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JULY 31, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Ratings today, censorship tomorrow By Joseph D. Lasica
The Net industry is rushing to embrace ratings systems for the Web. The technology will help parents keep their kids away from porn. It can also help anyone censor anything
Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
Chunnel vision

Word by Word By Anne Lamott
The things we carry: In a world of masks, our families -- broken down, weary, enduring -- connect us to who we really are (07/31/97)

Mothers Who Think Casting a spell: Summer reading for children, part 2 (07/31/97)

JULY 30, 1997

Alice in Mirrorland By Laura Green
Every age finds its own obsessions reflected in Lewis Carroll's fearless little girl (07/30/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
When you blow off your boyfriend, don't leave your clothes behind (07/30/97)

Mothers Who Think Drama Queen -- vote for the miserable winner! (07/30/97)

JULY 29, 1997

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

A lucky life By Don George, Editor
Peter Mayle talks about writing, painting and taking risks (07/29/97)

August advice By Peter Mayle
Oh to be in Paris -- now that the Parisians are gone (07/29/97)

Crime takes a holiday By David Corn
Cavorting with mystery writers at a conference-cum-carnival in northern Spain (07/29/97)

Mondo Weirdo: More strange tales from around the world By Don George
Parts is parts (07/29/97)

Passages: "To Timbuktu" By Mark Jenkins
African encounters (07/29/97)

Passages: "To Timbuktu" By Mark Jenkins
African encounters (07/29/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
It's summer -- stay out of the kitchen! (07/29/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales The hubris of going "where the tourists don't go" (07/29/97)

The Awful Truth By Cintra Wilson
Why artists should not be allowed out in public: of writers who won't shut up, aging, flat-assed ballet teachers, little dancy-girls who waddle around like quail and other horrors (07/29/97)

Mothers Who Think I surf therefore I am By Judith Levine
A teacher says her students learn diddly from the Net (07/29/97)

Mothers Who Think Time for one thing By Dawn Anahid MacKeen
Comfort in a cup: An old world remedy -- tea and tranquility (07/29/97)

JULY 28, 1997

Wasted youth novels By Andrew Hultkrans
Three new novels take you to the throbbing pulse of decadent youth culture (07/28/97)

Mothers Who Think My grandmother, the godfather By Camille Peri
She who stirs the pot wears the pants (07/28/97)

Mothers Who Think Recipe from "In Nonna's Kitchen" By Carol Field
Pollo con le Olive (07/28/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Newt's "loyal" deputies tried to overthrow him -- and failed. Who cares? As long as the Republicans keep serving up the same worthless ideas, the American people won't care who's running the GOP (07/28/97)

JULY 25, 1997

Salon Entertainment

Air Force One By Charles Taylor
In Harrison Ford's new president-in-peril thriller, "Air Force One," the first family comes first (07/25/97)
Mrs. Brown By Charles Taylor
Victoria's secret: "Mrs. Brown" fails to bring the hidden passions of the queen -- or the society she led -- to life (07/25/97)

Mothers Who Think Dish it out by David Haldane
Confessions of a wannabe mom: Reader David Haldane asks why fathers are excluded from the sacred sorority of parenting (07/25/97)

Mothers Who Think Show me the picture By Andrea Gollin
Part 1 of the Mothers Who Think guide to summer reading for kids (07/25/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Compilation creep: If Starbucks doesn't have a soundtrack to suit your lifestyle, maybe the Postal Service will (07/25/97)

JULY 24, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Pond scum or green gold? By Andrew Leonard
From cyberspace to Klamath Lake, a hunt for the truth about blue-green algae reveals the secret ecology of information
Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
The games People plays

Mothers Who Think Spice of Life by Chitra Divakaruni
Chitra's choice: Of fame and stomach flu (07/24/97)

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Whole lotta namin' goin' on: Why Mars rocks should not be named after really weak cartoon characters, and even pedophiles deserve a little oblivion (07/24/97)

JULY 23, 1997

Mothers Who Think By Joan Walsh
The woman who turned America against divorce (07/23/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
A woman with power finds herself on the receiving end of a come-on that might not be personal (07/23/97)

"Cold Mountain" diary By Charles Frazier
Author Charles Frazier recounts his travels, on a book tour for his first novel, through the American South (07/23/97)

JULY 22, 1997

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

Acting on wild impulse By Don George, Editor (07/22/97)

Thai die By Karl Taro Greenfeld
An adventure gone awry in northern Thailand (07/22/97)

Mondo Weirdo: More strange tales from around the world By Don George
The killer tentacles (07/22/97)

Postmark: New Orleans, Louisiana By Lance P. Martin
Big Easy Addiction: Despite crime, poverty and horrendous summer heat, loyal New Orleans residents party on in a city that's impossible to hate (07/22/97)

Passages: "In the Ring of Fire" By James D. Houston
Pacific Journeys: Three Kinds of Silence (07/22/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Garlic Worship: Put all the goodness of the stinkin' rose on toast (07/22/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales Does your neighborhood still feel like home? (07/22/97)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Baby dumping: Why teens need moral education (07/22/97)

Mothers Who Think Time for one thing by Joyce Millman
Shawn Colvin: Music for moms who like it soft AND angry (07/22/97)

JULY 18, 1997


Operation Condor By Sam Hurwitt
Even reheated fare like "Operation Condor" offers dazzling stunts from the world's greatest action hero Jackie Chan
Nothing to Lose By Laura Miller
"Nothing to Lose" is a lazy exercise in tired racial clichés (07/18/97)

Salon Special: Legal Drugs

Why trip when you can sip? By Josh Kornbluth
Coffee is more than just a drug -- it's a lifelong companion (07/18/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
The controversy over a multiracial category on census forms shows that racial and ethnic advocacy groups aren't worried about fairness as much as they're worried about spoils (07/18/97)

Sexpert Opinion By Susie Bright
Lilith vs. Dyke-o-rama: No contest (07/18/97)

Mothers Who Think Acting big By Laura Miller
Can a 4-year-old be a great actor? (07/18/97)

JULY 17, 1997

Salon Special: Legal Drugs

No sex please, we're medicated By Lori Leibovich
Antidepressants help many people recover their enthusiasm for life -- sometimes at the price of their libido

Word By Word By Anne Lamott
Tummler's Dog: Conquering your fanged nightmares (07/17/97)

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Bringing up digital baby By Allison Adato
For prospective parents, Tamagotchi is a stern taskmaster (07/17/97)
Let's Get This Straight By Scott Rosenberg
Apple follies and the Mac media

JULY 16, 1997

Salon Special: Legal Drugs

Readin', ritin' and Ritalin By Arthur Allen
Do psychoactive drugs really help children -- or just make them fit in? (07/16/97)
Meditation vs. medication By Joan Smith
You can elevate your soul with spiritual discipline -- but some psychological suffering can only be alleviated with chemicals (07/16/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Is New York stealing California's testosterone? (07/16/97)

JULY 15, 1997

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

Losing it at Club Med By Po Bronson
There are palm trees and pool aerobics, searching singles and satiny sands, but a week at Club Med Turkoise is not what you expect (07/15/97)
Avant-garde out of control By Brent Gregston
Is it brilliant? Is it bull? Whichever, the Documenta art exhibition has totally transformed the ugly duckling town of Kassel, Germany (07/15/97)
Mondo Weirdo
More strange food tales from around the world (07/15/97)
The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Chicken marinated in fresh ginger (07/15/97)

Salon Special: Legal Drugs

The Awful Truth By Cintra Wilson
Fear and self-medicating in L.A. (07/15/97)
Generation Rx By Jenn Shreve
Prozac on campus (07/15/97)
Melatonin mania By Morris Dye
It treats cancer, enhances sexual pleasure and boosts the immune system! Well, maybe not, but it sure helps jet lag (07/15/97)

Mothers Who Think Time for one thing By Kate Moses
Leave me alone for just one hour (07/15/97)

JULY 14, 1997

Salon Special: Legal Drugs

In drugs we trust By Scott Rosenberg
Why do Americans make war on some drugs and build fortunes on others? (07/14/97)
Just take the pills, guys By Andrew Ross
Men would rather kill themselves -- literally -- than admit they are suffering from one of the most common diseases in the world (07/14/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Republican three-card monte (07/14/97)

Mothers Who Think Hotel of the Damned By Aggie Max
In this second excerpt from "Last Resort: Scenes From a Transient Hotel," Aggie Max describes life at the dead end of the system (07/14/97)

JULY 11, 1997

The leading man exits:

Boozing with Robert Mitchum By Dick Lochte
The secret John Wayne By Jonathan Lethem
The darkness of Jimmy Stewart By Christopher Hitchens (07/11/97)


Contact By Robin Dougherty
Jodie Foster plays an astronomer whose search for extraterrestrials takes her to the furthest reaches of science and faith (07/11/97)
When the Cat's Away By Charles Taylor
The search for her lost pet takes a young Parisian girl to an unfamiliar place -- her own neighborhood (07/11/97)
Oz By Joyce Millman
HBO's new prison drama is a raw look at life off the street (07/11/97)
Quiet grrrls By Michelle Goldberg
Lilith Fair at the Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, Calif. (07/11/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Feel-good feminist music makes my teeth hurt (07/11/97)

Mothers Who Think

Mothers who rock By Lori Leibovich
Rocker Amy Rigby on being a solo mom
Drama Queen We have a winner! (07/11/97)

JULY 10, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

The meme hunter By Andrew Brown
A British psychologist prowls for hard evidence that memes -- ideas that reproduce genetically, like viruses -- actually exist. What's one of the prime habitats? The Internet (07/10/97)
"Ate my balls" ate my balls By Milo Miles
How one nutty meme took over cyberspace (07/10/97)

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Color me baffled (07/10/97)

Mothers Who Think Spice of Life By Chitra Divakaruni
An absent mother's guilt (07/10/97)

JULY 9, 1997

The Salon Interview: Gary Oldman By Richard Covington
Actor Gary Oldman plays vampires and sadists, suicidal punks and assorted fiends and weirdos. But don't call him crazy (07/09/97)

"Cold Mountain"

Mountain Man By Laura Miller
Charles Frazier's majestic Civil War novel, "Cold Mountain," evokes a harrowing odyssey and a lost way of life in the Blue Ridge Mountains (07/09/97)
"Cold Mountain" Diary By Charles Frazier
How the author found the inspiration for his Civil War-era novel among the secrets buried in the backwoods of the Smoky Mountains (07/09/97)
"Cold Mountain" By Charles Frazier
Excerpts from the bestseller (07/09/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Never tell your man your fantasies (07/09/97)

Mothers Who Think Vanity, thy name is henna By Inda Schaenen
Hair dye: Color me vain (07/09/97)

JULY 8, 1997


Favorite travel books By Don George, Editor
Six great travel tomes reveal the soul of the places they describe (07/08/97) "Two Towns in Provence"
Wanderlust Contributing Editor Peter Mayle writes about the book that inspired him to go to Provence: M.F.K. Fisher's "Two Towns in Provence" (07/08/97)

"Natural Opium"
Salon Book Editor Dwight Garner praises the engaging riches of Diane Johnson's far-flung travails in "Natural Opium" (07/08/97)

"The Snow Leopard"
Amanda Jones recalls reading Peter Matthiessen's masterful account of his Himalayan ascent, "The Snow Leopard," on her own journey down the mountains (07/08/97)

"Roughing It"
Travel editor Lynn Ferrin describes the timeless art of Mark Twain's evocations of place in "Roughing It" (07/08/97)

Postmark: Brighton, England By Andrew Ross
Salon's managing editor sends a provocative Postmark about Tony Blair, monsoons and the British sense of the absurd from rain-soaked Brighton, England (07/08/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
In honor of Bastille Day, the Surreal Gourmet cooks up some French toast with banana (07/08/97)

Hong Kong diary By Simon Winchester
Our handover correspondent concludes his Hong Kong diary with some final reflections on the future of the former colony (07/08/97)

Mothers Who Think

Poverty is boring By Suzette Lalime
Aggie Max, author of "The Last Resort: Scenes from a Transient Hotel," says it's not just the lack of money that makes escape nearly impossible, it's the culture of poverty (07/08/97)

The Rat Bite By Aggie Max
A welfare mother's tragicomic tale of life in the system; an excerpt from "The Last Resort: Scenes from a Transient Hotel (07/08/97)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Who is really to blame for the historical scar of black slavery? (07/08/97)

JULY 4, 1997

Thrill out! Our critics dip into the summer's hottest thrillers (07/04/97)

Salon Entertainment

Men in Black Sly humor and breezy rapport between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make the alien invasion spoof a sweet summer surprise (07/04/97)
Contempt The re-release of Godard's classic recalls a time when movies could do anything (07/04/97)
La Femme Nikita "La Femme Nikita" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" will kick your ass (07/04/97)

Sexpert Opinion By Susie Bright
Hideous tales from first grade (07/04/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Why Israel can't trust Arafat (07/04/97)

Mothers Who Think Hello, we're Ingrid and Isabella and we have a cleaning problem (07/04/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Three-Fourths of July (07/04/97)

JULY 3, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Who owns Xena? By Andrew Leonard
On the Web, fans of the Warrior Princess have taken her places she could never go on TV. And so far, the heroine's corporate owners have let a thousand Xena story lines bloom online (07/03/97)

The pattern fetish By Leonce Gaiter
Pink Floyd provides the key to "The Wizard of Oz"? Patterns in Biblical letters foretell the future? Randomness sure looks better when it has the imprimatur of technology (07/03/97)

Mothers Who Think

Wild Things By Andrea Gollin
Gardens for kids (07/03/97)

Word by Word By Anne Lamott
Media bottom-feeding on Michael Dorris (07/03/97)

Michael Moore fires back at Salon (07/03/97)

JULY 2, 1997

Honky Blues By Tim Duggan
Abolish whiteness! say the advocates of white studies, academia's latest -- and most bewildering -- theory of race relations (07/02/97)

In defense of wannabes By Carol Lloyd
People who identify outside their societal group are the real multiculturalists (07/02/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Courtney lusts after Joe College (07/02/97)

Mothers Who Think Drama Queen for a Day: Cast your votes (07/02/97)

JULY 1, 1997

Mothers Who Think

The hounds of spring By Sallie Tisdale
Why boys dream bigger than girls (07/01/97)

Time for one thing By Lori Leibovich
A good bra is hard to find (07/01/97)

Wanderlust Salon's weekly travel section

American byways By Don George, Editor
Strawberry festivals & folding chair marching bands (07/01/97)

Ode to the road By Jenn Shreve
Five great books in search of the American dream (07/01/97)

Passages: "The Soul of Golf" By William Hallberg
On a cross-country search for the soul of golf, author William Hallberg seeks out an all-black golf course and discovers cosmic truth (07/01/97)

Mondo Weirdo: More strange tales from around the world By Don George
Couldn't we just have camel tortillas? (07/01/97)

Postmark: Bend, Oregon By Christine Barnes
Lattes meet lumberjacks in Oregon (07/01/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
A Canadian transplant contemplates U.S. patriotism, national marketing strategies and potato salad to salute for (07/01/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales Key West: A great place to visit (07/01/97)

The Awful Truth By Cintra Wilson
A wedding in Astoria, Queens! and other heartwarming works by Hieronymus Bosch (07/01/97)

Hong Kong Diary By Simon Winchester
Hit the road, Jack: Handover! (07/01/97)


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