitra Divakaruni
Indian, born in the USA: Will the children of immigrants -- no less American than Bruce Springsteen -- ever stop having to answer the question "Where do you come from?" (08/21/97)

Mothers Who Think Wild Things By Andrea Gollin
Coloring outside the lines: Art kits help budding Picassos follow their muse (08/21/97)

AUGUST 20, 1997

Dr. Laura will hector you now By Laura Miller
Can talk radio's tough-talking moralist sell self-help to men? (08/20/97)
Plus: Awakening the dude within By Dwight Garner
Manly advice books these days come in varying testosterone levels. Our New York book editor straps on his reading jock and checks them out (08/20/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Foot fetishes: Breaking down in the toe-away zone of love (08/20/97)

Mothers Who Think Foreskin or against it? By Hank Hyena
Is circumcision the unkindest cut of all? (08/20/97)

OCTOBER 19, 1997

Those dirty little comics By Art Spiegelman
The introduction to "Tijuana Bibles: Art and Wit in America's Forbidden Funnies, 1930s-1950s" (08/19/97)
Plus: Dogeared style By Susie Bright
The "Tijuana Bibles," America's original X-rated underground comics, evoke a time when sex was dirty, innocent and handmade (08/19/97)

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

Sleeping with elephants By Don Meredith
Earth-shaking encounters in Kenya (08/19/97)

Man is an island By Jan Morris
The Isle of Man is the last contented jewel in Britain's imperial crown (08/19/97)

Passages: "Desiring Italy"
Mary Taylor Simeti's Sicilian journal (08/19/97)

Sleepless in Siena By Don George, Editor
The strangest place I've ever slept (08/19/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Corn off the cob (08/19/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales My private wanderlust (08/19/97)

Mothers Who Think Time for one thing By Lori Leibovich
Time for the Times (08/19/97)

Mothers Who Think Dish it Out By Dawn MacKeen
Till death (literally) do us part: Louisiana's new covenant marriage law may discourage divorce -- but at what price? (08/19/97)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Is marriage headed for the trash can of history? (08/19/97)

AUGUST 18, 1997

Why liberals can't think straight about race By Jim Sleeper
Caught in a tortured dance of guilt and voyeurism, the right-thinking gatekeepers in the media and academia have perfected ways to avoid seeing the collapse of their racialist politics (08/18/97)

Mothers Who Think Boy no do that! By Laurie Wagner
How my 2-year-old nabbed a career pincher (08/18/97)

Right on! By David Horowitz
Family feud: Why JFK Jr. tore the veil off the Kennedy myth (08/18/97)

AUGUST 15, 1997

Salon Entertainment

Cop Land By Stephanie Zacharek
Opting for doughnuts and art in "Cop Land," Sylvester Stallone abandons his trademark dopey charm (08/15/97)

Career Girls By Laura Miller
Mike Leigh's "Career Girls" takes a sharp look at the scarred, vital lives of two old friends (08/15/97)

Event Horizon By Scott Rosenberg
Abandon hope, all ye who go to see "Event Horizon" (08/15/97)

Mothers Who Think Wild things By Kate Moses
Wasteful, messy, irresponsible and fun: Sometimes bad parenting is good (08/15/97)

Sexpert Opinion By Susie Bright
Virgin Queens: 2 very different women redefine "losing it" for the '90s (08/15/97)

AUGUST 14, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Guardian angels of "Gay-OL" By Michael Joseph Gross
A grass-roots movement in AOL's gay chat rooms reminds people: Online anonymity doesn't grant free license to be a jerk -- and behind every screen name, there's a real heart

Inside Whorenet By Tracy Quan
A mailing list gives sex workers and their allies an online space to call home -- and a place to squabble

Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
Time slobbers over Jobs

Word By Word By Anne Lamott
Diving into the wreckage (08/14/97)

AUGUST 13, 1997

Mothers Who Think Boys Town By Leora Tanenbaum
Did Glen Ridge raise its sons to be rapists?
PLUS:Party from Hell An excerpt from "Our Guys" by Bernard Lefkowitz (08/13/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
When your wife says, "Have an affair" -- DON'T! (08/13/97)

AUGUST 12, 1997

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

St. Elvis

Who took the grace out of Graceland? By Cintra Wilson
Our columnist goes to Memphis (08/12/97)

The King and us By Christina Boufis
The world's most maniacal Elvis fans (08/12/97)

Way dead Elvis By Greil Marcus
A tribute to the King proves that his posthumous legend has become equal parts sincerity and trash (08/12/97)

Sleeping in strange places By Don George, Editor
What's the most memorable place you have ever slept? (08/12/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Boozy smoothie: Frozen fruit fusions for a festive fling (08/12/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales Venice -- La Citta Piu Bella Del Mondo (08/12/97)

Mothers Who Think Time for one thing: The pregnancy survival kit By Christine Pakkala
Maternity fashion victim: Does having a baby mean you have to dress like one? (08/12/97)

Mothers Who Think Dish it out: Kids having kids -- Whose decision is it? By Dawn MacKeen
A recent court ruling in California reignites the debate over whether pregnant minors are capable of making a decision about abortion (08/12/97)

AUGUST 11, 1997

A TV critic's mea culpa By Joyce Millman
"King of the Hill" and "NewsRadio" look a lot better the second time around (08/11/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Clinton & GOP: Who's the thief? (08/11/97)

Mothers Who Think It's a girl thing By Cynthia Joyce
Of first bras, near-kisses and why the sixth grade sucks (08/11/97)

AUGUST 8, 1997

Salon Entertainment

Conspiracy Theory By Charles Taylor
Mel Gibson plays a paranoid cab driver who discovers they really are out to get him (08/08/97)

Box of Moonlight By Andrew O'Hehir
Director Tom DiCillo ("Living in Oblivion") reveals himself as indie film's answer to Frank Capra (08/08/97)

Plus: Adult juvenile delinquency By Jennie Yabroff
"Box of Moonlight" director Tom DiCillo on the "tedious, boring, painful experience" of making an independent film (08/08/97)

Mothers Who Think A few good men By Joyce Millman
Bruce Springsteen: Growing old with the Boss (08/08/97)

Mothers Who Think Drama Queen: We have a winner! (08/08/97)

The Listress By Amy Wallace
Food for thought (08/08/97)

AUGUST 7, 1997

California demon By Gary Kamiya
Denis Johnson's "Already Dead" explodes genres on its way to something rich and really, really strange (08/07/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Cursed Words: The FCC just made cussing less costly -- did it fuck up? (08/07/97)

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Be there now By Thomas J. Campanella
Cyberspace isn't just disembodied information. Webcams, the Web's windows on the world, knit the Net to the physical spaces we inhabit

Who says the Net makes cities obsolete? By Thomas J. Campanella
Webcams are just one sign that cyberspace can give new life to our worlds of brick

Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
The Vonnegut virus

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Tools for sneering: Our columnist realizes that stardom is just too strenuous (08/07/97)

Mothers Who Think Spice of Life By Chitra Divakaruni:
A 6-year-old learns the meaning of "forever" when his best friend moves away (08/07/97)

Mothers Who Think Color me atomic tangerine By Joyce Millman
There's nothing like the waxy, warm pleasures of coloring with your kids (08/07/97)

AUGUST 6, 1997

Making ourselves sick By David Futrelle
Are Chronic Fatigue and Gulf War syndromes real physical illnesses, or are they all in our heads? (08/06/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
When straights can't take yes for an answer (08/06/97)

Mothers Who Think Little monsters By Nell Bernstein
"187": The scariest aliens on the screen this summer are our teenage children (08/06/97)

Mothers Who Think Breaking point By Nishat Kurwa
It's true, says one teenager -- teachers are being pushed over the edge by the savagery of their students (08/06/97)

Mothers Who Think Mayo culpa By Elinor Lipman
A daughter probes her mother's condiment phobia (08/06/97)

Cold Mountain Diary By Charles Frazier
On a book tour for his first novel, author Charles Frazier contemplates corporate lingo, visits the U.K. and meets an old friend (08/06/97)

AUGUST 5, 1997

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
The invasion of the White Girl Robots (08/05/97)

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

Adventures in Pakistan By Don George, Editor
Avalanches and encounters along the Karakoram Highway (08/05/97)

Banks of forgiveness By Felicia Clark
A pilgrimage to India's holy city (08/05/97)

Postmark: London, England By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Erotic design exhibits and a cappuccino craze signify the new face of old London (08/05/97)

Passages: "Days and Nights on the Grand Trunk Road" By Anthony Weller
An evocative portrait of Lahore, Pakistan, from Anthony Weller's extraordinarily intelligent and open-hearted account of a journey from Calcutta to the Khyber Pass (08/05/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Crustacean celebration (08/05/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales Great Railway Journeys (08/05/97)

Bestseller Hell Shamus, shut up by Jon Carroll
"Plum Island": Even a private eye can crack wise too often (08/05/97)

Mothers Who Think Interracial adoption two By Carol Lloyd and Hank Pellissier
One couple's story: Those who say love is colorblind never considered adopting a baby of a different race (08/05/97)

AUGUST 4, 1997

Mothers Who Think Interracial adoption By Carol Lloyd and Hank Pellissier
One couple's story: Those who say love is colorblind never considered adopting a baby of a different race (08/04/97)

Right on! By David Horowitz
The bilingual trap: Liberal do-gooder special language programs are a new form of slavery for Latino immigrants. But the immigrants are fighting back, and a new ballot initiative could end bilingual education altogether (08/04/97)

AUGUST 1, 1997

Salon Entertainment

In the Company of Men By Charles Taylor
Are men really this evil? "In the Company of Men" probes the cruelty of male yuppies (08/01/97)
Plus: Playing the game By Jennie Yabroff
Neil Labute, director of "In the Company of Men," discusses his controversial new film about corporate and sexual cruelty (08/01/97)

Picture Perfect By Charles Taylor
The puppy or the wolf? Jennifer Aniston's befuddled heroine faces a no-brainer choice in "Picture Perfect" (08/01/97)

Spawn By Laura Miller
Spawn song: The "big effects summer pic" about an assassin who gets sent to hell, comes back with superpowers and is tormented by a demon with many teeth played by John Leguizamo, sounds incredibly stupid. It is (08/01/97)

Sexpert Opinion By Susie Bright
Everyone's a porn star (08/01/97)

Mothers Who Think Dish it out: Warning -- Home life may be hazardous to your health
A new study suggests that working mothers face higher stress after work -- and greater health risks -- than other working women (08/01/97)

Mothers Who Think Short Story Club: "The Baby Party"
From "The Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald": Mothers Who Think continues the Short Story Club with this classic tale of family fisticuffs (08/01/97)


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