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MARCH 31, 1997

The man who brought things to life By Stephanie Zacharek
Joseph Cornell's art celebrated the mysteries of everyday objects (03/31/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Why I am not a liberal (03/31/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
If I wrote the dictionary (03/31/97)

MARCH 28, 1997


The Daytrippers By Robin Dougherty
The Devil's Own By Charles Taylor (3/28/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Pop music's food fetishes (3/28/97)

5-minute mystery By Margaret Lucke
Murder in a too-hip art gallery (3/28/97)

On, Dancer By Richard Covington
The moving art of Bill T. Jones (3/28/97)

MARCH 27, 1997

21st Salon's weekly digital culture section:

Channel Turfing By Scott Rosenberg
Microsoft, AOL et al. are trying to make the Web more like TV (03/27/97)
Solitaire togetherness By Andrew Leonard
NetCELL means never having to play with yourself again (03/27/97)

Word by Word By Anne Lamott
"Crooked Little Heart": an excerpt from her new novel (03/27/97)

MARCH 26, 1997

Taste Salon's weekly food section

Food Fairyland By Joyce Millman
The Food Network serves up a Roman banquet for guilt-ridden gluttons
The Burnt-Out Cook By Patric Kuh
Men who love the knives that cut them
The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
A fool for faux
Cookbook Shelf By Bruce LeFavour
"In the Company of Mushrooms: A Biologist's Tale"
Taste Talk By Patric Kuh
Cream-based soup, starter kitchens and first courses

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Up close and too personal (03/26/97)

MARCH 25, 1997

Oscar Post-Mortem

Camille Paglia The people cry out to the Academy gods: More cleavage and glitz! Less Crystal!
Cintra Wilson The 69th Oscars: The dowdy, the disabled and the Devil (03/25/97)

Wanderlust Salon's new weekly travel magazine

Welcome to Wanderlust By Donald W. George
The editor of Salon's new travel site describes the spirit -- and the substance -- of Wanderlust (03/25/97)
On the Amazon: Snapshots of a Green Planet By Isabel Allende
The acclaimed author of "Paula" and "The House of the Spirits" writes about her journey into the heart of the rain forest, where she rediscovers her voice (03/25/97)
Two Sides of the Rhine By Jan Morris
Jan Morris explores the quirky contrasts of French and German hospitality during a stay on both sides of the Rhine River (03/25/97)
My Best Holiday Experience By Pico Iyer
How Pico Iyer fled a Manhattan cubicle for the wilds of Asia -- and fell in love at first sight (03/25/97)
The Dangers of Provence By Peter Mayle
The author of "A Year in Provence" details the shadowy side of life in sunny southern France -- the madcap driving, the seductive rosé, the immovable house guests (03/25/97)
Romancing the Road By Amanda Jones
Fade Into Blue: The extraordinary tale of an irresistible encounter on a decrepit, divided tropical island (03/25/97)
Passages: "Pass the Butterworms" By Tim Cahill
For Tim Cahill, a stay among the Stone Age inhabitants of a Papua New Guinea village lends new meaning to the notion of family values (03/25/97)
Postmark: Paris By David Downie
Michelin's new restaurant ratings have raised a furor -- and brought into question the role of haute cuisine in French culture (03/25/97)

MARCH 24, 1997

Personal Best: The Movies By Laura Miller
Salon critics pick their all-time favorites (03/24/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Memo to Lake: Stop whining (03/24/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
And the wiener is ... (03/24/97)

MARCH 21, 1997

Sleek chrome and bruised thighs By Robin Dougherty
The hypnotic pornography of "Crash" (03/21/97)

Accidents will happen By Susie Bright
"Crash" director David Cronenberg talks about gender-bending, propaganda and the sexual iconography of the Edsel (03/21/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
A teen's love-weary heart (03/21/97)

MARCH 20, 1997

21st Salon's new weekly digital culture section:

Scots and Bots: By Andrew Leonard
Glasgow builds a future -- with government help (03/20/97)
Underground fiction By Wendy Grossman
Geoff Ryman's novel -- 253 characters, one train wreck (03/20/97)

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Angels: Menace to America (03/20/97)

MARCH 19, 1997

Taste Salon's weekly food section

Home cooking By Laura Miller
Judith Moore on the pleasures and perils of feeding other people (03/19/97)
The Surreal Gourmet By Bob Blumer
Oscar's big night: Walnut Pasta Di Momento
Cookbook Shelf By Marialisa Calta
"Pie Every Day"
Taste Talk By Bob Blumer
Of homemade croutons, infused oil and the Pat Boone recipe for boring dinner parties

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Size matters: It's the meat AND the motion (03/19/97)
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MARCH 18, 1997

The Salon Interview: Susie Bright By David Talbot

America's leading crusader for good, dirty fun talks about our cheap strip-tease culture, the state of porn and the free-for-all potential of the Internet PLUS:
Aroused: how porn movies changed my life By Susie Bright

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
The tyranny of racial categories (03/18/97)

MARCH 17, 1997

The kiss-up By David Rakoff
Making it big by making it with mom (03/17/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Sexual hysteria: How feminist fanatics are sabotaging the military (03/17/97)

X-Word By Merl Reagle
Shades of St. Patrick's Day (03/17/97)

MARCH 14, 1997

The Gospel of Mark By Gary Kamiya
Mark Twain gave America its voices (03/14/97)

Snow Job By Robin Dougherty
"Smilla's Sense of Snow" (03/14/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Beautiful barstool tales from a man with a mysterious voice (03/14/97)

MARCH 13, 1997

21st Salon's new weekly digital culture section:

Do you like them with a mouse? Even Dr. Seuss has a hard time selling CD-ROMs
Why multimedia still sucks Too many buttons, not enough thought

Word By Word By Anne Lamott
My mind is a bad neighborhood (03/13/97)

MARCH 12, 1997

Mississippi churning By Dwight Garner
Has Grisham replaced Faulkner as the literary spirit of the South? (03/12/97)

Taste Salon's new weekly food section:

Burnt-out Cook: Mr. Bubbly, Champagne pusher
Cookbook Shelf: Exotic Jewish delicacies
Surreal Gourmet: The Surreal Caesar salad
TasteTalk: The secret of cooking fish without smelling like one (03/12/97)

Unzipped Can't boys find the right spot? (03/12/97)

MARCH 11, 1997

Middlebrow and proud By David Futrelle
Even culture on the installment plan is better than no culture at all. (03/11/97)

The awful truth By Cintra Wilson
Something about getting older makes it easier to break up with people, even ones you still like. (03/11/97)

MARCH 10, 1997

The Data Artist By Scott Rosenberg
Chart-master Edward Tufte finds meaning in numbers, then he shows how good graphs can save lives (03/10/97)

Swamp Fever By James Carville
Where do you clowns think campaign $ comes from -- the stork? (03/10/97)

MARCH 7, 1997

Blood Stains By Marc Gerald
My search for African-American noir's lost legacy (03/07/97)

Sound Salvation By Sarah Vowell
Howard Stern's music to fart by (03/07/97)

Incense, scarves, action By Laura Miller
"Kama Sutra" is bogus history and cheesy storytelling, but what the hell, it's sexy (03/07/97)
Plus: Interview with director Mira Nair By Jennie Yabroff (03/07/97)

Rude Awakening By Charles Taylor
Although "Private Parts" reveals the likable side of Howard Stern, it would be a lot funnier if he left his grudges behind (03/07/97)

The Listress By Amy Wallace
Nicknames of myth and legend (03/07/97)

MARCH 6, 1997

21st Salon's new weekly digital culture section:

The city site war By Tom McNichol
Web giants battle for local bucks (03/06/97)
E-mail from the underground By Andrew Leonard
"Push," shove and swoosh (03/06/97)

Ill Humor By Ian Shoales
Have another Dorito, Darth? (03/06/97)

MARCH 5, 1997

Tomorrow's sitcom classics By Joyce Millman
Who will rule in rerun? (03/05/97)

Taste Salon's new weekly food section:

Surreal Gourmet: Flambéed Pineapple a la mode
Burnt-out cook: Flavor This!
Taste Talk: Mysterious greens, scary shrimp and trailer-park food traumas
Cookbook shelf: "The Grapes of Ralph": Ralph Steadman's crazed wine odyssey

Unzipped By Courtney Weaver
Why playing Cupid is a really bad idea (03/05/97)

MARCH 4, 1997

Vice Grip By Lily Burana
Sure, we all love stories of degradation and vice, especially when the storyteller has a pretty face. But how many bad-girl memoirs do we need, anyway? (03/04/97)

Ask Camille By Camille Paglia
Bill Clinton's heroic appetites (03/04/97)

Dedicated Followers of Passion By Sean K. Elder
One partied, the other stewed: How the brothers Davies wove their rivalry and debauchery into the rough beauty of the Kinks' hits (03/04/97)

MARCH 3, 1997

The Salon Interview: John Irving By Joan Smith
John Irving takes his lack of talent seriously (03/03/97)

Weird Science By Susan McCarthy
Portrait of yourself as a young clone (03/03/97)

Right On! By David Horowitz
Tom Hayden needs to 'fess up (03/03/97)

"EZ Streets" By Joyce Millman
Why did CBS betray the best cop show of the year? (03/03/97)


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