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MAY 30, 1997

Hooker's Ball By Tracy Quan
A working girl falls for "The Life" (05/30/97)

Twin Town By Charles Taylor
"Twin Town" tries to be the Welsh "Trainspotting," and fails (05/30/97)

Brassed Off By Stephanie Zacharek
The heartwarming message of "Brassed Off" comes through a bit too loud and clear (05/30/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
New Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl looks grotty but drums like an angel (05/30/97)

MAY 29, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

The online lifeline By Andrew Leonard
Forget those tech-support phone numbers. Only the Net can answer the zillion questions and solve the endless problems generated by today's computer technology
Read me.Doc By Andrew Leonard
How to get started on the quest for technical support online
Cashing in By Andrew Leonard
CyberMedia sees a market in centralizing Net-based technical help

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
North Dakota: America's secret Sodom (05/29/97)

MAY 28, 1997

Cynicsaurus Rex By Charles Taylor
How Steven Spielberg betrayed his talent (05/28/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Follicle-phobic: Why men freak over women's body hair (05/28/97)

MAY 27, 1997

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
1st Lt. Kelly Flinn: Sniveling weenie (05/27/97)

MAY 24, 1997

Wanderlust Salon's weekly travel section:

Mondo Weirdo By Don George
The strangest food in the world (05/24/97)

Praise the Titanic! By Douglas Cruickshank
Eighty-five years later, they're still going down with the ship (05/24/97)

Above the volcano By Robert Riddell
Climbing Mexico's newest landform offers unexpected lessons (05/24/97)
-Books on Mexico
-Getting there

Postmark: Oxford, England
Village people by Amanda Castleman
Ye Olde Englande still exists in all its imagined splendor -- that is, if you overlook the busted pipes and bigoted redneck neighbors (05/24/97)
-Getting there

Passages: "Into Thin Air" By Jon Krakauer
Jon Krakauer recounts his harrowing journey up Mount Everest, on the fatal expedition that claimed the lives of four of his teammates

The Surreal Gourmet Supermartini! (05/24/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Robin Hood lives, unfortunately (05/24/97)

MAY 23, 1997

The people's critic By Gary Kamiya
With his finely tuned bullshit meter and his dramatic flair, Robert Hughes has become America's best guide through the thickets of fine art (05/23/97)

The Salon Interview: Robert Hughes By Gary Kamiya
The self-described "print asshole" on his nervous breakdown, why the curator of the Whitney is a "twit" and why painting will never die (05/23/97)

Art history for smarties By Charles Taylor
Robert Hughes doesn't dumb it down in PBS's "American Visions" (05/23/97)

Spies in the house of love By Laura Miller
"Addicted to Love" tests how far Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan can get beyond cute (05/23/97)

Word's Worth Salon's new word game (05/23/97)

MAY 22, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

The paper chase By Scott Rosenberg
Why print magazines can't keep up with the Web
Why the Web needs a TV Guide: An editor talks back By Barry Golson
Magazines about the Web: How to tell them apart By Scott Rosenberg
A jaundiced guide to Web magazines

Word By Word By Anne Lamott
My onstage out-of-body experience (05/22/97)

MAY 21, 1997

The Salon Interview: Mary Karr By Dwight Garner
Mary Karr talks about the ongoing success of "The Liars' Club," the memoir backlash and settling scores (05/21/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Didja ever ...? Playing bedroom truth or dare (05/21/97)

MAY 20, 1997

The Awful Truth By Cintra Wilson
Public bestiality: your ticket to '90s success (05/20/97)

MAY 19, 1997

One tough mother By Joyce Millman
Five ways Roseanne kicked network TV's butt into the next century (05/19/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
High-priced elephant dung: The GOP's foreign money scandal (05/19/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Double Double Meanings (05/19/97)

MAY 16, 1997

Twilight of the goats By D. T. Max
They're old and in the way, but Mailer, Roth and Bellow won't leave the barnyard! (05/16/97)

"Night Falls on Manhattan" By Robin Dougherty
Despite a fresh star in Andy Garcia and some powerful moments, Sidney Lumet's latest police corruption drama walks the same old beat (05/16/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Southern culture on the skids: Oxford American's Southern music issue needs more grits, less gravy (05/16/97)

The Listress By Amy Wallace
Famous Last Words (05/16/97)

MAY 15, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Can we talk By Tracy Quan
Personal encounters with talking bots
E-mail from the underground By Andrew Leonard
The system quashes

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
New media to old media: Whatever (05/15/97)

MAY 14, 1997

Below the belt By Laura Miller
Two new books explore the ambiguous terrain of sexual harassment (05/14/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
S&M invitation: Strangers in the night, exchanging lashes (05/14/97)

MAY 13, 1997

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Anne Heche will ruin Ellen the way Yoko ruined John (05/13/97)

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel section

Philosophy au lait By David Downie
Philosophers' cafes are all the rage in Paris (05/13/97)
-Parisian philocafes schedule
-Books on Paris

What is it about Paris? By Don George
"There's something about Paris that makes people walk hand in hand and stop to kiss long and deep, and sigh, oblivious to all the people passing by." Wanderlust's editor reflects on his own Parisian love affair (05/13/97)

Anatomy of Restlessness By Bruce Chatwin
Gone to Timbuctoo: A brilliant travel writer's reflections on an almost mythic destination (05/13/97)
-Getting there

Lost in Los Feliz By Dawn MacKeen
What happens when your neighborhood becomes the trendiest place in town? (05/13/97)
-Books on Los Angeles

Table Talk Readers' Tips and Tales
Your favorite city in the whole wide world! (05/13/97)

MAY 12, 1997

Trash lit 101 By Dwight Garner
Drop those upturned noses! Every reader's diet should -- and usually does -- contain a leavening of bestsellers (05/12/97)

Bestseller Hell By Jon Carroll
Secrets of becoming a millionaire unveiled! Honestly! (05/12/97)

Excerpt By Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
"The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy" (05/12/97)
More bewilderment from Mr. Baldacci By Jon Carroll (05/12/97)

Right On! The Cochranization of American Politics By David Horowitz
Overwrought charges of law enforcement racism, now heard again in the Geronimo Pratt case, are harming black-white relations and perverting the justice system (05/12/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Sorry, wrong letter (05/12/97)

MAY 09, 1997

The last show standing By Joyce Millman
"Homicide" saves the TV season (05/09/97)

The Fifth Element: By Scott Rosenberg
In the future, the Supreme Being is a supermodel, absolute evil is a big ball of molten lava -- and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance (05/09/97)

Children of the Revolution By Laura Miller
Revolutionary kitsch shares the screen with deep questions of identity (05/09/97)

Irma Vep By Stephanie Zacharek
Capturing the larcenous, heartbreaking allure of cinema itself (05/09/97)

MAY 8, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Fellowship of the Net By Andrew Leonard
Gamers get team spirit
Small-town Net of dreams By Jon Healey
Lusk built it, but they didn't come

Word By Word By Anne Lamott
Pig Pen, a manicure, a man in need (05/08/97)

MAY 7, 1997

Look back in lust By Carol Lloyd
Two very different sexperts trace the legacy of the sexual revolution (05/07/97)

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Tie me up, tie me down (05/07/97)

MAY 6, 1997

Wanderlust: Salon's weekly travel magazine

Riding high By Cintra Wilson
Cintra Wilson does the Kentucky Derby (05/06/97)

Come home with me By Don George
Bahamians go all out for tourism (05/06/97)

Passages: "My Night of Candomblé" By Christopher Hall
Bewitched in Brazil (05/06/97)
- Books on Brazil
- Getting there

Postmark: Moscow Every man a czar By Arline Klatte
In Moscow, even schmucks from Detroit can savor Cuban cigars and bed Slavic beauties (05/06/97)
- Getting there

Table Talk
Readers' Tips and Tales Supermarkets as microcosms of society
Do grocery stores reveal all there is to know about a culture? (05/06/97)

MAY 5, 1997

The fall of the house of Mobutu By Peter Rosenblum
They endured 31 years of a stupid, vicious dictatorship while cooking up the best music and tastiest caterpillars on the continent. Now, the people of Zaire are about to get their own names back (05/05/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
My crazy plan to reform campaign finance (05/05/97)

The Salon Interview: Fernanda Eberstadt By Cynthia Joyce
The author of "When the Sons of Heaven Meet the Daughters of the Earth" talks about offensiveness, the perils of success and the "false religion" of New York's contemporary art scene (05/05/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Dribbial Pursuit 2 (05/05/97)

MAY 2, 1997

Gay in the USA By Johnny Ray Huston
Three new books reflect the mainstreaming of gay culture -- and demonstrate a willingness to confront some painful realities (05/02/97)

You only snore twice By Laura Miller
"Austin Powers:" Mike Myers' swingin' sendup of James Bond and groovy Carnaby Street lands with a thud, baby! (05/02/97)

Intimate battle By Charles Taylor
In "Hollow Reed," a bitter custody battle exposes the torn heart of a modern family (05/02/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
U2's Pop-Mart campaign: Greed disguised as ambition (05/02/97)

MAY 1, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section

Office97 -- or Office 1984? By Andrew Leonard
Move into Microsoft's suite and Big Brother Paper Clip will be watching you
Tough room for the 'toons By Andrew Leonard
Despite the boos and catcalls, Microsoft keeps sending its animated little helpers out into the spotlight to perform their artificial-intelligence tricks

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Ridiculous catch phrases sweep the nation! (05/01/97)


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