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JUNE 30, 1997

Bestseller Hell By Jon Carroll
"Simplicity" is for simpletons (06/30/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Louisiana's conservative new "covenant marriage" law ain't more than half bad (06/30/97)

Mothers Who Think Why heroes make horrible parents By Vivienne Walt
Gillian Slovo looks back in love and anger (06/30/97)

Hong Kong diary By Simon Winchester
The Red Army marches in (06/30/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Here's Your Pun-ishment (06/30/97)

JUNE 27, 1997


Beck vs. Bach
Is classical music dead? Salon critics Sarah Vowell and Paul Festa face off
"Hercules" By Charles Taylor
Disney's "Hercules" is a show-tune-spouting, buff demigod bent on self-improvement (and world domination)
"Face/Off" By Stephanie Zaharek
With its wacky face-switching premise and delirious action scenes, John Woo's "Face/Off" is the summer's best blockbuster
Gentleman with a gun By Jennie Yabroff
John Woo, director of "Face/Off" and super-violent, ultra-stylish Hong Kong "blood operas," talks about the elegance of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, his childhood dream of becoming a minister and why he loves his villains

Mothers Who Think

Gun for the whole family By Catherine Seipp
Mindlessly permissive parents are subjecting their kids to movies they're not ready for -- and don't want to see
A Few Good Men Bill Nye, inexplicably single guy of science By Kate Moses
Just how lovable is the most eligible bachelor on children's television?

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Wall-to-wallowing carpet: The songs on British folk singer Beth Orton's "Trailer Park" will brighten any Winnebago (06/27/97)

Hong Kong Diary By Simon Winchester
Part 3: History by Cecil B. DeMille (06/27/97)

JUNE 26, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Your profile, please By Andrew Leonard
When the giants of Net business say they want to protect your privacy, they're really trying to make you feel comfortable about giving up more information about yourself
Privacy is the problem, not the solution By Jeffrey Obser
Americans fear that their personal information is at risk when they go online. But maybe the trouble is that we're all too isolated offline

Mothers Who Think Salon's new daily section for women

Spice of Life By Chitra Divakaruni
The smell of childhood never fades
Wild Things By Andrea Gollin
Road games to keep restless travelers happy

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Jonathan Livingston Seagal (06/26/97)

Hong Kong Diary By Simon Winchester
Part 2: Typhoon! (06/26/97)

JUNE 25, 1997

Tina's time By Dwight Garner
Has Tina Brown rescued the New Yorker -- or ruined it? (06/25/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Why the other woman never wins (06/25/97)

Mothers Who Think Toy Story By Joyce Millman
My son's stuffed tiger broke my heart (06/25/97)

JUNE 24, 1997

Wanderlust Salon's weekly travel section

Stormy weather By Don George, Editor
Paul Theroux on Hong Kong's troubled times to come (06/24/97)

The party's over By Simon Winchester
The decadent charm of Hong Kong past (06/24/97)

Mondo Weirdo: More strange tales from around the world By Don George
On grilled house rat and crude urinals (06/24/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
The queen's favorite cocktail (06/24/97)

Postmark: Prague By Melissa Morrison
Slacker Central: Affordable bohemia in the land of the Velvet Revolution
- Books on Prague (06/24/97)

Passages: "Yak Butter and Black Tea" By Wade Brackenbury
A traveler crosses into forbidden Chinese territory in hopes of finding a village untouched by time (06/24/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales R.I.P. in Disneyworld? (06/24/97)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Circumcision, Australia and summer movies (06/24/97)

Mothers Who Think

Internet addict clicks her kids away By Dawn MacKeen
Police say an Ohio woman left her children in squalor while she surfed the Net (06/24/97)

JUNE 23, 1997

Mothers Who Think Salon's new daily section for women

Birth Doctor, mother, abortionist By Camille Peri
A woman on the front lines of America's most emotionally charged debate (06/23/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Here's an affirmative action plan: Study! (06/23/97)

JUNE 20, 1997


Stone rocks By Laura Miller
A Valentine to the goddess of screen irony
"Batman & Robin" By Robin Dougherty
It's 1997, and Joel Schumacher's Batman formula isn't getting any fresher
"Ripe" By Lori Leibovich
Twin sisters undergo a painful and sensual coming of age in "Ripe" (06/20/97)

Sexpert opinion By Susie Bright
Sexperts who love too much (06/20/97)

Mothers Who Think Salon's new daily section for women

Play Drama Queen for a Day! Share your pain! Win a dishwasher!
Short Story Club By Kate Moses
"The Professor," by Lydia Davis
Interview with Lydia Davis By Kate Moses
Can a woman think too much? (06/20/97)

JUNE 19, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

The cult of Dilbert By Andrew Leonard
Scott Adams' creations keep extending their sway over the Internet and the bestseller lists. Now the cartoonist tells us that "affirmations" are the key to his success -- and ours. Has the master of cynical corporate satire gone New Age?
Joy Stick Nationalism By David Adox
Video games are most kids' first contact with computers -- therefore, says author J.C. Herz, they'll shape our world
Let's get this straight By Scott Rosenberg
Sins of the Net virgins

Word by Word By Anne Lamott
In the mouth of the cave (06/19/97)

Mothers Who Think Fun in the Sun By Andrea Gollin
Freeze Fazer: Most sadistic water gun legally available (06/19/97)

JUNE 18, 1997

Mothers Who Think I love you both unequally By Kate Moses
A second child is hard on the heart (06/18/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Plucking forbidden fruit (06/18/97)

JUNE 17, 1997

Wanderlust Salon's weekly travel section

Gonzo Congo! By Don George, Editor
Redmond O'Hanlon hunts dinosaurs in the African jungle
Plus: Fetishes and fossils By Don George
Redmond O'Hanlon talks about cave writers, cult biology and spending three years without a social life

Kidnap my heart By Alison Buckholtz
An Arab taxi driver takes a lone American where she never planned

Mondo Weirdo: More strange foods around the world By Don George
Chickens and roaches and snakes, oh my!

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
This summer, don't be without the latest collection of monochrome greens, crisply accented with a variety of tasteful accessories

Postmark: Harlem, New York By Tessa Souter
Forget the horror stories -- Harlem is a great place to live (06/17/97)

The Awful Truth By Cintra Wilson
Babies who stink (06/17/97)

Mothers Who Think Should teachers let students into their lives? By Anthony Cody
Can we learn from a teacher's murder? (06/17/97)

JUNE 16, 1997

Mothers Who Think Salon's daily section for women

Republican chick By Margaret Talbot
She may be nesting, but Mary Matalin is more of a hawk than ever
Mamafesto By Camille Peri
Why it's time for Mothers Who Think
The Gold Cell By Sharon Olds
Should my parents never have met?

JUNE 13, 1997

The Wizards of id By David Rakoff
Forget the martinis and smoking jackets. The Rat Pack ruled because they sang like angels and swung like hell (06/13/97)

"Speed 2" sinks By Charles Taylor
Director Jan De Bont messes with a successful formula, and somewhere, Keanu is laughing (06/13/97)

"The Van" stalls By Charles Taylor
Roddy Doyle's loving, cacophonous novel of Irish family life gets sitcom treatment in "The Van" (06/13/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Music that makes me want to sue (06/13/97)

JUNE 12, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Gobbling up the Net By Andrew Leonard
As a handful of companies tighten their control of the Internet's infrastructure, can an end to flat-rate pricing be far behind?
The people are the Party By David Hudson
In Europe, DJs have helped build a more populist digital culture
Let's get this straight By Scott Rosenberg
Paradigms of the Times

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
The president's distinguished member (06/12/97)

JUNE 11, 1997

I am not a magic realist! By Alberto Fuguet, with Kristina Cordero
A young Latin American novelist says no more flying grannies (06/11/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Ms. Trouble: She's back -- and she's got your ATM card (06/11/97)

JUNE 10, 1997

Wanderlust Salon's weekly travel section

The Tragedy of Tiger Leaping Gorge By Simon Winchester
China's short-sighted greed endangers another natural treasure (06/10/97)
-Books on China

Mondo Weirdo: Strange foods around the world By Don George
How much is that doggy in the window? (06/10/97)

School trip! By Don George, Editor
On the road with 60 fifth-graders (06/10/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
An all-star meal for your sports-loving papa (06/10/97)

Passages: "Trout Fisher's Almanac" Edited by Sid Evans
Mike Hudoba recalls the subtle charms and meditative quality of trout fishing (06/10/97)

Postmark: Seattle By Jenn Shreve
The Liquid City (06/10/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales Above the Volcano -- Death and Diversion (06/10/97)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Topless in Toronto: Are women's chests legally different? (06/10/97)

JUNE 9, 1997

The Trial By Celia Farber
How the Spin magazine sexual harassment lawsuit tore my life apart (06/09/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Sorry, gays are not "normal" (06/09/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
The last name game (06/09/97)

JUNE 6, 1997

Jungle love By Stephanie Zacharek
Tarzan still swings (06/06/97)

An upright and locked position By Charles Taylor
Some talented actors white-knuckle it through the generically brutal action movie "Con Air" (06/06/97)

The Salon Interview: Peter Greenaway By Christopher Hawthorne
The director of "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" talks about sensationalism, nudity, the death of cinema, his passion for lists, his new film, "The Pillow Book," and his big plans for the Internet (06/06/97)

The Listress By Amy Wallace
Mob mentality (06/06/97)

JUNE 5, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Race matters in cyberspace, too By Cynthia Joyce
Why African-Americans aren't online
Is the Web too cool for blacks? By Leonce Gaiter
African-Americans aren't rushing online because the new medium butts heads with their traditional values and desires

Word By Word By Anne Lamott
Buttocks on my mind (06/05/97)

JUNE 4, 1997

Hot under the epaulets By John Donnelly
An explosive interview with Tom Clancy (06/04/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Why Ms. Trouble is worse than Mr. Trouble (06/04/97)

JUNE 3, 1997

Wanderlust Salon's weekly travel section

Cuba libre! By Mark Schapiro
A hot art scene brings the world to Havana's door (06/03/97)
- A gallery of images
- Books on Cuba

Forbidden island By Don George, Editor
Travel to Cuba (06/03/97)

An idyll in Ireland By Patric Kuh
Two great Irish hotels warm a winter traveler (06/03/97)

The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Your own sitcom, with curry (06/03/97)

Postmark: San Francisco By Gary Kamiya
San Francisco's dream landscape has never disappeared (06/03/97)
- Books on San Francisco

Passages: "Paris In Pink" By Katya Macklovich
Swayed and seduced by the City of Light, a broken-hearted woman rediscovers passion: From "Travelers' Tales: Paris," edited by James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger and Sean O'Reilly (06/03/97)

An Uzbek responds By Ibrat A. Jumabayev
A letter to the editor from an Uzbek citizen, objecting to an earlier Wanderlust story about Uzbekistan (06/03/97)

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales
Philadelphia: Weirdness capital of America? (06/03/97)

The Awful Truth By Cintra Wilson
Confessions of a weekend yoga-ranch lesbian (06/03/97)

JUNE 2, 1997

Dying as a growth experience:

Suicide isn't painless By Fred Branfman
Death guru Stephen Levine wants to legalize assisted suicide -- but only for physical reasons. In other situations, taking one's life is just impatient, sloppy, a "shortcut"
The road best traveled By Bill McKibben
Before you kill yourself, M. Scott Peck argues, try killing your ego (06/02/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Kenneth Starr, keep your dirty hands off the first lady (06/02/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Brain Bruiser II (06/02/97)


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